18 Toilet Paper Stands With Storage That Work So Well

Say goodbye to awkwardly stacked toilet paper rolls and hello to convenient storage solutions that make life easier.

With features like built-in shelves, cabinets, and even phone holders, these stands go above and beyond to meet your needs.

Slim Storage Cabinets

toilet paper stand with upper shelvesINSTAGRAM @precision_organizing

Despite its slender build, this bathroom cabinet has plenty of room for all your bathroom essentials.

Got extra rolls of toilet paper? Toss ’em in. Need a spot for those fluffy towels? No sweat.

It’s also great for storing beauty products, sprays, and other toiletries that would otherwise clutter up your countertop.

Dress up the top of the cabinet with a few decorative touches – a cute plant, a fancy candle, or a chic tray will add some personality to the space.

water proof toilet paper standINSTAGRAM @kitchen_boutique11

If you’re looking for something a bit more water-proof, these multi-purpose cabinets are for you.

Made of robust and upgraded PP material, they can withstand potential water damage. Their smooth surface also facilitates hassle-free cleaning – simply wipe them down with a damp sponge or cloth!

Plus, their transparent drawers and extended handle enhance everyday convenience. For added safety, each package includes an easy-to-install anti-tipping device.

Aside from toilet paper, these cabinets can accommodate taller bottles of detergent and shampoo.

white toilet paper stand with storageINSTAGRAM @haotianus

Meanwhile, this sleek and compact stand will fit right in with any bathroom style.

Up top, you’ve got a convenient toilet paper holder that’s easy to reach whenever you need it. No more hunting through drawers or cabinets when you need a roll!

There’s also a roomy storage cabinet ready to hold all your extra rolls of toilet paper, tissues, air fresheners, or whatever else you need.

space-efficient toilet paper standINSTAGRAM @home_cityoutlet

Last on our list of narrow storage cabinets is this versatile one that will elevate your bathroom with its slim design and crisp white finish.

Its compact size makes it perfect for small bathrooms or narrow gaps where traditional cabinets wouldn’t fit. It also features a free-standing toilet paper holder!

Don’t forget to add some decor pieces to the top of the cabinet. A scented candle or reed diffuser will do just the trick.

Metal Wire Organizers

stand with built-in basketINSTAGRAM @project.simplify

The bottom of this organizer has a wire basket perfect for storing extra rolls of toilet paper, tissues, or any other bathroom essentials you want to keep close at hand.

In the middle, there’s a dedicated toilet paper holder so you always have a fresh roll within arm’s reach.

There’s also a handy holder for wet wipes. Whether you use them for a quick refresh or as an alternative to traditional toilet paper, it’s nice to have them readily available.

metal stand with trash binINSTAGRAM @bijouxhome.accessories

I love this versatile bathroom accessory!

It provides a stable base for your toilet paper rolls, ensuring they stay in place and within reach whenever you need them.

Plus, the built-in trash bin is a lifesaver for tossing used tissues or empty rolls, making clean-up a breeze.

Whether your space is sleek and contemporary or more on the cozy side, this stand fits right in, effortlessly elevating the look of your bathroom.

Corner Tower

tiered wooden toilet paper standINSTAGRAM @project.simplify

This stand is compact enough to fit into even the tiniest of bathrooms, ideal for those awkward corners where nothing else seems to fit.

This tower isn’t just practical – it’s stylish too. Made from beautiful wood, it adds a touch of natural charm to your bathroom decor.

It’s best to coordinate this stand with the rest of your bathroom decor. Match the wood finish with other wooden accents in your space for a cohesive look.

Storage Cabinet with a Playful Design

toilet paper towerINSTAGRAM @waseehironwork

Looking for a fun cabinet for your little one?

With playful giraffe engravings, this cabinet adds a burst of charm and creativity to your child’s bathroom.

But it’s not just about looks – this cabinet is a storage superhero too! With plenty of shelves and compartments inside, it’s the perfect spot to stash towels, bath toys, and all the essentials your little one needs.

And the best part? Its compact size fits perfectly in any bathroom, big or small.

Over-the-Toilet Stand

over-the-toilet shelvesINSTAGRAM @uniquehousecollection

This stand offers a smart solution for utilizing vertical space in your bathroom while keeping your essentials tidy and accessible.

