29 Book Storage Ideas For Small Homes That Look Amazing

Do you keep buying books but struggle with finding places to keep them in your small home? Or do you have a big pile in your bedroom and you’d love to take them off the floor?

Whether you live in a snug apartment, a tiny house, or a cozy loft, here are amazing ideas for storing your beloved books!

Beds with Built-In Bookshelves

Bookshelves on bed footboard

This minimalist bedroom features a bed with built-in bookshelves spanning both the headboard and footboard. It redefines the traditional bed frame by elevating the bedroom’s functionality while maximizing space efficiency.

I like that the shelves are of different shapes and sizes! You can curate the bookshelves with a blend of books, decor, and personal items in an organized and visually appealing manner.

Mix books with decorative accents like plants, artwork, or statement pieces to create an engaging display.

Bed with built-in bookshelf

Here is another space-optimizing platform bed with a built-in bookshelf, this time along the bottom side rail. It’s also a creative and space-efficient twist to bedroom storage and furniture.

This discreet yet accessible storage area utilizes the otherwise unused space beneath the bed. It also adds a distinctive touch to the room’s decor!

Maintain a sense of balance by evenly distributing items across the bookshelf. Consider symmetry in arrangement to create a well-organized display.

Bookshelves Under The Ceiling

Bookshelves under celing

This is one of the ideas I really love. A super-creative way to make use of a high ceiling if you happen to have walls that can work with this.

It’s a great idea for loft spaces with high ceilings if you have a lot of books.

That said, you can also add a few decor items on the shelves to make it look less like a library. I’d probably order the books by color and make sure they all stand up to avoid creating too much visual clutter in the room.

Bookcase Built into the Wall Above the Headboard

Window bed with bookshelves INSTAGRAM @Bookstagramgold

This charming and cozy bedroom has a bookcase built into the wall above the headboard.

This creates an impressive visual impact while maximizing vertical space. It’s also a great way to exhibit a curated collection of books, decorative items, or personal mementos within arm’s reach.

I love that there’s a small reading lamp beside and over the bed for nighttime reading. There are also curtains that you can draw for extra privacy!

Cozy Corner with a Bookcase Chair

Seat with bookshelves on window corner

This cozy corner offers a delightful retreat in the form of a bookcase chair. It’s a unique fusion of seating and storage, featuring built-in shelves integrated into the chair’s design.

These shelves encompass the chair’s frame, providing convenient and accessible storage space for books, magazines, or cherished trinkets.

Positioned within arm’s reach, the shelves invite you to indulge in leisurely reading time while surrounded by your favorite literary treasures. A must-have for any bookworm!

Over the Doorway Bookshelves

INSTAGRAM @houseoftuts

This home presents a clever and space-saving solution with a bookshelf above the doorway. It utilizes an overlooked area and also adds a touch of literary charm to the room.

Its slim profile provides an opportunity to showcase your favorite books, adding personality and functionality to an otherwise neglected area.

Bookshelf over the door

Here’s another example of a doorway that maximizes the space above it, this time with a two-tiered bookshelf. It also capitalizes on the vertical expanse afforded by the high ceiling.

This storage solution draws the eye upward while providing a sophisticated area for showcasing your favorite books and decorative treasures.

Feel free to utilize the expansive height by placing taller decorative elements or vertically oriented items on the top tier. This will accentuate the grandeur of the high-ceilinged room.

Reading Nook with Cubbies

Window seat with bookshelves

This inviting bedroom features a purposeful bookcase adorned with cubbies, providing a haven for young bookworms.

I love how it’s tucked right beside the window for little ones to bask in the sunshine as they read their favorite books. It’s also a smart way to hide heating panels which can be rather unattractive.

In my experience, it’s best to enhance the comfort of the reading nook with plush cushions, throw pillows, or a snug blanket. These will create an even more inviting space for relaxation and reading!

Storage Bench Beside a Bookcase

Wall mounted shelves and storage seat

This living room’s arrangement not only augments the room’s practicality but also infuses it with a tasteful blend of seating comfort, storage convenience, and decorative allure.

The storage bench beside the bookcase serves as a multifaceted furniture piece. Its dual functionality offers a comfortable seating option while storing books on its open shelves.

Choosing a geometric bookshelf for this corner was a great idea. The bookshelf, along with the decor pieces on it, adds so much character to the space.

