10 Clever Slide-Out Beds For Small Spaces

In smaller rooms, apartments, or studio apartments, having a bed that can be tucked away during the day allows for more open and flexible living areas.

Let’s explore inventive slide-out bed designs tailored to fit snugly into any small space!

Space-Optimized Window Nook with a Trundle Bed

slide out bed on window space INSTAGRAM @clarksoncabinetry

This room features a clever way of maximizing a window space with a slide-out bed. The bed can be tucked away under the window seat when not in use, creating more floor space.

The window seat also doubles as a storage unit, with built-in shelves on the side.

I love how the window lets in natural light and offers a view of the greenery outside. This is a great way to make a small room feel more spacious and inviting!

Tiny Living Area with Multi-Functional Loft and Slide-Out Beds

loft bed with bench and slide out beds INSTAGRAM @bellisadesign

Here is a tiny living area that features a multi-functional loft and slide-out beds. The loft bed is elevated, creating space underneath for a cozy bench seat and two extra beds that can be pulled out when needed!

The structure also has built-in drawers for storage, which is a smart way to use the limited space.

This is such a versatile and functional area. You can use it as a bedroom, a living room, a study room, or a guest room!

Open Living Room with a Pull-Out Bed and Hammock

swings over a slide out bed INSTAGRAM @heartlyhome

This is an open and airy living room with a pull-out bed and a hammock that creates a cozy and modern space.

The sofa is on a wooden platform that hides another bed underneath. You can slide it out when you need a sleeping space for guests.

There is also a hammock where you can relax and enjoy the view from the large windows.

This design makes the most of vertical space and brings a playful element to the room!

Space-Optimized Living Room with a Pull-Out Sofa Bed

bench with slide out bed on entryway INSTAGRAM @demar_mobili

This is a space-optimized living room with a pull-out sofa bed that can transform the space into a cozy bedroom. The sofa bed has a green, patterned fabric and wooden armrests that match the wooden paneling on the walls.

I love how the sofa bed blends in with the rest of the room, creating a harmonious and warm ambiance.

In my experience, sofa beds are a great way to save space and money, especially for small apartments or guest rooms!

Space-Optimized Bunk Bed with Hidden Trundle Bed

bunk bed with trundle bed INSTAGRAM @Casakidsbk

This is a cozy and modern children’s bedroom that makes the most of a small space. The main feature is a wooden bunk bed with a trundle bed underneath, perfect for sleepovers or guests.

The bunk bed also has storage drawers on the stairs and circular cut-outs for safety and style.

I think it’s fantastic how the desk and bookshelf are integrated into the design, creating a functional and attractive workspace.

Space-Optimized Bunk Bed with Double Slide-Out Beds

bunk bed with double slide out bed INSTAGRAM @woodscapes.co.in

Here is another bunk bed but with double slide-out beds. The upper bunk is accessed by a staircase with storage drawers, and the lower bunk can be pulled out horizontally. There are also shelves for extra storage!

This design maximizes the use of space and creates a cozy sleeping area for three or more people.

However, I personally wouldn’t recommend this for very tall people as the headroom might be limited.

Attic Bedroom with a Tiny Sleeping Area Featuring a Trundle Bed

trundle bed on an angled roof INSTAGRAM @sullivan.builders

This is a clever solution for a small sleeping area in an attic room. A trundle bed is tucked under the angled roof, making the most of the available space.

The bed is decked with blue and white floral bedding that adds some charm to the room. A round table and a green chair offer a convenient spot for reading or working near the window.

I like how the room is simple and functional, without any unnecessary clutter or furniture.

Space-Optimized Trundle Bed with a Canopy

Trundle bed with canopy INSTAGRAM @milktoothau

This is a charming kid’s room featuring a space-optimized trundle bed with a canopy.

The bed looks like a mini house, with wooden beams and a white fabric roof. It has two round windows on the sides and a slide-out trundle underneath for extra sleeping space.

See how the bedding is colorful and cozy, with different patterns and textures? In my experience, kids love having their little hideaway, and this playful bed provides that!

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Compact Studio Apartment Featuring a Slide-Out Bed

shelves with ladder and trundle bed INSTAGRAM @flouspa

If you have a small room, you might want to consider a slide-out bed design like this one.

The bed slides under a platform that has a large shelving unit behind it. This way, you can use the platform as a desk, a table, or a lounge area during the day, and pull out the bed at night.

The shelving unit provides plenty of storage space for your books and other items. You can also access the higher shelves with a ladder!

Sofa Bed with Integrated Storage and Small Pull-Out

bench on tiny room with slide-out bed INSTAGRAM @furnituresourcephils

Last is a sofa bed with integrated storage and a small pull-out. The storage is hidden under the sofa and the pull-out bed can be extended to create a larger sleeping area.

I personally wouldn’t recommend putting too much stuff on the pull-out, as it might make it harder to slide in and out.

Also, I think the pull-out bed might be uncomfortable for tall persons, as it is quite short and narrow.

Want more ideas? Check out my article on space-saving beds for small spaces.

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