Blue Bathrooms: 26 Stylish Ideas for Small Spaces

Starting a small bathroom design can feel overwhelming, but I’ve discovered that selecting a color scheme is often the best initial step.

Blue is a timeless, reliable color that works well with any design and layout!

We’ve collected 26 magnificent blue bathroom ideas to help you choose the perfect one.

Blue Bathroom With Herringbone Tiled Wall

wooden vanity with sink

We’re starting strong with this classic blue bathroom. With a herringbone tiled wall, you can cleverly accentuate the vanity area with some movement.

Herringbone patterns will look great on walls and floors. They can give your bathroom a stylish timeless look.

With wooden structures already adding warmth to the space, consider enhancing it further by opting for bronze or gold grout, which can make the tiles stand out even more.

Compact Bathroom With Blue Storage

floor to ceiling cabinet on the corner

This next design is for those who want an understated and space-efficient bathroom. It uses white marble tiles and contains a brush of color with its muted blue storage compartments.

The design makes sure the things you need for each bathroom activity are easily accessible and well-kept.

You won’t have to worry about needing to get up from the toilet when you run out of toilet paper. You can easily access the cabinet for a refill when needed.

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Vanity Pendant Lamps

blue and orange wall bathroom

Check out this little vanity area with cool pendant lamps. They’re a charming way of lighting up the counter and adding decor to the space.

This easygoing design is bound to make your morning refresh routine an enjoyable experience.

To keep minimal clutter on the counter, consider getting drawer organizers so you can neatly arrange your bathroom needs inside instead of having them out and about.

Blue Brick Tiled Bathroom With Bathtub

bathroom with recessed wall shelves

The tranquil bath area adorns the space with subdued blue brick-style tiles along the walls.

When dealing with limited floor space, emphasize verticality instead. Positioning bricks vertically can create the illusion of a taller and more spacious room.

To make sure your bath needs are within arms reach, look into getting a built-in niche by the tub. Multiple layers will also give you more space for your items.

blue bathtub and tiles

In another mini bath area, there is a brighter blue brick wall accompanied by floors with an eccentric pattern.

With such a tiny space, you need smart storage solutions to maximize every inch. You can use the ledge as seen here, or you can install shelves or a cupboard on the wall.

I love how they even got a blue bathtub! It’s such a refreshing feature that matches the space so well.

Here are amazing bathtub designs that can fit right into small spaces.

Bathroom With Wooden Toilet And Storage

wooden vanity and toilet bowl

Here, this bathroom uses a radiant blue hue for its brick walls. It also has eye-catching wooden structures you won’t usually find in a bathroom.

A wooden toilet is such a creative and unique design to have in a bathroom. Having a wooden storage compartment beside it also makes sure it isn’t out of place.

Another neat feature of this area is that it extends the window ledge space so you can prop up a few items by the tub.

Small Bathroom With Skylights

vertical blue tile bathroom

Now, here’s a compact blue bathroom with just a tub and a vanity corner. The space is illuminated by a brilliant skylight.

Expand the horizons of your design and consider what to do with the ceilings of your bathroom as well. Even a tight place like this benefits from the brightness and feels more spacious because of it.

There’s also a handy shelf mounted above the tub so you can easily grab anything you need while in the bath.

Blue Bathrooms With Large Mirrors

blue and white bathroom

Let’s appreciate this stunning contemporary bathroom. It has light blue walls and one with an elegant floral pattern.

Large mirrors are a great design trick, especially for small rooms. They barely take up any room and they reflect light around the space for a more open ambiance.

Overall, it’s a fresh and sleek design that can suit any bathroom. Think about linear light fixtures for your vanity area to match the rest of the aesthetic.

floor to ceiling cabinets and shelvesINSTAGRAM @bathrooms_of_insta

Over here, this rustic blue bathroom also uses a large mirror but with an endearing wooden frame for a cozier touch.

Aside from a charming vanity space, this bathroom design has a diverse storage option offering both enclosed and open compartments.

Adding more flowers or small plants around the counter will complement the wooden frame and complete this aesthetic.

bathroom with tall round top mirrorINSTAGRAM @abdulrahman.alkhaled

This modern bathroom doesn’t shy away from extravagance with a luxurious layout, floor-to-ceiling mirror, and classic terrazzo flooring.

Make the most of a compact space by using long mirrors to heighten and widen the area. You can also use partitions instead of a closed-off shower room for a more open ambiance.

Get a couple of non-slip carpets to prevent any accidents on this shared flooring.

Blue Wooden Sink Storage

tiny bathroom with round mirror

Meanwhile, this mini modern bathroom has an adorable antique cabinet for both storage and visual appeal.

The design is great for concealing the sink plumbing and designating an area for storing bathroom supplies in such a tiny space.

You can mount a shelf above the sink if you need more storage. I also recommend placing a carpet just to decorate the area a bit more.

Built-In Shower Niche

glossy bathroom tiles and vanity with sink

Now, let’s appreciate this glossy and modern space. It hosts a pleasant blue interior design, with a matching blue sink area for uniformity throughout the room.

If the shower niche were empty, it would almost blend seamlessly into the shower wall! Opt for shower niche designs that seamlessly blend with your shower tiles to discreetly store your bathing essentials.

I suggest placing a few scented candles around the sink for an aromatic experience.

shower niche with shelves

Here’s another subtle shower niche design in a mini blue bathroom. The niche is a bit more pronounced and bigger in size to hold more of your showering needs.

Having a shower niche with multiple layers can help sort your bathroom products according to certain categories.

It’s a great way of implementing storage in really small bathrooms. You can also get designs with varying backdrops if you want the niche to stand out.

