22 Great Coffee Bar Ideas For The Small Home

If you’re anything like me, then you love a good cup of joe and want it to be accessible at all times.

That’s more than enough reason to have a coffee bar right in your home–even if your house is a small one.

So, let me help my fellow coffee lovers out with this list I’ve curated containing the best small coffee bar designs you can fit into your residence.

Rustic Wooden Shelves And Storage

wooden countertop and shelvesINSTAGRAM @thosefarmhouseideas

We’re starting things off with a contender as strong as your next espresso shot. This coffee corner uses a good old reliable wooden design with a couple of sturdy shelves and a small cabinet.

It’s simple and can hold all your coffee needs in one area excellently. You can display your favorite mugs on the shelves and keep your stocks and supplies hidden in the cabinet.

Aside from its aesthetically pleasing design, it’s also incredibly easy to pull off. Just mount a few wooden shelves on your wall and place your favorite wooden storage piece under it.

corner coffee bar with basketsINSTAGRAM @nichecoffee

Here’s another version that uses a smaller storage piece and evokes a more modern, rustic vibe.

You can replicate the same design with furniture that is more compact than the previous one. You can also decorate the space with hanging plants for a more natural and cozy aesthetic.

I love how they used woven containers to store the supplies. It’s definitely a hack you should try to keep your coffee items sorted.

coffee bar beside entrance doorINSTAGRAM @homedepot

See, you can’t go wrong with a simple and classic design. This one has a more old-timey feel because of the furniture style.

It’s such a bright and refreshing area with an open coffee bar display.

I recommend placing a mini fridge or cooler on either side of the bar, just in case you’re ever in the mood for a cold beverage.

Industrial Kitchen Rack

coffee bar with built-in shelves and hooksINSTAGRAM @lifewit_homeware

This coffee bar design conveniently puts shelves and storage compartments in one neat industrial structure.

It has a mini wooden countertop, a rod for hanging your mugs, and open compartments for a clear view of your equipment. You can even store other kitchen items here too.

You can easily build this piece yourself or buy one from your local furniture store to assemble on your own. I suggest wrapping around vines along the rods for a natural touch.

Corner Coffee Bar With Chiller

coffee bar under a sloped ceilingINSTAGRAM @marnieoursler

Under this sharp corner is a lavish beverage counter that accommodates all kinds of drinks to quench your thirst.

This beautiful marble countertop frames several wooden storage units and a mini chiller. 

The design gives your coffee bar versatility and eliminates the need for a separate space for your other drinks. If wine suits your fancy more, swap out the chiller for a wine rack.

Arched Coffee Bar

coffee bar nookINSTAGRAM @hilaryhaleinteriors

This innovative design cleverly fits a coffee bar into one side of the arched entryway. The all-white space has a carved-out part that snuggly keeps a coffeemaker and a sink!

It’s like having a pocket on your wall. If your coffee routine isn’t as complicated, then a small space like this would be more than enough for you.

Elegant lighting would really make this area pop out. I recommend a nice warm light to counter the cool white area.

Modern Midcentury Design

rattan cabinet as coffee bar tableINSTAGRAM @michelle.homelife

If you want your coffee bar to be one of the focal points of your home, then you need to elevate its design and you can do that by using midcentury furniture.

Midcentury gives your interior that extra oomph with its intentional design. Additionally, you can thrift these pieces to help you stay within your budget.

I adore the use of containers with wooden lids!  They complement the rest of the interior so well.

coffee bar in between laundry room and dining areaINSTAGRAM @specht_design

If coffee and liquor are both of your guilty pleasures, then this midcentury cupboard design would be the better match for you.

The design smartly uses this space that separates the laundry room and dining room as a cute pit stop to get a drink.

This bar could also benefit from some good lighting. Consider lining the back of the cupboard with light strips to highlight your best bottles and don’t forget about illuminating the coffee counter.

Built-In Bedroom Bar

bedroom with coffee bar nookINSTAGRAM @westofmain

Sometimes, the stars will align and give you the perfect excuse to place a coffeemaker in your bedroom. This elegant room has a majestic arched space with shelves and a cupboard on the side of the bed.

You won’t have to make long groggy trips to the kitchen as soon as your alarm sets off. You just have to take a few steps to get your morning pick me up with this design!

You can also sneak in a glass of wine before bed since this design also has a wine rack (wink wink).

Landing Coffee Corner

stair corner coffee barINSTAGRAM @thebestnestdecor

Some houses have those small awkward areas by the staircase landing that we just use to dump a bunch of our things. This design puts that space to better use by making it a fancy coffee corner.

This design intentionally plays off of the wooden banister to make a more cohesive and seamless look.

