21 Tiny Houses With Fireplaces That Really Work

There’s nothing like enjoying a nice warm fire whether it’s while cozying up to your loved ones or when you’re basking in solitude.

It might even be more delightful in the confines of a small and snug home. So, regardless of whether your tiny house is on wheels, a platform, or a small plot of land— there is a fireplace design that can take it to the next level.

Here are 21 tiny homes with fireplaces that really work!

Compact Black Stoves

fireplace beside glass window and entry door

In the first wooden loft of this list, we can already see how cozy this place is with an adorable cat warming itself up by a sleek stove.

Most tiny homes don’t have enough wall space for a chimney or for bulky fireplaces to be built in. Good thing there are tons of other surefire designs that can fit! 

It’s nice to put it by a glass wall, so when you’re snuggling up to a fire you get to enjoy the view of the outdoors as well.

white tiny house with fireplace

On the contrary, this black stove can conveniently be installed into the wall, creating a seamless interior with no disruptive protruding structures.

The design takes advantage of the wall and builds storage to go inside of it to save up on space.

The ledge below the fireplace is also a great place to store any firewood and makes it easier to refill the stove when needed.

tiny house with loft and fireplace

In another endearing loft, the fireplace appears to be more of a hanging structure, hovering above the floor.

The placement maximizes the wall space and makes the floors easier to clean too.  You can also handily keep a few logs underneath.

I recommend getting a sturdy container for your firewood, just to make sure they’re not scattered. Otherwise, they might make your interior look messy.

Wooden Built-In Fireplace

cabinet with built-in fireplace

This light and beautiful home brilliantly carves out a space in its wooden wall to make way for a charming fireplace.

The design is perfect for you if you don’t want your fireplace to be an awkward standalone structure in your home. 

I’m sure your loved ones and guests will find this layout clever and appealing. Consider placing a fuzzy rug by the fireplace to make it extra cozy.

minimalist wooden tinymhouse with fireplace

In yet another magnificent loft, we see a dash of contrast in the living room with one stunning black built-in fireplace.

With this much space, you can put a comfy couch in front of the fireplace so you can relax as you take in the heat. Let your furry friend join you!

The design has a small section that collects the ashes. As a result, cleaning the fireplace just becomes ten times easier.

Space-Optimized Cabin Furnace

black tiny house with fireplace

Let’s switch things up and consider a richer and darker aesthetic. This industrial black and wooden cabin contains a fireplace that effortlessly blends into its design.

For a more discreet way of implementing a fireplace, have it match your kitchen stoves. You’ll barely notice it and placing it up against the wall ensures that it won’t get in the way of anything.

I suggest repurposing one of your kitchen cupboards to serve as storage for your firewood. That way, you can feed the fire without making multiple trips.

Contemporary Glass Fireplace

fireplace under the stairs

This contemporary home ensures that no inch is wasted with a space-economic fireplace. It’s mounted into the wall and allows a small area to keep your books below it.

Be creative with the storage space. You can place pictures, magazines, your dog’s toys, or even a couple of logs here!

If you want more space, consider getting a niche above the fireplace to maximize the area.

wooden tiny house with fireplace

This modern streamlined design puts more focus on the fireplace as the heart of the living room.

The fireplace replaces the TV and encourages human interaction and for more tangible moments to happen away from a digital screen.

With abundant seating, you can accommodate a few friends and family over for game night. You’d all be huddled up against the fireplace to stay warm and will definitely be making memories to cherish.

Mini Fireplace With Log Storage

matching colors fireplace, stairs and kitchen cabinetsINSTAGRAM @livingbiginatinyhouse

Can we also appreciate the space optimization of this small home? Look at how the stairs double as storage to efficiently keep your things.

Going back to the fireplace design, it’s quite commendable how there’s already a compartment available for storing log wood.

I love how you can enjoy some alone time by the kitchen counter while being warmed up by the nearby fire.

Rustic Brick Fireplace

center wall with fireplace and log storageINSTAGRAM @handcraftedmovement

Aside from warming things up, let’s also brighten things with a lovely white rustic interior.

The brick design incorporates the rustic touch while the fireplace sits snugly inside the post. The compact layout also designates a compartment for keeping your firewood sorted.

Having storage already built into the design eliminates the need for separate containers just to keep a few logs. So, you end up with more floor space to freely move around in.

brick wall behind fireplaceINSTAGRAM @mustardseedtinyhomes

For this white rustic home, bricks become more of an accent than a whole feature. Gracing these immaculate white walls is a small section of brick behind a refined fireplace.

It’s a great way of defining the area and adding a bit of oomph to the minimalist interior.

