Green Bedrooms: 18 Stylish Ideas for Small Spaces

While earth tones like beige, tan, and brown are taking over the world of interior design, another approach can give the same effect in a refreshing and natural way-by using beautiful green shades.

Whether you’re into muted mossy tones or bold emerald greens, there’s something out there for you. Let’s dive into these stylish ideas together!

Space-Optimized Stage Bed With Drawers

green bedroom with green storage bed

This contemporary bedroom maintains a neat and clean interior with a green stage bed with two large bottom compartments.

I love how they used a shelf above the bed to keep flowers and decor on display. If you’re going to do the same, make sure it’s installed securely so you can avoid any accidents while you’re asleep. 

In my experience with beds with pullout storage, it’s best to keep its perimeter clear of any furniture or bulky structures so the drawers won’t be blocked.

Compact Daybeds With Storage Units

green bedroom with storage bed and floating shelves

Another great way to incorporate a place for rest in little homes is by using compact daybeds. They’re a bit smaller but just as comfy as regular beds.

This cozy daybed offers a great space to lounge and read. Even the wall-mounted shelves, where you can make a mini library, make it an ideal place to get nose-deep in a book. 

However, if you don’t want to showcase your favorite novels, you can always utilize the spacious storage units at the bottom of the daybed.

Cozy bed on corner with floating shelf above

This daybed area hosts a more adventurous design with patterned wallpaper and open storage units.

Feel free to get adventurous and let your creativity run wild! After all, it’s a spot meant for relaxing and unwinding, so why not have some fun with the decor?

To make the look more cohesive and visually appealing, I suggest getting uniform containers for the items you’ll store in the compartments.

tiny bed on a green bedroom corner INSTAGRAM @hollyscottinteriordesign

In this modern, boho-chic apartment, there is a comfy little nook with a spacious daybed right by the window. The area has a dark green painted triangle on one end to add contrast.

Spice up your green room with geometric patterns and varying contrasts. Or you can also take a more subtle approach like the space shown here. 

Adding some lush greenery will also infuse more of that refreshing hue into your room and double as eye-catching decor pieces.

Muted Green Room With L-Shaped Desk

green bedroom with office setup

Making the most of those overlooked corners in your room is a savvy move, especially when space is tight. Take a cue from this setup: instead of hogging the middle with a bulky table, they’ve cleverly tucked an L-shaped desk into one corner.

This not only frees up precious floor space in the center but also creates a cozy and functional work area that’s perfect for productivity.

Nordic furniture would complement a design like this greatly. 

Customized Headboards And Shelves

floating shelf on a leafy wallpaper wall

This spacious bed features a luxurious green headboard with matching linens. It also has a large wooden board behind the bed and a smaller one above that can function as shelves.

With a design like this, it’s only fitting to display your favorite pictures, books, and items on the shelves to make your bedroom more personalized.

As the shelves provide more storage, a small table for a nightstand is going to be more than enough to keep at your bedside.

Cozy bedroom with green wall

Here, a smaller modern bedroom also uses a customized storage space above the headboard. One storage unit is seamlessly built into the wall, while the other cleverly protrudes outward.

The design adds depth and dimension to the room. Not to mention, the subtle vertical lines on the green accent wall contribute to the illusion of a taller space. 

I love the little wooden table on the side! It’s an adorable and efficient way to put an easily accessible storage space.

Minimalist Bunk Bed Layout

green bed with built-in drawers

This minimalist bedroom uses a compact bunk bed layout to comfortably accommodate two people in their own separate spaces.

The bunk bed contains multiple storage spaces which eliminates the need for you to put more structures just for keeping your clothes and items. 

As a result, you can enjoy a spacious bedroom with an easy and simple layout. It’s also a great design for both kids and adults!

Rooms With Skylight Windows

minimalist bedroom with floating shelves on the corner

When you have a bedroom with a gorgeous green motif, it’s only right to accentuate it with the proper lighting.

This roomy space has a refreshing simple light wood design, with discreet storage units and most importantly, a large skylight. Its placement brightens up the whole room and highlights the cozy bed with a woven headboard.