Don’t be shy when it comes to decorating this area. Put up your favorite pictures, signages, or artwork on the opposite to spruce it up!

Repurposed Furniture

coffee bar with drawers and cabinetINSTAGRAM @farmhouse__inspiration

Put your creative juices to work with this magical design. It gives a new purpose to your old cabinet and is an eye-catching piece to have in your home.

Your coffee bar doesn’t have to be boring–it can be fun, artistic, and whimsical! Paint with your favorite colors and have fun with the design.

I love how personal this design can be. It’s also such a clever hack that you can use for more than just a coffee bar.

coffee bar with ladder shelves and stand lightINSTAGRAM @porter.filter

When all else fails, you can always go back to the basics and keep it simple, like this wooden table and rack design.

Just reinvent a furniture piece of yours with ample storage and voila! You get a fully functional coffee bar and you don’t have to empty your pockets in the process.

Instead of having a rack that might not be the sturdiest choice, consider getting built-in storage compartments that go into the wall just so you’re sure you won’t accidentally knock things over.

coffee bar with cup rackINSTAGRAM @the.sycamore.farmhouse

Another way to go about your coffee bar is by designing it around a beautiful antique piece of furniture like this drawer seen here.

The wooden finish and classic style exude elegance and hold all your coffee needs nicely.

What’s great about this design is that you might already have a vintage drawer around your house and if you don’t you can thrift some gorgeous storage pieces in antique shops or a flea market.

floating shelves and tableINSTAGRAM @mydaisyblog_

Here’s another design you can easily recreate at home (or you might already have a spot like this). You only need different-sized planks and a color scheme ready to complete this space.

The tabletop and shelves provide a lovely contrast to the space and they proudly showcase your coffee-making needs.

A few more plants would look great on this bar. Don’t forget to also take advantage of the space under the table where you can store your other supplies.

Industrial Kitchen Island Coffee Bar

coffee bar with pendant lights

If you’re ready to reinvent your kitchen counter into a modest cafe, this chic industrial design is an elegant and elaborate way to do so.

You just have to prop up your best coffeemaker and get several comfy chairs and you’re ready to serve some good coffee.

The wooden counters add some rustic charm and make it a more inviting space. Do put some more cushions on the seats for extra comfort.

coffee bar behind couch

This modern design puts a coffee corner right behind the sofa so you can just turn around to get a strong shot of espresso.

It’s wise to designate your coffee bar where you spend most of your time in. With this layout, you can be watching TV or chatting with friends and you just have to reach behind you to grab your coffee-filled cup.

Just make sure you don’t spill any black coffee on the couch!

living room with coffee bar

Here’s a more rustic industrial interior with endearing woven elements and a wooden island for your coffee and other drinks.

Your kitchen island can be versatile enough to host coffee talks and wine nights. Keep it spacious and store your array of beverages nearby so you can serve drinks according to the occasion.

I suggest placing a table by the sofa too. Then, your guests have a place to put their drinks if they decide to lounge around in the living area. Don’t forget the coasters!

living room hall with coffee bar

On the other hand, this interior encourages you to stay by the counter with a cafe-style design.

With enough space behind the counter, you can achieve a fully functional workspace by keeping a small fridge, an icemaker, and tons of other supplies for your coffee-making needs.

A large warm rug would complete the couch area and add some embellishment to it too.

dining area with coffee bar

This breezy living room tucks your coffeemaker neatly into the counter corner.

The design lets you keep all your glasses, liquor, and coffeemakers in one area. Additionally, you can finish your cup comfortably in one of the bar chairs.

Personalize the bare counter a bit more with decorative pieces–maybe a fruit basket or a few flowers just to cheer up the space.

Wall Cafe

coffee bar on gray wall

Let’s take a look at this refined living area. Aside from a comfy sofa, you can see a cool little cafe built into the wall space.

It has an elegant wood backdrop to complement the wooden table and chairs. The design also saves up space by being built into the wall. 

I love how it creates a separate space solely for coffee making in a visually appealing way. It blends seamlessly into the aesthetic.

coffee bar in the living room

In another version, we have a lively living room with a bright mustard couch and a coffee corner inches away from it.

The design maximizes the counter space by the wall and accommodates two bulky espresso machines. 

Aside from having all your caffeine fix needs in this room, the abundance of plants also gives you a jolt of life to revitalize the ambiance.

Window Coffee Nook

window seating with coffee area

We’re finishing off this list with a cozy coffee nook by the window. A posh coffeemaker snuggly sits on the ledge and is ready to make your next expresso shot.

What’s better than enjoying a warm cup of coffee while you’re taking in the scenic view out your window?

Turn any reading nooks or daybed areas in your home into a comfortable place to snuggle up and make some coffee. That way, you don’t have to move around too much and can relax right then and there.

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