19 Small Feng Shui Bedrooms That Look Amazing

Feng shui transcends spatial limitations, making it applicable even in small bedrooms.

To help you get started, we’ve collected 19 amazing feng shui bedroom designs that contain all the tips and tricks you need to transform your space.

Simple Scandinavian Bedroom

wooden platform bedINSTAGRAM @nabo.buro

This breathtaking Scandinavian bedroom perfectly showcases how to apply feng shui positioning to a small space properly.

The bed is right in the center for a solid commanding position. It also has a sturdy wooden headboard for good support and a bedside table for added function.

Calming colors and a lot of sunlight are also great for the feng shui of a bedroom and to make small spaces appear larger.

White Minimalist Bedroom

white bedroom with plantsINSTAGRAM @el_armario_de_vanessa

We just had to feature this minimalist bedroom design. Its interior has such a bright and pristine aesthetic.

The white space is beautifully accentuated by the many green plants present and the natural touch of the woven materials.

The ledge is a great way to have more storage here as well. Remember, feng shui values cleanliness so having a neat bedroom is a must.

Rustic Design

bed with customized heading and candlesINSTAGRAM @shelley_cottage

Next up is this cozy and charming rustic bedroom with homey quilted blankets and linens.

Having blinds for the window is a great way to control the entry of light. Its straightforward design also makes everything look more prim.

This design also uses woven materials for its decor and on the bedframe.

I love how there are also candles on display; fire elements help balance the energies and create a warmer space both literally and figuratively.

wooden bed and bedside tableINSTAGRAM @ruma.kaf

Here’s a more modest rustic bedroom with just a bed, and rattan accents on the headboard and nightstand. It also has a floor-to-ceiling window to let more light pass through.

Aside from the wooden elements, the design primarily uses a monochromatic scheme focusing on a dominantly white space. 

The pictures that are hung up are also in grayscale to blend seamlessly into the aesthetic.

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Symmetrical Layout

double bedside tableINSTAGRAM @caro_blesshome

Check out this luxurious bedroom that looks like it belongs in a five-star hotel. The feng shui principle exhibited here is symmetry.

Most bedrooms designed by feng shui experts have equal elements on both sides to induce balance and harmony in the space.

Aside from the calming colors and lavish embellishments, having two mirrors also contributes to the visuals and spaciousness of the room.

Modern Minimalist Bedroom

bedroom with pendant lights and bedside table lampsINSTAGRAM @lovedeco.ro

Here’s another design concept that uses calming colors for a tranquil space. This minimalist bedroom with an industrial light fixture has just the right amount of a modern touch.

Keeping your bed and furniture simple is ideal for achieving optimal feng shui in a bedroom. It makes arranging easier and allows for more space to welcome positive energies.

Don’t be afraid to incorporate modern decor into your bedroom. Feng shui can accommodate any interior style.

Black Rattan Poster Bed

metal bed frame with woven heading and footboardINSTAGRAM @brigitte_bartley

In this cozy space, we get a nice sense of contrast and comfort with a black-framed bed and light rattan panels.

There are so many things you can do with a black-and-white space. Having natural elements embedded into the design such as rattan is a great way to add character to the interior.

For a more romantic ambiance, you can modify the posters to hold up flowy sheer curtains for an enchanting detail.

Farrow And Ball Downpipe Scheme

center bed with double bedside table with lampsINSTAGRAM @energeticspaces

A farrow and ball downpipe color scheme is tricky to style, but when you do it right it’s magical.

The key to pulling off a dark gray bedroom is to make sure all of the other elements work in harmony with the scheme. This also helps with the feng shui balance of the room.

Remember that the artwork you put on display should reflect your goals for the bedroom, so put up peaceful pieces to have a serene space.

Bohemian Bedroom Design

bedroom with plantsINSTAGRAM @elementalquarters

Now, it’s time for more fun and color. This exquisite bedroom has a rich, warm color scheme and tons of embellishments spread across the design.

The liveliness and earthiness of bohemian designs allow good energies to thrive in the bedroom. 