This will work for a light green room and a dark one. So, you can’t go wrong with the shade of your choice!

green bedroom on an angled roof INSTAGRAM @hardcastletowers

This whimsical little room has so much character packed into its interior with its vibrant colors, quirky knick-knacks, and playful locker-style cabinet. The overhead window also floods the space with natural light, adding to its charm.

Rooms with slanted and angled ceilings are sure to benefit from skylights. The position helps spread the light more evenly.

I find that a fuzzy rug with rich and vibrant warm colors would go perfectly with this room!

Space-Efficient Attic Bedroom

compact bed with storage INSTAGRAM @edwardbulmerpaint

Keep your young one stimulated in this fun and quirky attic bedroom. There’s colorful wallpaper, a small comfy bed, and storage for children’s books.

Turning your attic into a bedroom is a brilliant move to make the most out of that space. Otherwise, it might just end up as another dumping ground for random stuff.

I suggest adding bins and containers to keep their toys in so they can also make it a playroom.

green bedroom, with leafy wallpaper ceiling INSTAGRAM @mikegarlickdesign

Here’s a more mature and delicate take on the attic bedroom. It comes in a relaxing light green color scheme and contains elegant features.

And how cool are those skylights, bringing in all that natural light? The room also maintains its neatness with sufficient storage on the side.

This would make a fantastic guest bedroom –  just add in a few more amenities and invite your favorite people over!

Sage Green Deep Alcove Bed

Narrow bedroom with headboard shelf INSTAGRAM @lesleymyrick

Check out this cool design twist: they’ve taken the alcove bed concept and flipped it on its head—literally!

They’re usually facing side-out but this lovely sage green layout creates a deeper nook for you to slumber in.

Also, note how the vertically lined walls add to the illusion of a taller and deeper space! I recommend adding long pillows on either side for extra comfort.

Loft Bed With Storage For Kids

compact bedroom with underbed storage and nook INSTAGRAM @Mamadrey88

Elevate your kid’s bedroom – literally and figuratively with a cool muted green loft bed design. With a loft, you can designate a little playroom and incorporate a ton of storage!

If you want your kid to have a place to keep their things easily accessible while they’re in bed, check out the impressive built-in wall shelves in this bedroom!

Consider adding a carpet and a few pillows in their tiny hidden space so they won’t have to sit directly on the floor.

Green Room With Lit Vanity Area

modern design green bedroom INSTAGRAM @ideiasparadormitorios

Here, a soft pistachio-toned bedroom induces a calming energy with an oriental bamboo panel and a compact vanity area.

Adding those lined lights around the mirror is a smart move since it ensures you’ll have enough light to see yourself clearly, even if the mirror isn’t directly in front of a window.

I love how simple and unassuming the storage design is too!

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Small Built-In Fireplace

green bedroom and closet INSTAGRAM @the_house_at_no15

In this adorable apartment bedroom, your eyes go directly to the mini classic fireplace. Its contrast to the bright room immediately draws attention and is both an aesthetic and functional feature of this place.

Wouldn’t it just be amazing to enjoy a warm fire while snuggled up in your bed in the wintertime? With this design, you can do exactly that!

Remember to take the necessary safety measures to make this design possible!

Baby Room With A Delicate Green Motif

baby room with green wallpaper INSTAGRAM @lonikachande

This lovely baby room is now radiant with light but can easily transform into a dimly lit tranquil place with one pull of the vibrant green curtain.

While it’s important to stimulate your child and expose them to all sorts of colors, it’s also crucial that you don’t overwhelm them. With a soft green wallpaper with tiny patterns like this, you get the perfect balance.

You can also incorporate bright colors in other ways such as having a bright orange chair or fun colorful decor!

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Rustic Bedroom With Iron-Frame Bed

Cozy green bedroom with green blankets and pillows INSTAGRAM @lick

This cool gray-green bedroom is like the perfect blend of urban chic and countryside charm. The sturdy iron-frame bed adds an urban touch, while the woven decor and wooden shelves bring in that rustic feel.

Get the best of both worlds by combining elements from different interior design styles. Make sure you get a balanced output so that you’re room won’t look too messy.

I love how they even used a woven lamp for the main bedroom light!

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