11 Small Feng Shui Living Room For Peaceful Rest

We all want to come home to a peaceful and relaxing abode. Because we’re often greeted by our living rooms as soon as we step in, they should give us a sense of rest and relief.

Feng shui is often overlooked in interior design but is crucial in achieving harmony and balance–elements that our homes so badly need.

So, we want to help make it easier for you to transform your living areas with feng shui. Here are 11 serene designs for your small living rooms.

L-Shaped Corner Sofa

neutral accent living room with plantsINSTAGRAM @nvtsmall

In this cozy apartment, we can see the space-optimized sofa placement to maximize the narrowness of the living room.

An L-shaped sofa can hug the corners of your living room and putting it by the window makes it an illuminated space with tons of light.

An abundance of greenery around the area will also liven up the room.

Retro Conversation Pit

table shelves behind couchINSTAGRAM @periodmedia

We can welcome so much warmth and comfort in our houses with this retro conversation pit design. This design was popular in the 50s – 70s and it’s making a comeback with the rise of modern-vintage homes.

It uses another L-shaped sofa design that can fit many of your loved ones and provides a cozy place to rest in.

Minimalist Space With Wooden Storage

Scandinavian living roomINSTAGRAM @tinyporcelain_tt

We’re now toning things down with this zen and minimalist area. It uses a calming combination of neutral colors and light wooden features to embody a peaceful aesthetic.

You don’t have to overcomplicate feng shui. Sometimes, it can be as simple as keeping it clean, minimal, and refreshing.

Breathe more life into this interior with more plants. They’ll bring good fortune as they complement the wooden features.

Rustic Living Room With Mobile Wooden Table

living room with wooden table shelf on wheelsINSTAGRAM @theflouse

This humble home uses a subtle color scheme and an industrial wooden coffee table with wheels to complete its living room.

Feng shui emphasizes function and design. So, having efficient structures and furniture is always a good choice.

You can move the table around according to your needs and easily move it out of the living room when you want more space.

Feng Shui Living Rooms with High Ceilings

living room with wooden chimney breastINSTAGRAM @livholi.design

Houses with enough vertical space have the luxury of a high ceiling. This opulent living area definitely maximizes every inch with aesthetics and function.

The design has a grand wooden accent wall with gold bird decor, incorporating natural elements creatively into the space. It also contains a fireplace where you and your family can comfortably sit around.

Not to mention, the circular structures and round design add softness to the living room for a gentle vibe.

white and wood living roomINSTAGRAM @home_abundance_

High ceilings with a living area in the center reveal a sense of openness and expansion–ideal for homes that hold multiple gatherings.

This design is a great way to expand your space when you have a limited floor area. I love the simple yet space-effective storage areas on either side of the fireplace.

Make sure your living room is still well-lit even with high ceilings. Invest in eye-catching light fixtures and maintain a bright space to welcome positive energy.

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Simple Living Rooms With Artwork

living room with a big art frameINSTAGRAM @home_abundance_

In feng shui, even the decorations and colors you use have significance. Take this simple neutral living room for example. It has a calming theme that is livened up by abstract artwork – pastels that contrast with dark tones.

This design is a great way to incorporate color and art into a room without consuming too much space.

I recommended getting crystal decor to complement the artwork and to invite sparkling light into your home.

living room with plants and stand lightINSTAGRAM @nseidlitz

This chic living room contains elements that blend seamlessly into each other by following a light color scheme.

The tables stand out as they exude warmth and life, incorporating wooden design into the area.

If you want to maintain a minimalist interior and decorate with art, consider artworks that are in line with your motif for a cohesive look.

living room wooden triangle tableINSTAGRAM @thishouse5000

Here’s an earthy living room that uses the tones of yellow to accentuate its space. It also keeps a bright interior by placing the sofa by the window.

I love how there are multiple textures and varying shades of earthy brown colors to implement contrast in this room.

The recessed window gives this small living room an added sense of space. The large interior window sill (stool) in a window like this can be used for ornaments, book storage, or even extra seating.

Calming Living Room with Expansive Window Wall

modern living room with wooden table with built-in planterINSTAGRAM @thelittledetails_tld

This modern contemporary living room uses high floor-to-ceiling windows and establishes most of its design with vertical lines.

Big windows let a ton of natural light in, which can give an energy boost to your home. 

Despite a very urban design, there are many plants surrounding this living room. They can make the air fresher and your leisure time more relaxing.

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Pink Living Room Design

pink living roon with huge arch mirrorINSTAGRAM @shannonclaire

If you want your living room to emulate love, softness, and sophistication, consider a pale pink interior like this one.

It’s a quirky and charming design with pops of color from the vibrant green sofa, artwork, and decor.

It’s a pretty small space so placing a large mirror above the fireplace is a smart move. It will brighten up the room and make it feel more spacious, improving the vibe of this lounge area. 

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