18 Platform Beds With Storage That Work Really Well

Explore 18 platform beds with storage that work really well!

When I set out to optimize my bedroom space, I faced the dilemma of combining functionality and aesthetics.

Join me in uncovering these smart storage solutions!

Minimalist Platform Bed with Integrated Drawers, Shelves and Desk

platform bed with built-in drawers and deskINSTAGRAM @renonation

First up is this modern minimalist bedroom that features a sleek platform bed. The integrated drawers provide storage for clothes, while the built-in shelves offer space for books and decor.

Adjacent to the bed, a compact desk seamlessly blends into the design, making it a multi-functional piece!

Just how cool is that?

Totally love how this bed maximizes functionality without sacrificing style!

You may want to change the color of the curtain to beige, though, for a more cohesive look.

Platform Bed with Integrated Bookshelves

platform bed with built-in bookshelvesINSTAGRAM @ecosapiens

Picture a modern sleeping space where the platform bed serves as both a cozy retreat and a book lover’s dream! Here’s one that seamlessly integrates bookshelves into its design.

I love how the built-in shelves provide convenient storage for books and personal items, keeping them within reach. I wouldn’t recommend overloading this with too many books, though, as it could potentially lead to items falling off.

For added flair, you may want to hang artwork or framed prints on the blank wall space.

book cubbies underneath platform bed

Here is another platform bed for the bookworms out there! Only this time the book storage is in the form of book cubbies, perfect for small spaces.

I love how this design maximizes floor space while keeping essentials accessible. You may want to add floating shelves on the blank wall space, too, for more storage.

To elevate the room’s ambiance, I would suggest adding plants and lamp for relaxation and focus.

bookshelves and drawers under bed

Next on the list is another platform bed with book cubbies. Not only does it feature integrated book cubbies, but it also has additional drawers for practical storage.

I think the white walls offer a canvas for creativity. Consider adding framed artwork, a gallery wall, or even a large statement mirror to break the monotony.

Also, soft, flowing curtains can frame the window beautifully and add an element of coziness!

Platform Bed with Drawers and Hidden Storage Compartments

platform bed with drawers and lift-up storageINSTAGRAM @zlc_sg

Crafted from light-colored wood, the platform bed seamlessly blends with the room’s flooring.

What sets this bed apart are its integrated storage features: pull-out drawers on one side and a hidden compartment beneath the platform, which are certainly clever solutions for keeping clutter out of sight.

However, accessing items from the hidden space might require lifting the mattress or adjusting the bed frame, which can be less convenient. Despite this, the overall functionality makes it a smart choice for space-saving bedrooms!

Platform Bed with Integrated Compact Drawers

platform bed with compact drawersINSTAGRAM @morningwoodministry

Next on the list is a platform bed that features six visible drawers on the side and three spacious drawers beneath the mattress, providing additional hidden storage.

Also, it has a matching bedside table with drawers, which definitely extends the functionality.

I love how these pieces offer ample storage while maintaining a sleek design!

I think pairing this bed with soft, muted bedding and ambient lighting can elevate the entire look, though!

Elevated Bed with Built-in Cabinets

sleeping nook with storageINSTAGRAM @wethecarbonauts

Now, here’s a cozy sleeping nook with built-in cabinets. The bed sits atop built-in cabinets which provide ample storage space.

I love how the shelves with books and decorative items on the side add a personal touch. I suggest adding a standing lamp near the bed for a warm glow, and perhaps a few indoor plants for a touch of nature.

The raw concrete ceiling, in my opinion, adds an industrial touch that contrasts nicely with the room’s modern elements!

Space-Optimized Bedroom with Built-In Cubbies, Drawers, and Shelves

under bed cubbies and drawers

The main feature in this room is the platform bed with built-in cubbies, drawers, and shelves. Look at how the bed’s storage solutions are seamlessly integrated into its design!

I love how the tall, narrow shelf utilizes vertical space effectively. Also, I think the two-tone wall color scheme works well with the dark hardwood floor!

You may want to add framed prints or personal photos to the wall to create a focal point and add visual interest to the room.

Space-Optimized Blue Bedroom with Integrated Drawers

under bed book storage

Now here’s a fantastic idea for anyone looking to style a blue bedroom. The centerpiece is a low-profile platform bed with integrated drawers.