It’s okay to have several decorations here and there, just make sure it isn’t too cramped or messy. For bohemian interior, wooden accents and houseplants will work best.

wooden bed on center with plantsINSTAGRAM @artnis.sintra

In another boho-inspired bedroom, cooler colors are used and a macramé statement piece hangs above the bed.

Bohemian designs can also be simple and kept to a minimum. The aesthetic also lets you incorporate more textures and patterns into your bedroom.

If you want to make your bedroom more space-optimized and stylish, I recommend getting macramé plant hangers to chicly place more houseplants around.

Sheer White Curtain In Tiny Bedroom

minimalist bed with curtain and table lampsINSTAGRAM @fengshuimagic

Despite its size, this small and cozy bedroom refuses to be boxed in, turning into a charming retreat for relaxation and unwinding.

Simply installing a rod for a sheer white curtain above the bed is more than enough to separate the bed from the rest of the room. 

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, this design hack lets you compartmentalize the areas of a small bedroom so you can section off each space for different focuses.

Wooden Bed Niche

wooden cabinetsINSTAGRAM @ins_and_arts

Now onto a chic and innovative design, displayed here is a clever use of space with a wooden niche built around the bed for framing and storage.

A bedroom niche is a great alternative to having a bulky headboard. This feature offers more practicality by also serving as a storage space.

The functional design is sleek and defines the commanding position beautifully. I recommend lining the niche with light strips to highlight the area at night.

Hanging Bed Frame

bed on ropesINSTAGRAM @energeticspaces

For adventurous homeowners, this unique bed installment will be the perfect centerpiece for your bedroom.

Aside from the fun appearance, this bed design is actually in favor of feng shui principles.

It keeps the bedroom neat and clutter-free while inviting a natural essence with a lovely plant. You can add more plants to create a refreshing environment or decorate around the hanging bedframe.

Modern Contemporary Bedroom

high ceiling bedroom with wide fixed windows

This tall space is a breath of fresh air for contemporary enthusiasts. It combines the majestic outdoor view with an equally alluring indoor design.

The open and spacious design makes this room one with nature. As a result, you get the most relaxing atmosphere one can get in a bedroom.

I love how they utilized the vertical space with large windows and a built-in bookshelf. Even the horizontal layout benefits from space-optimizing techniques.

wood accent bedroom with window seating

In another version, we get a simpler and smaller scale design, which is best suited for those who prefer snug and small bedrooms.

You still get a breathtaking view and a modern fireplace feature to enhance this bedroom.

You can add more character to this space by hanging up artwork that will inspire good energies to thrive in this space. Some shelves or a wall niche would also be a good addition to create more storage.

Explore the charm and character that wallpaper can bring to your chimney breast with our curated collection of 19 beautiful ideas.

Wooden Cabin Layout

dark accent bedroom with wide windows

As we go further along the rural path, let’s explore some cabin-inspired small feng shui bedrooms. Starting with this alluring area with a nice and comfy floor bed.

The bed is in a great position because you can enjoy both the view and the fire from one spot. Also, this design makes great use of the corner wall to hold a fireplace and a bookshelf.

I suggest adding small touches of color by getting a few vivid throw pillows or vibrant linens.

window sesting with book storage

Here’s another cabin bedroom. This one has an oddly angled ceiling but also a space-economic reading nook.

You can reach for a good book and enjoy reading by the window with a mini library in its nook.

To make this bedroom the ultimate area for leisurely activities, you can mount a TV above the fireplace so you can watch a movie when you’re done reading.

bright wooden bedroom

In another lodge-inspired bedroom, we find a design that is truer to its old-fashioned roots with a more rural theme.

This bedroom has magnificent wood designs all over the floor, walls, and ceiling. It also has a neat firewood storage that adds to the aesthetic of the room.

Of course, in a place like this, you must have large windows so the view won’t go to waste. However, if you need a bit more privacy consider getting off-white blinds.

white bedroom with reading nook

Finally, we arrive at a relaxing stop in this minimalist wooden bedroom. This one stands out with a lighter wood color scheme and a simple layout.

This design is heavenly with a space-efficient reading nook with shelves built around it, a warm fireplace, and a nice big bed.

I adore how seamless this interior looks. It encourages a harmonious and light space that makes it an amazing place to rest in.

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