Freestanding Geometric Bookshelf


This home office’s bookshelf stands as an eye-catching centerpiece. Its striking design and unique arrangement of angular shelves elevate the aesthetics of the workspace.

It’s best to utilize the distinct compartments and shelves to create an intriguing display, alternating between different-sized books.

You can also coordinate the surrounding decor to complement the modern aesthetic of the bookshelf. Incorporate sleek furniture pieces, minimalist accents, or abstract art to harmonize with the contemporary style.

Small Wooden Desktop Bookshelf

Freestanding bookshelf near window

This compact bookshelf, designed to sit atop a desk or a tabletop, provides a clever storage solution for books, stationery, or small decorative items. It maximizes limited space with its petite yet efficient design.

Its portable and compact nature makes it versatile, fitting seamlessly into various settings. You can place it on an office desk, a study corner, or a home workstation.

Minimalist Open Back Wall Shelves

Minimalistic bookshelf on wall

This monochromatic living room features a set of open-back wall shelves that create an airy and spacious atmosphere. The shelves, crafted from light wood with a beautiful finish, lend to the open feel.

I like the idea of embracing negative space by leaving some shelves partially empty or incorporating minimalist decor. It creates a balanced yet visually striking display.

Install small spotlights above or below the shelves to accentuate the items. These will add warmth and depth to the shelving at night.

Recessed Wall Bookshelves

Bookshelves around the door

Now here’s a book storage solution that’s a fusion of innovative and space-efficient design.

Set within the doorway wall, this recessed bookshelf features a built-in design that seamlessly melds with the surrounding architecture.

It has both horizontal and vertical shelves with varying heights, providing a versatile and compact storage solution that doesn’t use floor space. Its sleek design is perfect for small homes and tiny apartments.

Bookshelves on wall recess around the door

Here’s another home with a recessed bookshelf that fits snugly within the doorway wall. However, this one has two horizontal shelves and the vertical ones don’t reach the floor.

This one also blends seamlessly with the doorframe’s architecture and the surrounding wall. The finish and color match the room’s decor to achieve a cohesive look.

While I prefer the style of the previous recessed bookshelf, this design is more suitable for homes with high ceilings.

Round space with door and bookshelves INSTAGRAM @Sarahkdesignslondon

Next, we have a recessed wall bookshelf arcing along the doorway wall. Compared to the previous two, this one stretches out across the entire wall.

Its design not only optimizes space but also transforms a storage solution into a gorgeous focal point.

I love how the shelves create an artful and dynamic display, playing with the curvature to add visual interest. Notice also how the books, vases, and decor pieces complement each other. Very pleasing to the eye!

Floor-to-Ceiling Angled Bookshelf in a Tiny Home

Seating with tall corner cubbies for books INSTAGRAM @Interiorsstorageanddeclutter

This tiny home has a towering architectural feature that boasts angled shelves reaching from the floor to the ceiling.

It cleverly utilizes the home’s height, adding a dynamic and sculptural element to the home while offering ample storage for books, decorative pieces, and personal items.

I love that we can still see the natural grain patterns of the wood. They add texture to the space while being a beautiful neutral backdrop for the items on display.

Stairway Landing Bookcase

Bookshelves on stairs wall INSTAGRAM @Idfferent.design

Positioned strategically on the landing between floors, this bookcase serves as a focal point that optimizes space by capitalizing on the transitional area of a staircase.

Its placement on the landing not only maximizes vertical space but also adds an artistic element to the staircase architecture.

I suggest using shelves of varying heights and widths to create an organized yet visually appealing display. Feel free to infuse the space with personal touches like artwork and family photos.

Slanting Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelves with a Book Nook

These slanting floor-to-ceiling bookshelves become a defining feature within a cabin.

They offer not only functional storage but also an opportunity to curate a visually captivating and personalized space for bookworms.

I like that there are bookshelves under the reading nook too!

Notice how in this photo, a mix of open and closed storage is utilized by integrating baskets to store smaller items or items that are less aesthetically pleasing.

These slanting floor-to-ceiling bookshelves are also designed to follow the inclined angle of the roof. The shelves seamlessly integrate into the room’s design while embracing the natural light streaming through the nearby skylight.

These shelves also become a stunning centerpiece, celebrating the interplay between form, function, and natural illumination.

