3 Great Pull-Out Beds For Kids You Must See!

If you have more than one kid and want to save space on the beds during the day, this could be a great solution for you.

This is also a great bed for a kid who is always having sleep-overs:) It is a pull out bed for kids, it pulls out 3 times and has 3 normal sized beds tucked under each other.

During the day it only takes up the space of one regular bed and leaves plenty of space to play.
pull out bed for kids 3 in 1

Another picture:

franco furniture

The pull out bed for kids is made by Franco Furniture, an old Spanish family business.

The bed comes in different colors and small variations on style, so the measurements are a little bit different from style to style, but within a few inches.

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pull out bed variation
The Pull out bed has variations, if you don’t need 3 beds it is possible to get it in a 2-bed model.

The bed below measures 39,3” (100 cm) deep, 39,3” (100 cm) high and 84,2” (214 cm) long.
Mattress size is 35,4×78,7” (90×200 cm) for the top one, the 2 bottom mattresses are a bit smaller in order to fit inside 35,4×74,8” (90×190 cm).

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pull out bed for kids measurements

The pull out bed for kids can be ordered by contacting the company via email. They ship all over the world.

Check out the kid’s beds at www.ffrancoehijos.com

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