21 Blue Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Blue is an amazing color, especially when it comes to interior design. So, you might’ve considered the color when thinking about how to modify your kitchen.

Here, we’re going to prove how versatile the color blue can be with 21 magnificent designs that can completely transform your kitchen.

Classic Blue Kitchen With Built-In Appliances

Narrow kitchen with compact storage

Our first pick is this small, homey blue kitchen. It follows a standard kitchen layout with a neat feature that is built into the design.

The design incorporates your kitchen appliances into their own compartments, keeping them out of the way. This also allows you to move more freely around the kitchen.

For lighting, this kitchen uses light strips on the counter for an elegant backlit effect.

minimalist blue kitchen

This youthful blue kitchen also optimizes its space with built-in appliance compartments. You can neatly fit a stove and oven seamlessly into this interior.

A lighter and brighter blue color scheme makes your kitchen look more refreshing. The white counters and light wood only help liven up this aesthetic.

The counter is also a space-efficient structure with one end modified to seat one person. You can comfortably enjoy a cup of tea in here before you’re out and about for the day.

L-shaped kitchen with wine storages

On the other hand, this sophisticated powder blue interior keeps a beverage cooler in its cupboard area.

This design is ideal for wine connoisseurs and the average wine lover. You allow one area to display your finest bottles while you keep your other drinks chilled. 

Of course, you don’t have to limit this layout to just storing wine. It’s also great for keeping your other beverages close by!

I have 11 more clever wine storage ideas, here.

Mosaic Tiled Backsplash

Wall-Mounted Wooden shelves

Now, we’re hopping over to a warm blue kitchen with a unique design. It uses a deeper shade of blue and contains bright wooden elements.

Your eyes go straight to the backsplash with a visually appealing mosaic design. The varying shades add depth and character to this simple space.

Play into this lively design by adding more fun and colorful decorative pieces!

Beadboard Backdrop

vertical shelves on kitchen countertop

Here, we have a cozy, cottage-inspired kitchen that subtly accentuates its vertical space with beadboard wall panels.

The beadboards of this design serve as the backdrop of the stove area and the open storage on the counter. It’s a cheeky yet subtle way to incorporate style into the space. 

We also shouldn’t overlook the space-efficient island with shelf storage on one of its sides– a perfect place to keep your cookbooks and magazines in.

Yellow Accent Storage

blue kitchen with yellow shelves

This modern vibrant kitchen can’t help but make you cheerful with its design. Yellow is complementary to blue, so it’s only natural that it works so well in this space!

Enhance your blue interior with fantastic pops of color as seen in this kitchen design. Bright yellow shelves integrate into the aesthetic beautifully without overwhelming the place.

I love how the posh dark blue chairs add character and texture to the space.

Here are 26 stylish designs for small yellow kitchens.

Delicate Wallpaper

shelves on the corner

Now, let’s tone things down with this refined pale blue kitchen. The dainty wallpaper establishes the design and blends into the rest of the interior nicely.

The subtle pattern breaks up the monotony of the space and makes sure the kitchen isn’t too ashy. 

Keeping the space really light and with minimal contrast will also make it appear and feel more spacious.

Space-Optimized Kitchen Island

bookshelves on dining area

This inviting contemporary dusty blue space fuses two functions into one area. You get a kitchen space and a place to dine in with the large counter.

The kitchen counter doesn’t only host a sink and a spacious countertop it also doubles as a structure fit for storage.

I find that kitchen islands and counters consume most of the space in the kitchen so maximizing them to allow for more storage is an efficient space-saving hack!

kitchen island with shelves

In another charming blue kitchen, we can see a subway-tiled backsplash and lovely herringbone flooring.

However, the most notable feature has to be the space-efficient island with storage on multiple facets. You can organize your kitchen items around this structure and keep them within reach when you’re cooking.

Optimizing your kitchen islands for storage is such a clever way to maximize the amount of space they take up.

Blue Kitchen With Skylights

floating shelves under kitchen lights

Brighten up your kitchen without putting too many light fixtures. For example, this lovely blue kitchen has a little skylight on its slanted ceiling to illuminate the space.

The sunlight showcases the blue interior impeccably, also adding warmth to the wooden features.

I adore the pair of wall-mounted lamps that can also help give the kitchen a glow when the sun’s out.

under ceiling shelves

Skylights can also enhance a modern and elegant kitchen. This space has two windows to make the room extra bright.

