21 DIY Bookshelves That Look Amazing

As someone who loves both books and a clutter-free space, I understand the challenge of creating functional yet stylish storage.

Come along with me as we explore some creative DIY ideas that not only tidy up your book collection but also enhance the overall look of your space!

Small Space Book Corner Using Leather Straps

leather hangerbook storageINSTAGRAM @keyaiira

In this narrow, minimalist-style hallway, books are hung on the wall using leather straps, creating a unique and space-efficient book corner.

Setting up this book corner is easy and doesn’t require any complex tools or skills! All you need are some sturdy leather straps, a few screws, and a drill.

The best part? You can easily adjust the straps to accommodate books of different sizes. It’s a simple yet effective DIY project that adds a unique touch to your space!

Space-Optimized Wall-Mounted Bookshelves with Copper Rods

bookshelves with metal rodINSTAGRAM @cynthia_harper_

Next up, we have a wall-mounted bookshelf featuring copper rods, which brings a distinctive flair to the room.

I love how the copper rods provide a warm contrast to the white shelves! Not to mention that they also act as a secure barrier, ensuring that your books won’t fall off.

Also, the clever use of vertical space is truly commendable! It does not only optimize the available space but also adds an element of visual interest to the room.

You can further decorate your DIY bookshelf with wallpaper!

Wooden Bookshelves and Clothes Rack for Kids

wooden bookshelves for kidsINSTAGRAM @the.painted.den

Now, here’s a multi-purpose solution for a children’s room. The wooden bookshelves not only store books but also keeps outfits organized and within easy reach with the rack below!

Notice how the shelves are positioned at a kid-friendly height, encouraging little ones to pick out their own books and clothes. This promotes independence and also makes tidying up a fun, manageable task for them.

A truly versatile and practical design for a child’s space!

Explore other ideas for clothes storage that bring joy to both parents and children alike.

Space-Optimized Wall-Mounted Bookshelves

slender bookshelves on wallINSTAGRAM @life_styledbyashli

What’s great about this arrangement is its simplicity and how easy it is to DIY.

With just a few pieces of wood, some paint, and basic tools, you can create these wall-mounted shelves yourself. It’s a simple project that doesn’t require advanced carpentry skills.

To make it more personalized for kids, I would suggest adding stickers to the bookshelves. This would make the shelves more appealing to them. It’s a simple touch that can make a big difference!

Small Multi-Level Rotating Bookcase

rotating wooden bookcaseINSTAGRAM @woodshopdiaries

This small multi-level rotating bookcase is not just a bookshelf, but also doubles as a side table!

Its compact design allows it to fit into small spaces, making it a versatile piece of furniture.

The different levels and sides provide various spaces to store your books, and the rotating feature makes it easy to access books from all sides! You can put them in the middle for easy access or on the side for a more organized look.

rotating bookshelvesINSTAGRAM @myducklingfurniture

Here is another multi-level rotating bookcase but with a circular base.

This definitely offers more storage capacity than the previous one. The design cleverly utilizes vertical space, and the multiple levels mean it can hold more books. Also, the circular base provides additional surface area compared to traditional straight shelves.

I think adding a decor, like in the previous image, can enhance the aesthetic appeal of this rotating bookcase, though!

Small A-Frame Wooden Bookshelf

tower bookshelvesINSTAGRAM @even_interiors

Now here’s an A-framed bookshelf! The design is simple yet functional, with shelves of varying sizes accommodating different book dimensions.

I love how the natural wood adds warmth to the space!

I suggest using organizer boxes for your books before placing them on the shelves. These boxes can help categorize your books, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Plus, they add an extra layer of stability, preventing your books from tipping over!

Tiny Wooden Ladder Bookshelf

ladder bookshelvesINSTAGRAM @getdrowzy

This features a tiny wooden ladder bookshelf cleverly placed in a corner. The ladder-style design clearly optimizes vertical space, making it perfect for small spaces!

It’s best to decorate the shelves with a mix of books, plants, and personal items, as shown in the image, to create a balanced look.

Also, adding a touch of greenery on the bookshelf brings a refreshing and lively vibe to the room!

Space-Optimized Ladder Shelf with Wire Baskets

book storage using hooked basketsINSTAGRAM @ayoungwritersworld

What I love about this space-optimized ladder shelf is how easy it is to DIY!

With just a wooden ladder and some wire baskets, you can create a stylish and functional bookshelf. It’s perfect for those on a budget as these materials are relatively inexpensive and readily available.

Plus, it offers a lot of storage for your books!

This kind of DIY project not only saves money but also adds a personal touch to your space. 

Giraffe-Shaped Bookshelf in a Kid’s Room

giraffe shelvesINSTAGRAM @Vava_woods

Up next is a creative bookshelf for kids! The bookshelf, doubling as a decorative piece, optimizes space by utilizing height for storage.

I love how the design adds a fun element to the room while serving a practical purpose.