Gold Hardware

minimalist bathroom with square tiles

In this shower space and sink area, we can see an appealing design that is enhanced by golden accents.

Sometimes, plain light blue bathrooms can seem bland. To inject a touch of excitement without overwhelming the space, consider installing fixtures adorned with a gold or bronze finish.

Not only do they add warmth and style, but the small alterations can make your bathroom look more expensive.

woven basket under bathroom sink

On the other hand, this toilet and sink space contains lighter touches of gold but it extends to the exposed piping.

Due to limited space, small bathrooms can often have exposed plumbing, which is not always aesthetically pleasing.

This design offers the solution to that. You can get pipes that match the finish of the other accents of your bathroom and you’ll end up with a cohesive and visually pleasant design.

Beadboard Wall And Wooden Counter Storage

mirror on each wooden vanity sinkINSTAGRAM @icdtstudio

Are you looking to go a different route than the usual all-tiled bathrooms? This endearing pale blue design can give your space the charm you’re searching for.

An elegant beadboard wall and a rich dark wood counter can give your bathroom a modern vintage aesthetic with its colors, contrast, and style.

Just remember to use materials that can withstand moisture and humidity so they’ll last longer in your bathroom.

Wall Lamps And Storage

under sink drawers and cabinetsINSTAGRAM @peabodysinteriors

In this bathroom, you’ll find storage beneath the sink that accommodates all your toiletries and essentials, while the vanity space is adorned with a stylish pair of wall lamps.

To introduce contrast into your space without creating a stark effect, consider incorporating varying shades of the same color, one light and one dark.

You can also get a dark gray carpet to put in front of the shower entrance to make sure it isn’t too slippery once you get out.

Dusty Blue Design

blue tiled bathroom floor and wallINSTAGRAM @townandcountrydesignstudio

If you’re considering a simple and understated design, then this dusty blue bathroom is perfect for you.

Ultra-modern bathrooms might clash with the vintage charm of classic, old-fashioned homes. Therefore, opt for a simple and cozy design that seamlessly blends in with the home’s traditional aesthetic.

You might need a place to store all your bath products. I recommend putting in a shower niche or mounting a couple of shelves by the bathtub.

Built-In Wall Shelves

shelves on recessed wallINSTAGRAM @cottonwood_grove

On the other hand, this tranquil bathroom already boasts a graceful built-in wall storage for displaying beloved items and ornaments.

Protruding shelves or storage compartments can make small bathrooms feel smaller. So, use a space-efficient hack like built-in shelves that go into the walls instead of being mounted on them.

You might consider adorning the shelves with fairy lights or adding interior lights to enhance this area and elevate its visual appeal even further.

Blue Mosaic Tiles

shower with wall surface storageINSTAGRAM @kristinpeake

Next, we have a romantic and artsy bathroom brimming with diverse textures, infusing the compact area with depth and dimension.

Blue mosaic tiles can make your bathroom extremely stylish. Pair the design with marble countertops and deep blue storage and you end up with a chic interior.

I truly believe an antique light fixture will tie in the motif of this bathroom nicely. There are tons of affordable options online or you can even thrift for one!

minimalist vanity with sinkINSTAGRAM @crystalbathrooms

This bathroom also uses blue mosaic tiles but leans toward a cool and trendy theme.

Tile size and orientation can drastically change the look of your interior. This streamlined design with tight finger mosaic tiles keeps your bathroom looking slick and clean.

I admire the choice of using an awning window in the bath area. I also suggest designing a ledge around it for additional storage aside from the built-in shower niche.

Backlit Mirror

round mirror with back lightingINSTAGRAM @ikeahack

Here’s a space with bathroom lighting that looks great! This dashing bathroom has an impressive vanity that’s sure to transform your mornings.

This cool design has a frameless circular mirror with a superb glow from its backlighting. It makes sure that the light isn’t too harsh when you’re getting ready.

It’s also quite smart to place the vanity near a window. The placement makes sure the light is distributed and minimizes the need to use the main lights.

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Bright Blue Door And Striped Wall

blue bathroom door and wallpaperINSTAGRAM @kmg_designstudio

Hoist the sails! We’ve arrived at this wonderfully blue bathroom with a sailor’s touch.

Aside from the anchor wall decor, this bathroom uses an artsy striped blue wallpaper that emulates still waters and a brilliant blue door to match.

When you don’t want to alter too many structures and renovate your space, opt for changing up the colors and designs of your bathroom elements instead. Establishing a theme can effectively enhance any small bathroom.

Double Vanities

blue vanity with double sinkINSTAGRAM @baileywardinteriors

This serene home bathroom provides ample space for two parties to get ready in the morning with a double vanity design.

Each mirror comes with a hefty lamp for lighting and there are separate and shared storage units under the sink to keep your items separated.

You can also get organizers and containers to tidy up any items resting on the counter. Additionally, you could opt for designs that reflect the personality of both you and your partner.

blue vanity with sink and mirror frameINSTAGRAM @rogerseller

In another magnificently blue bathroom with a double vanity, we can see this design uses elongated mirrors for a spacious and airy appeal.

This design resembles a classic vanity with its side lights and the style trickles down to the storage that has matching knobs.

Having storage behind the mirrors is a great way to optimize your bathroom space even more.

Sapphire Blue Design

floor to ceiling cabinets around vanity sinkINSTAGRAM @smallbathroomdesign

Finishing this list off with a bang, we present this vibrant sapphire bathroom design that can instantly transform your small bathroom into a lavish one.

It’s a combination of a rich shade of blue brick tiles, a fun floor pattern, and grand gold accents.

This design gives you more than enough space for your bathroom items with storage surrounding the vanity and you can get ready in a well-lit area with the lovely wall lamp pair.

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