You can peek out one window to get a glimpse of the outdoors while you’re by the sink and the other one will make sure your counterspace is well-lit.

The island could also benefit from a couple of pendant lights to accentuate the space.

Space-Efficient Pullout Bin Storage

Pull-out cabinet with receptacle bins

This productive kitchen counter keeps a neat storage function with its cabinets. With one pull, you easily get access to several trash bins which can help you segregate your trash or sort your kitchen items.

Aside from the bins, this kitchen has multiple storage spaces, including a hefty cabinet on top of the counter.

It’s smart to keep garbage bins by the preparation space so you can directly dispose of your biodegradable waste. After, you just have to push, and voila! you’re back to a neat kitchen.

Gray Backsplash And Clear Glass Cabinets

blue kitchen with wooden countertop

In this luxurious kitchen, elegance meets rustic charm. The blue interior uses refined cabinetry and an urban design element with a gray brick-look backsplash.

Proudly display your kitchenware instead of keeping them hidden behind cupboards by using glass doors! The storage also has lights installed to showcase its contents.

I appreciate how they fit in a small dining set so you can enjoy a meal in here too!

Colorful Galley Kitchen

lots of picture frame on blue kitchen INSTAGRAM @ronniekalra

This sleek stainless steel blue galley kitchen has turned into a funky space with its colorful embellishments.

Since this is already a space-efficient layout with ample storage, you only need to make a few changes to liven up the space. 

The framed artworks add so much charm, character, and color to the kitchen! You can display your favorite pictures for a personal touch or any beloved posters and records.

Wide Window And Chandelier

blue kitchen with wide window INSTAGRAM @julieneilldesigns

This comfy contemporary kitchen combines an elegant interior with homey elements. A large window brightens up the space in the daytime and the grand chandelier in the nighttime.

The vast design is perfect for big families and for those with furry friends. You get so much room to cook and dine in this kitchen.

In my experience, adding intricately detailed carpets contributes to the aesthetic and serves as a cozy place your pets can lie down in.

Classic Retro Kitchen

blue kitchen cabinet with white lines INSTAGRAM @schumacher1889

If all the modern designs are not your cup of tea, you can keep things simple and easy with a reliable retro aesthetic like this one.

The classic checkered floors take you back in time and you can never go wrong with the classic cabinetry.

The wicker elements complement this aesthetic amazingly. I also recommend getting sheer curtains to manage the amount of light the big windows let in.

Blue And Brown Interior

floating shelves INSTAGRAM @lucyalicehome

You can balance a cool blue room with the warmth of brown elements and accents. This hip and rustic kitchen shows you how you can do just that.

The dark brown adds a pleasing contrast to this kitchen. Additionally, the design of the island and marble countertops exude luxury.

There are discreet white shelves that hold your plates and decor nicely too!

Farmhouse Kitchen

blue and white kitchen INSTAGRAM @riverhead_building_supply

For a more laid-back design, go for a farmhouse kitchen. This one uses charming cabinets and a wooden kitchen island.

What’s great about this design is that is cozy without being outdated. It still uses current styles and proves to be an efficient space. 

Add more character to this space with little trinkets to add personality and bring out the charm of this place.

Mediterranean Kitchen

cloudy blue kitchen wall INSTAGRAM @timsteinrealtor

This magnificent Mediterranean design turns your kitchen into a refreshing space with bright blue hues and mystifying details.

Completely transform your kitchen with an inspired aesthetic. The Mediterranean theme is a fun and inviting approach to revamping your space.

I love how even though it is a small space, it is an open design that gives you a view into the other rooms of your house.

Simple White And Blue Design

L shaped floating shelves INSTAGRAM @bedrosianstile

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to change up your L-shaped kitchen, here you go! Blue and white is a classic combination that will work well in any space.

Aside from the fresh color palette, this design also has thin but sturdy shelves to keep your ingredients and kitchen items within reach.

Despite looking so delicate against this design, the granite countertops are a durable and practical addition to this kitchen.

Kitchen Nook

tiny kitchen with blue seating INSTAGRAM @betterhomesandgardens

Maybe you don’t want to douse your kitchen in blue, that’s perfectly fine! Here is another way to incorporate the color into the area.

You can always go the subtle route and add a cozy little kitchen nook. Then, get blue cushions and pillows to liven up the feature.

It’s not common to have a nook in the kitchen so this design will surely make your home more interesting and have your dinner guests talking!

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