It’s best to capitalize on the adjacent window’s natural light. Arrange books and decor strategically to allow light to accentuate the displayed items and create a vibrant ambiance.

Triangular Bookshelves

In the heart of this sun-soaked minimalist room stands a striking floor-to-ceiling triangular bookshelf. Its clean lines and acute angles form an exquisite geometric display against the pristine white walls.

I recommend introducing small potted plants or succulents on select shelves to infuse a touch of nature and softness amid the angular lines.

Elements of contrast, like a textured rug or a statement chair in a bold color or unique design, will also be wonderful touches!

These floor-to-ceiling bookshelves resemble two sides of a triangle, flanking a simple window at its center.

I love that the shelves are of varying heights. This design choice adds so much character and visual interest to the simplicity of the shelves.

It’s also a great idea to allow some shelves to remain partially empty or incorporate negative space to maintain a sense of openness and prevent overcrowding, allowing individual items to shine.

Bookcase Meeting Table

This modern office has a multifunctional centerpiece – a sleek wooden table that doubles as a bookcase.

The bookcase forms the foundation of the table, its shelves adorned with an array of meticulously arranged books and journals.

The table itself, spacious and inviting, serves as a platform for collaborative discussions, creative brainstorming, or quiet contemplation.

Feel free to add storage baskets or containers within the bookshelves to keep essential supplies or files neatly organized, maintaining a clutter-free and efficient workspace.

Room Divider Bookshelves

This bedroom features a stunning floor-to-ceiling bookcase that stands as an elegant partition. It divides the sleeping area from the rest of the room without compromising the room’s spaciousness.

I love how the open shelves showcase meticulously arranged volumes, decorative pieces, and cherished mementos.

This is an excellent idea for studio apartments; the shelves can be used as a room divider.

This chic and modern living room features an artful geometric room divider bookshelf. Its uniform shelves create clean, crisp lines that delineate areas without obstructing the room’s openness.

The neutral-toned shelves also offer a serene display area for books, art pieces, and decor.

Like in the photo, it’s best to embrace the beauty of empty spaces on the shelves, allowing some areas to remain unadorned. This creates a sense of calmness and highlights the significance of each displayed item.

Reading Nooks with Bookcases by the Windows

This dark-toned bookshelf’s angular silhouette creates a dynamic presence; its sleek lines draw the eye toward the window’s expansive view while maintaining an air of stately elegance.

The shelves, angled to follow the contour of the window, provide an artful display space for an eclectic assortment of books, art pieces, and cherished ornaments.

The interplay between light and shadow adds depth to the display, creating a captivating ambiance within the room.

This single-shelf bookcase stands as a humble yet charming addition, complementing the corner with its simplicity and functionality.

I love how the solitary stretch of refined woodwork perfectly complements the window’s traditional framework.

Its unobtrusive design maintains the room’s airy ambiance, preserving the window as the focal point while providing a subtle repository for literary treasures and cherished collectibles.

A low ottoman or futon would be the perfect seating solution below this window shelf.

This cozy reading nook is framed by a double-pane window that illuminates the serene space and minimalist bookcases that stand as elegant pillars on either side of the window.

The bookcases flank the intimate reading nook, providing a seamless frame for the captivating view beyond. Their clean lines and uniform shelves exude a sense of modern simplicity and functionality.

Choose minimalist window treatments, such as sheer curtains or sleek blinds, for natural light to filter through while maintaining privacy.

Beside this sun-kissed window, a cushioned cozy reading nook awaits, complemented by a bookshelf on its right side.

The bookshelf stands as a faithful companion to the reading nook. Its shelves accommodate a collection of books, creating a backdrop of knowledge and inspiration for leisurely reading sessions.

I love how the nook’s coziness is amplified by layering soft cushions, throws, and blankets on the seat. It’s certainly an inviting spot for relaxation and literary exploration.

Bookcase on top of the Fireplace

Rising from the hearth, the bookcase’s shelves ascend majestically, maximizing vertical space and creating an impressive display of literary treasures.

The juxtaposition of the sturdy fireplace and the bookcase’s graceful ascent creates an exquisite visual harmony within the space.

You can rotate and display seasonal decor or themed items on the bookcase, celebrating different festivities or seasons throughout the year.

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