I’m particularly drawn to the clever use of lighting in one of the storage compartments, which adds a warm glow and highlights the bed’s functionality!

The deep blue wall in this bedroom is not just a bold style statement, but also an excellent canvas for a gallery wall.

Platform Bed with Tiered Drawers

tiered drawers under the bed

Up next showcases a small bedroom with a platform bed featuring tiered drawers. I love how it optimizes space, but it might limit storage for bigger items. I see cabinets on the side, though, which can store the bigger items!

Also, I think the abstract shapes in the rug and the holes in the drawers add a dynamic visual element to the room.

What do you think?

Platform Bed with Drawers and Headboard Shelf

platform bed with drawers and headboard shelfINSTAGRAM @nookandcranny.tt

The centerpiece in this modern bedroom is the large platform bed with a unique style of built-in storage drawers and a practical headboard shelf.

I’m impressed by the sleek design of the drawers, which blend seamlessly with the bed’s dark upholstery!

The headboard shelf is a clever addition, perfect for keeping books or decor items within reach.

I suggest you combine this setup with some ambient lighting for a cozy feel.

Platform Bed with Under-bed Storage Baskets

platform bed with storage basketsINSTAGRAM @rustchicliving

Now here’s an innovative design perfect for those on a budget.

The platform bed in this room features woven baskets as drawers. I love how they add a touch of rustic charm while providing practical storage solutions.

These baskets can be found in various home decor stores or online marketplaces, making it a great DIY project as well.

You can start by choosing a simple, sturdy platform bed frame. Then, find some woven baskets that fit nicely underneath!

Minimalist Platform Bed with Integrated Wooden Drawers

elevated bed with drawers underneath

This showcases a minimalist bedroom with a space-optimized platform bed. The bed, made of light wood, features wide, built-in drawers providing ample storage.

The striped wall certainly adds a pop of color to the otherwise neutral space.

I personally love this approach as it adds character and depth to the room, but you could also consider hanging artwork or photographs, or installing shelves for both functional storage and display purposes.

wooden bed with drawers

Up next is a good idea for anyone looking to style their wooden drawers.

The bed features integrated wooden drawers with vibrant yellow fronts, offering ample storage while adding a pop of color.

I love how the natural wood grain complements the bold yellow, creating a balanced aesthetic!

The side storage for books is also a clever addition to this platform bed. It does not only utilize the often-wasted space beside the bed but also keeps your favorite reads within arm’s reach.

underbed drawers

Crafted from warm-toned wood, the bed features built-in drawers that effortlessly tuck away clutter. I love how the simplicity of the bed enhances the room’s tranquility.

I think pairing this with neutral bedding and a touch of greenery can make a more cohesive look.

To elevate the ambiance further, consider adding a wall tapestry behind the bed.

The soft fabric and intricate patterns can introduce warmth and texture. A muted, earthy-toned tapestry would be a perfect fit!

under bed drawers

Here is another platform bed with integrated wooden drawers, only this time it’s in a contemporary-styled room.

I love how this type of drawer makes pulling them open a breeze! Thanks to their well-designed tracks, each drawer glides effortlessly, revealing hidden compartments for your stuff.

The bed’s light-colored wood seamlessly blends with the vertical wooden panels on the wall. I think these natural textures evoke a sense of warmth and grounding.

platform bed footing with shelf

Here is another minimalist bedroom with integrated drawers. I think the unique positioning of the drawers in the footing of the bed sets it apart from the previous designs. It not only optimizes the use of space but also adds to the bed’s minimalist aesthetic.

The drawers blend seamlessly with the bed’s structure, making them almost invisible at first glance!

Space-Efficient Kid’s Bedroom with Built-in Drawers Underneath and within the Stairs

space-efficient bed with drawer stairs and underneath storageINSTAGRAM @richardsfurnitureshop

Last is a small, modern kid’s bedroom featuring a space-efficient bed.

The bed cleverly incorporates drawers within the stairs and underneath, maximizing storage in a compact area. You can definitely store all your kid’s stuff in this room!

I love how the white color scheme brightens the room, creating an illusion of more space. The colorful decals on the ceiling add a playful touch, which I’ve found can make a child’s room more fun and inviting.

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