It maximizes space by fitting snugly above your toilet, providing ample room to stash towels, toiletries, and more, without gobbling up precious floor space.

Get creative with your styling by adding decorative touches to the shelves. Think potted plants, scented candles, or chic baskets to make your bathroom feel more inviting and cozy.

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Rolling Cart

toilet paper storage with wheelsINSTAGRAM @yamazaki.home.europe

This rolling cart’s low-key design expertly hides away your toilet paper rolls, cleaning supplies, and whatnot, ensuring they’re close at hand but out of sight.

And with those handy casters, you can glide it around effortlessly!

Feel free to get clever with how you use this rolling cart in your bathroom setup. Stick it next to the throne for easy access to your essentials, or slide it into a corner to free up some space.

Minimalist Toilet Paper Stocker

minimalist toilet paper standINSTAGRAM @yamazakihome

With its clean lines and understated design, this stocker fits right in with any bathroom decor vibe – whether you’re all about that modern look, keeping it classic, or embracing a minimalist aesthetic.

You can pretty much style it however you like! Keep things minimal or jazz it up with some decorative touches to match your bathroom’s interiors.

Consider small potted plants for a pop of greenery or maybe even a cute little tray to corral your essentials.

Natural  Wood Grain Stands

wooden stand with shelvesINSTAGRAM @ayesha_mohsin090

This cabinet is slim and sleek but it’s got plenty of storage space inside and on the shelves.

And the best part? There’s a handy toilet paper holder on the side, so you’ll never find yourself in a sticky situation without a spare roll.

Its dark wood finish is also equal parts classy and cozy. It adds a touch of warmth and sophistication to your bathroom decor, whether you’re going for modern aesthetics or something more rustic.

wooden toilet paper rackINSTAGRAM @grovecollaborative

Check out that tiny toilet paper stand – it’s compact enough to fit into even the tiniest of bathrooms!

The warm tones and natural grain of bamboo will also bring a refreshing ambiance to your bathroom.

Add a bamboo bath mat or a set of bamboo towels to complement the stand and create a cohesive aesthetic. You can also add a small potted plant or a woven basket to add texture and visual interest to the space.

wooden toilet paper tower

Now, here’s a toilet paper stand that not only serves its practical purpose but also doubles as a stunning art piece!

It’s got this cool design with different-sized holes to hold your rolls, giving it this artsy edge that’s totally unique. It’s also nice to see that it accommodates all kinds of roll sizes.

You’re going to want to show off this stand, so find a prime spot for it in your bathroom. Make sure it’s front and center!

Vanity Sink with Toilet Paper Holder

custom-made sink with toilet paper holder

This vanity sink brings together two must-have fixtures in one sleek package, giving your space a serious upgrade in both style and function.

You can say goodbye to cluttered countertops or awkwardly placed toilet paper holders!

Consider adding some finishing touches to tie the whole room together. I suggest matching accessories like faucets, drawer pulls, and towel racks for a cohesive look.

Then, throw in some pops of color or texture with towels, rugs, or artwork.

Wall-Mounted Toilet Paper Holders

minimalist paper roll holder

This savvy accessory will make your life easier while adding a touch of modern flair to your space.

I like how it’s got a handy shelf on top designed specifically for your phone. No more awkward balancing acts or risking a toilet dive for your device – now you can scroll, swipe, and stream in peace.

Also, its minimalist design and clean lines make it a perfect fit for any aesthetic, whether you’re into sleek and contemporary or industrial chic.

metal toilet paper holder

Here’s another wall-mounted toilet paper holder, this time with a small covered case on top to ensure your phone stays clean and dry. It also has enough room for other must-haves like wet wipes!

The silver chrome finish and clean lines give it a versatile edge, blending seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional spaces.

Plus, the covered case adds a sleek and streamlined touch that’s as practical as it is stylish.

toilet paper holder with surface storage

Last on the list is another wall-mounted holder but this one has a sturdier mount that promises stability.

It looks reliable enough to not wobble or fall off the wall, giving you peace of mind and hassle-free usage.

Whether you’re scrolling through emails, checking social media, or watching a quick video, you can do so comfortably without worrying about dropping your phone or getting it wet.

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