11 Small Walk-in Closets That Work Really Well

Even with a limited space, it’s important to have a proper closet and with enough resourcefulness – maybe even one you can walk into!

Want to make the most of your small space and create an efficient and organized storage space for your belongings?

We’ve compiled a list of 11 walk-in closet alternatives for you!

Angled Corner Closets and Long Dressers

Tiny walk-in on an angled roof INSTAGRAM @Addsimplicity

First up, we have a small space with a slanted ceiling. The tiny room is easily transformed into a walk-in closet with a long, narrow dresser, built-in shelves, and hanging rods.

It’s perfect for the places in our house with odd angles, like the attic. You can definitely make the most of these areas and have your very own walk-in closet!

You could even squeeze in a spot for your vanity. Now, you have everything you need to get ready in one room!

Narrow walk-in closet in roof space INSTAGRAM @Loughboroughjoineryco

Here, we can see the same design with modifications made to the closet space. Instead of having the dresser and closet face each other, the latter is built into the corner of the room.

This is a better choice for narrow areas with a bit more leg room. It also allows you to use more wall space to accommodate a longer closet.

It’s great how the closet plays into the angle of the ceiling to create a sleek and resourceful design.

All-around Wooden Walk-in Closet

Walk-in closet with upper cabinets INSTAGRAM @B63_crafts

This charming wooden walk-in closet uses all sides to serve as storage for your clothes and items. It even has a uniquely shaped shelf, making the space stylish and functional.

The design efficiently makes use of every area of this small space to transform it into a space-optimized walk-in closet. 

You can fit a nice, full-length mirror right in the middle so you can check your appearance while getting ready.

Corner Wardrobe with Revolving Storage

Walk-in closet with rotatable shelves INSTAGRAM @Ascconstruccionyarquitectura

This minimal walk-in closet hosts an innovative design with multiple modes of storage. One noteworthy feature is the tall revolving unit that’s ideal for keeping shoes, bags, and other items.

With this design, you won’t have a hard time reaching for your things at the back since they can be easily accessible with one spin!

Another neat thing about this closet is that there is also a ton of space for storage above it for items you don’t always reach for and just want to keep.

Closet with Acrylic Shoe Organizers

Walk-in closet with tall shoe boxes INSTAGRAM @V.closetdesign

If you’re a sneakerhead or love collecting shoes, this walk-in closet hack is just what you need. Even a compact space like this can benefit from having organizers and containers to maximize the area.

You can get clear acrylic shoe organizers to store your shoes and keep them on display in your cabinet.

They also come in different sizes, so you can get ones that fit your space perfectly.

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Sleek Minimalist Walk-in Closet with LED Strip Lighting

Tiny walk-in closet with floating corner shelves INSTAGRAM @Liumudesign

This modern and elegant walk-in closet keeps your clothes neat and is even a well-lit area with LED lights framing the ceiling.

It is a sleek and innovative design that is great for hanging up suits and formal wear. It maintains a sleek aesthetic and offers abundant storage for your clothing items.

The openness of this walk-in closet is perfect when you’re in a rush in the morning and need to grab a suit on the go. You won’t have to fuss too much since everything is displayed and arranged.

Closet with Multiple Hanger Racks, Pull-Out Bins, and Drawers

Narrow closet with wall mirror INSTAGRAM @Mrs.caragay

A jam-packed closet makes use of multiple hanging rods and storage units to keep clothes and other items arranged.

I love the large mirror mounted on the wall. It largens the space and gives you a full body view of your outfit when you try them on. 

If you are going to keep most of your clothes hung, I recommend choosing velvet or wired hangers so you can also maximize the space on the hanging racks and hang twice as many clothes.

You can also check out this article for more clever ideas to organize a small wardrobe.

En Suite Wardrobe

Tiny closet on window space INSTAGRAM @Kingsbrook_joinery_ltd

If you want to maximize your connecting spaces, turning them into a walk-in closet could be just the solution you need. Here, a former en suite transforms into a space-efficient walk-in closet.

It’s a smart and resourceful way of utilizing the areas of your home that otherwise remain bare.

You get a functional space where you can store your clothes and get ready in no time.

Closet with Compact Open Shelving

Walk-in closet with shoe storage behind the door INSTAGRAM @Caclosets

This cozy wooden dressing room keeps its contents fresh and well-ventilated with open shelves.

Closed, tight, wooden interior closets can get pretty stuffy and humid. So, an open and exposed design will work best for keeping the condition of your clothing pristine. 

In my experience, a dehumidifier is a big help for these types of closets. They can prevent moisture buildup and potential damage to your clothes.

Narrow walk-in closet with center shoe rack INSTAGRAM @Budgethomedesign

In this narrow and compact white closet, we can see a similar open design with a shelf that isn’t built in but added into the space.

Another great feature of this design is the abundance of bins and containers to utilize every inch of this walk-in closet.

I also love how there are still closed drawers that let you keep other clothes discreetly.

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Kid’s Wardrobe with Multiple Hanging Racks and Storage

Kids closet with drawers and cubbie INSTAGRAM @Imaginehomeorganization

Most closets are designed with adults in mind, so designing a kid’s wardrobe is harder to do. Fortunately, we found this walk-in closet that showcases efficient ways to keep your child’s clothes and items.

You can stack more than two hanging rods to keep even more children’s clothes. The spacious shelves can also store more of your kids’ things.

As this is so spacious and children’s items are quite small, this closet could really benefit from organizers and dividers.

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