17 Bunk bed designs for kids that really work

In search of space-saving solutions? Explore 17 bunk bed designs for kids that really work! When it comes to designing kids’ rooms, every inch counts. Balancing the need for sleep, play, and storage poses unique challenges.

Join me as we delve into creative bunk bed designs that address these concerns head-on.

Bunk Beds with Slide-out Drawers

wooden bunk bed with drawer stairs

First up is this bunk bed design that marries functionality and style. I love how the light wood finish complements the minimalist aesthetic and how the bottom bunk is illuminated by warm lighting!

The slide-out drawers in the stairs and under the bed are a game changer, offering ample storage without compromising space. Not to mention, it also has an additional shelf that also functions as a headboard, which can hold smaller items like toys and books!

wooden bunk bed with built in shelves and drawers

Here is another bunk bed in a modern room with a bold blue wall. I love how the slide-out drawers are seamlessly integrated, offering ample storage without compromising style!

Notice how it also has bookshelves in the headboard and a storage unit adjacent to the stairs, where you can display toys and other items.

To make this room even more cozy and functional, I recommend adding more warm lighting to the room to balance the boldness of the blue wall.

minimalist bunk bed with green drawers

This bunk bed design is perfect for a modern, nature-inspired kids’ room. The light wood frame matches the green and white wall with tree and bird motifs. The slide-out drawers are a clever way to store toys, books, and clothes without taking up extra space.

I love how the drawer beside the bed also matches the color scheme and provides extra storage!

minimalist bunk bed with storage

Now here’s a bunk bed ideal for a minimalist and elegant kids’ room. The light wood tones create a spacious and airy feel. I love how drawers blend in with the bed frame, making it hardly noticeable at first glance!

To make this room more personalized, you could also add some wall art or stickers that reflect your kids’ interests and personalities. For example, you could use some animal, superhero, or floral motifs to decorate the wall above the bed.

bunk bed with net

Up next is a chic bunk bed. The upper bunk has a net barrier that adds some style and safety, but I think kids should still be careful not to lean too much on it.

There are several slide-out drawers enough to store clothes, toys, and other items.

I find the soft, ambient lighting on the steps really cool as it adds a magical touch which most kids would definitely enjoy.

bunk bed with side shelvesINSTAGRAM @kristacollard_interiors

Here is another bunk bed design with slide-out drawers, only this time they’re smaller. However, it has shelves on the side that offer extra storage space for books, toys, and decorations.

I love how the wooden frame blends well with the white paneled walls and the hanging light. Also, I think the stairs are a bit too small and tight, but they certainly add functionality and style to the room.

compact seating by the windowINSTAGRAM @designcafe.dc

This Scandinavian kids’ room features a bunk bed that stands out with its light wood frames and slide-out drawers. The dark green accent wall and the built-in shelves add some rustic flair to the space, while the bedding and pillows create a nice contrast with the neutral tones and make the sleeping area more inviting.

I personally wouldn’t recommend adding too many decorations anymore, as the room already has a lot of character and charm.

bunk bed with built-in shelvesINSTAGRAM @studioadoleta

Up next is a modern child’s room with warm wooden floors and soft lighting. I love how the lower bunk’s drawers maximize storage discreetly. The shelves in the upper bunk are a clever addition, providing a practical space for kids to store their favorite bedtime books within easy reach.

In my experience, the combination of open shelves and closed compartments is perfect for keeping clutter at bay.

The geometric guardrail adds safety with style, which I find quite appealing, too!

bunk bed with stair storage binsINSTAGRAM @littlekingdom.sg

This features a bunk bed in a bright, modern children’s room. The lower bunk slides out, and the stairs double as drawers, optimizing space in a stylish way.

The neutral tones of the bunk bed blend well with the room’s decor as well!

I think string lights can add a whimsical touch to the room. Draping them around the bunk bed can create a cozy and magical atmosphere that kids will absolutely love.

Bunk Beds for Multiple Kids

double bunk bed

This vibrant, jungle-themed children’s bedroom features a wooden bunk bed that is perfect for multiple kids.

The lower bunk incorporates orange storage drawers, optimizing space and functionality. I love how this design encourages sharing and interaction among siblings while providing each child their own personal space!

The playful mural stimulates imagination, making the room a fun and engaging space for kids. Such designs foster a sense of camaraderie and shared adventure among kids!

suspended upper bedINSTAGRAM @carriedelanyinteriors

Up next showcases a modern, spacious bedroom with a unique bunk bed design.

The room features an innovative suspended upper bunk and two lower beds, paired with stylish patterned upholstery. It also has built-in shelves that are handy for keeping things tidy. Plus, the large windows reveal a stunning view of the city, adding an exciting backdrop to the room.

I’m certainly a fan of how the design optimizes space and adds a contemporary feel to the room!

three layers bunk bedINSTAGRAM @nicolewear

This features a rustic, wood-paneled room with a natural wooden triple bunk bed. I think this can actually fit 6 kids.

The bed’s design is not only sturdy, and space-efficient but also cleverly integrates the stairs into the structure, providing easy access to the upper bunks!

I love how the built-in storage drawers and the integrated bedside table offer practical solutions for storing children’s belongings.

bunk bed with drawers on sloped ceilingINSTAGRAM @kristywharvey

Here is a children’s room under a sloped ceiling. The sloped ceiling adds a unique architectural element that enhances the overall aesthetic. It creates an intimate space that kids would find appealing!

The bunk beds are strategically placed to accommodate the slope, ensuring that it doesn’t compromise the functionality of the upper bunks.

I’ve found that kids often enjoy the novelty and adventure-like feel of sleeping in a bunk bed, especially one under a sloped ceiling. It’s like having a little fort or hideaway!

Bunk Beds with Play Area and Slides

bed with play area and slideINSTAGRAM @modernkidsbedrooms_egypt

Now, here’s a bunk bed and a play area in one. The lower level is a snug bed surrounded by storage spaces, while the upper level, secured with wooden barriers and mesh, is accessible via a slide. Love how the upper level is also filled with toys!

This design not only optimizes space but also creates an inviting environment where kids can certainly have their friends over for a playtime. It’s a perfect blend of fun, safety, and style!

bunk bed with slideINSTAGRAM @fourlittlepigs_kids_interiors

This features another unique bunk bed design. The lower bunk serves as a sleeping area, while the upper bunk is designed as a playful hideaway.

I love how the upper bunk is accessible via wooden stairs that cleverly incorporate storage and how the slide brings an element of fun.

I think this setup encourages both rest and play!

Bunk Beds with Integrated Wardrobe

bunk bed with built-in shelves and cabinetINSTAGRAM @cuckoolandcom

Here is a reversible bunk bed in a minimalist children’s bedroom. The reversible feature means it can adapt to almost all bedroom layouts, making it a versatile choice.

The lower bunk cleverly integrates a wardrobe with pastel pink doors and built-in drawers. However, the wooden structure might limit the bed space, which is something to consider.

Nonetheless, I appreciate how this design marries functionality with aesthetics!

space saving bunk bed with lots of storageINSTAGRAM @ng.furni

Last features a cleverly designed children’s room featuring a bunk bed with an integrated wardrobe. A stylish idea for a blue kids’ room!

The lower bunk doubles as a spacious wardrobe, providing an innovative storage solution! It even has pull-out drawers and small shelves. Just how cool is that?

I love how the playful blue and white theme invites warmth and creativity. Given this, I would recommend switching to a plain, vibrant color of bedding, though, instead of a patterned one.



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