Cheap Murphy beds

In this post, we will try and guide you to find the best deals on Murphy beds.

Murphy beds have become very popular during the last couple of decades, and it’s the perfect space saving solution!

Online stores with Murphy beds

StorePrice rangeMurphy beds 
Wayfair$1,129 - $6,399179
Expand Furniture$1,195 - $9,99535
Amazon$1,100 - $3,499 +200
Houzz$1,065 - $8,339127

Some cheap beds we have found

Here are some of the beds we have found at the stores we list at the top of this post. We have looked at the prices for Murphy beds across a lot of stores online.

Many solutions are pretty pricey, so we have tried and find some of the cheaper models.

How much do Murphy beds cost?

Murphy beds cost from around 1,000 dollars and up to over 10,000 for the very expensive models.

It’s possible to get a model with free shipping in a good quality for the 1,000 dollars, and we recommend shopping at one of the stores we list above.

A Murphy bed for around $1,000 (incl. shipping)

This fine Murphy bed is the cheapest one we could find, and we also think it’s quite elegant and minimalistic.

When you think about it, 1,000 dollars is pretty cheap, when the price includes shipping to your address in the U.S.

It will fit an 11″ mattress, so no compromise here when we talk comfort!

Cheapest murphy bed online

We found it here for $1,100 (first product in the first row)

Here you can see the bed in a typical bedroom setting:

another view on the same bed

If you want a more classic design there are also other good alternatives.

Other affordable Murphy beds

This next bed is a little more expensive but still affordable. It costs $1,399, and again it includes shipping to any address in the States.

It comes with or without the shelving units on the side, which you can buy as add-ons.

It can also hold an 11″ mattress, so it can fit a good spring mattress or a high-quality foam mattress.

affordable murphy bed with sideways mount to wall

We found it here for $1,399 (last product in 2nd row).

There are also several other designs if you are willing to pay a little more. When you click the link above you can see all the available designs from this store.

White design

This sweet white wall bed is also quite affordable.

It’s very well reviewed and comes in a queen size as well as king size. It’s also available in a dark finish, and it has an 18” depth so you can fit a really nice mattress inside the bed frame.

white wall bed

We found it here at $1,299 incl. shipping (2nd product 3rd row)

Build your own Murphy bed

If you are up for the challenge of building your own Murphy bed, we are currently working on a website to help you get a good result.

The website is called, and it contains lots of information on how to go about building a bespoke solution.

We have chosen to build our own Murphy bed which we sleep in every night, and we absolutely love it. It transforms our bedroom into an office every day.

Building your own bed is the best way to get a cheap Murphy bed, but it’s a little complicated, so we suggest following a plan – unless you have good carpentering skills.

We have put up a Murphy bed plan for a plain and simple bed.

>> Find it here + a link to a good Murphy bed kit we can recommend.

It’s important to use professional hardware for the system, to avoid any injury or accidents. Especially if you have kids running around in the house during the day.


We used a piston system for our bed (as you can see below). You can also get spring systems, and no matter what you choose, you should expect it to loose tension over the years.

So you might want to change pistons/springs after 8-10 years.

Get the plan for our Murphy bed with storage

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, we have built our own Murphy bed. We did so in order to get a model with extra height and storage behind the bed (and below).

Here you can see the bed in folded-up position. Below the bed, we have storage for a couple of guitars and folding chairs.

This bed is higher than normal Murphy beds. We don’t like sleeping close to the floor, so we chose to raise it.

Here’s a picture of the open bed:


Below you can see the closet we build beside the bed. It holds all our clothes and utilizes the space below the ceiling.

We have mounted straps on the bed, so we can strap the comforter and pillows to the bed, in order to get it up quickly in the morning.


We have tried to utilize every inch for storage. The upholstered headboard can be folded down, and here we store Maria’s sewing machine and my old trumpet, which I rarely use :)

We have also installed lights on each side, and when the headboard is in an upright position it creates a very cozy atmosphere.

We are currently working on an instruction plan for this design, and it will be available on our new website:

You can also choose to hide your bed on a sofa during the day.

If you are willing to spend a little more…

There are many models on the market, and if you are willing to spend the extra bucks, you can get some very stylish Wall beds with e.g bookshelves in front.

Or what about a sofa during the day:


The models above are from this store (with free shipping).

We also have a post here on cheap space saving furniture. A lot of the great designs are too expensive, so we tried to gather all the best bargains we have come across online!