I find that adding a few more pendant lamps in a similar style over the counter will accentuate this room even more and give it the revamping it needs.

brick wall with electrical fireplaceINSTAGRAM @kje_tiny_homes

This version is a bit more decorative than the last two. While it also has a brick-framed fireplace, its noteworthy feature has to be the wooden ledge where you can place all your lovely decor.

The L-shaped couch allows you and your loved ones to comfortably sit around and enjoy a nice fire.

Consider putting a rug in the center so your feet can be warmed up as well.

Fireplace Pit In Chic Interior

fireplace beside couch and dining areaINSTAGRAM @mori.tinyhouse

This chic design cleverly repurposes an extended section of the seating to serve as a little pit for a polished black fireplace.

You can use this layout to keep a fireplace in your breakfast nook, dining area, or even the living room. 

I find it really cozy that this design keeps you and your loved ones warm and is so closely situated to where you would spend the most time bonding with others – regardless if it’s over a meal or not.

Minimalist Fireplace Design

tiny house entrance with fireplaceINSTAGRAM @tinyhouseperfect

This modern kitchen area keeps the fireplace hidden in plain sight by incorporating it into the wall design.

It’s incredible how this design makes the fireplace look like an oven, making it blend better into the kitchen aesthetic. 

I truly admire the compact design and love how the glass cover makes it a safe feature for your kitchen. Also, you can decorate around it by placing ornaments on the wooden shelf above.

Tiny Fireplace In Loft

fireplace with log storageINSTAGRAM @woodworking_tips_tricks

Here, we have a bright and narrow home with an itty bitty fireplace to warm up the space.

You don’t need a gigantic fireplace to heat up your home. A small and powerful one can do the trick. What’s important is that it’s working and can fit into your house with enough space around it – we wouldn’t want any accidents.

In a way, the fireplace also effectively divides the room to define each area of the home a bit better.

Classic Black Furnace On Space-Optimized Platform

fireplace on a storage benchINSTAGRAM @tinyhouserealm

A small fireplace can also exude a grand and elegant style. Just look at this antique piece here. It adds a vintage touch to this little house.

The fireplace has a slight elevation due to the platform it’s on –  which is also a space-saving feature with storage compartments underneath.

Your fireplace shouldn’t be a nuisance to your humble abode, so use space-efficient techniques and hacks to make sure it’s an addition that will fit in nicely.

Kitchen With Tiled Fireplace Area And Pullout Counter

fireplace on a stylish brown tilesINSTAGRAM @elegancetilesgeelongsurfcoast

While on the subject of space-saving kitchens, check this one out. It has a whole area dedicated to the fireplace but makes up for the space with a pull-out counter you can summon only when needed.

Surrounding your fireplace with tiles is a good way to keep your home safe. In tight spaces, it can be really easy for items to suddenly catch fire – so do consider this precaution.

You won’t need to drag your furniture just to enjoy a fire in this area. Therefore, you won’t have bulky structures to crowd your kitchen!

Modern Brick Accent Wall

electrical fireplace on a dark tone brick wallINSTAGRAM @wayland_ventures

Now onto a sophisticated small home, we have here a luxurious brick wall with a niche, a wooden shelf, and most importantly, a sleek fireplace.

The refined design is a wonderfully sharp feature of this home. You can store small logs in a visually pleasing way by also placing them in a basket on the niche.

You can get away with putting in a few more houseplants as well. Just make sure they’re far from the fire.

Space-Efficient Electric Fireplace

white wall with storage and fuel fireplaceINSTAGRAM @thejurgys

Moving homes, especially those on wheels, might not always have the luxury of getting a full-fledged fireplace, mostly for safety reasons.

Well, that’s no problem since you always have the option of getting an electric one instead!

Electric fireplaces have several advantages to them. They’re space-saving, there’s no real fire involved, and you don’t have to worry about any hazards or running out of log wood! They can also heat up a room pretty well.

Mini Black And Gold Stove

fireplace beside kitchenINSTAGRAM @littlegusthebus

Perhaps you want a tiny but embellished fireplace for your small kitchen? This adorable black and gold stove is going to be the best functional and aesthetically pleasing piece you’ll find.

It’s stylish and does the job. The gold accents instantly elevate the interior of the room and make it a more posh place.

I appreciate how you can easily just prop this up on a separate counter and it doesn’t consume too much space. So, you still have a ton of room and storage.

Elegant Green Fireplace

compact fireplace with cabinets on topINSTAGRAM @mitchcrafttinyhomes

Lastly, this elegant fireplace layout results in a refined and colorful addition to your small home with a deep green panel that separates the kitchen from the couch.

The design lets you decorate around the fireplace too for a more stylish home!

While it is a lovely design, I still advise you to be extra careful with this layout. You can get a protective barrier over the fireplace and make sure no blankets or pillows will catch onto the flames!

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