I think adding string lights to this giraffe-shaped bookshelf can create a warm and cozy atmosphere in the kid’s room. The soft glow of the lights can highlight the bookshelf’s unique shape, making it even more of a focal point!

Creative Tree-Shaped Bookshelf

tree bookshelvesINSTAGRAM @littlecrowninteriors

Here’s another creative bookshelf perfect for kids! The bookshelf mimics the branches of a tree, providing a unique and space-efficient way to store books.

Placing a lamp below the tree-shaped bookshelf would be a fantastic idea. The light from the lamp will not only illuminate the books on the shelf but also cast intriguing shadows on the wall, enhancing the tree-like effect.

Tiny Reading Nook with Creative Wooden Shelves

wooden bookshelves on cornerINSTAGRAM @littlecrowninteriors

This creative wooden shelf design is ideal for smaller and lighter books. The compact nature of the shelves makes them perfect for paperback novels, pocket-sized dictionaries, or small art books.

From my experience, it’s best to avoid placing heavy hardcovers or large coffee table books on these shelves to ensure they remain secure and maintain their aesthetic appeal.

This space-optimized design truly shines when it’s used to display a collection of your favorite small to medium-sized books.

Floating Wall-Mounted Wooden Shelves

minimalist bookshelvesINSTAGRAM @linneajirasek

Up next showcases floating, wall-mounted wooden shelves, filled with books and decorative items. Absolutely love how the shelves optimize the space without compromising style!

Also, these floating, wall-mounted wooden shelves are not just for books. They offer a perfect platform to display personal items that tell your story.

You can arrange family photos, travel souvenirs, or any cherished collectibles. I’ve found that adding personal touches like these can make the space feel truly unique and special!

Zigzag-Shaped Wooden Bookcase

free-standing V shaped bookshelvesINSTAGRAM @js_customs8

Here is another bookcase ideal for small books. Its unique design optimizes corner space, while adding a geometric aesthetic.

Look at how the angular lines create dynamic visual interest!

I suggest adding a small indoor plant on top of this zigzag-shaped bookcase to bring a touch of nature into your room.

Also, wrapping string lights around the bookcase can add a cozy and warm atmosphere, especially during the evening.

Minimalist Corner with Floating Book Shelves

Z shaped bookshelves

Up next is a minimalist corner, optimized with floating bookshelves. The gold accents on the shelves add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space.

I love how the corner space is utilized to its full potential, turning an often-overlooked area into a functional and stylish feature!

What’s truly impressive about this setup is its capacity. Despite the compact design, you can fit a substantial number of books on these shelves because of the vertical arrangement.

Wooden House-Shaped Shelves

free-standing house shaped shelves

Here is a wooden house-shaped bookshelf that stands as a unique centerpiece in a room. The shelves, filled with an array of books, add a personal touch to the space.

It does not only serve as a functional storage solution but also as a decorative piece that enhances the room’s aesthetic.

Absolutely adore how the design optimizes the corner space while adding a playful element to the room! Also, the existing bean bag beside it makes for a comfortable reading spot.

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Slanted Curved Bookshelf

bookcase with arch opening

Here’s a distinctive, slanted bookshelf that does not only serve as a storage solution but also as a statement piece.

I love how the curved shelves create an illusion of movement, adding character to the room! Also, its unique design allows for ample storage space without taking up much floor area.

I recommend adding some small decor pieces or indoor plants to add a personal touch and create a cozy reading corner, though.

Tiered Transparent Floating Shelves

wood and clear bookshelves

Up next features tiered transparent floating shelves. So sleek, space-efficient, and elegant!

Notice how the transparent feature of these floating shelves gives an illusion of space, making the room appear larger and more open. It also allows the wall color to pop, creating a seamless blend with the room’s decor!

Lastly, these shelves don’t take up any floor space, making them perfect for small rooms or areas where floor space is at a premium.

Small Branch-Inspired Bookshelves

tiered wall shelves

Now here’s a freestanding, branch-inspired bookshelf that’s definitely a fantastic addition to any minimalist living room.

Its design, reminiscent of a tree, adds a touch of nature to the space. I love how it stands independently, allowing for easy repositioning if you decide to rearrange your room!

However, while the design is visually appealing, the angle of the ‘branches’ might pose a challenge for keeping books in place, so I wouldn’t recommend this bookshelf for very heavy or oversized books.

Small Holiday-Themed Book Cart

playful bookcase with wheelsINSTAGRAM @great_little_trading_co

Up next is a book cart that serves as a functional and decorative piece. One of its advantages is its mobility. It’s easy to move around, allowing you to change its location based on your needs!

However, due to its compact size, it might limit the number of books you can store.

But, in my opinion, this limitation is a fair trade-off for the flexibility and festive charm it offers.

Rustic Wooden Crates as DIY Bookshelves

pallet bookcaseINSTAGRAM @paintedlotusfurniture

Last on our list are wooden crates that offer versatility and a rustic charm, making them a cost-effective and DIY-friendly option for your space.

They can be arranged in various configurations to fit your needs.

However, stability can be a concern depending on the quality of the crates and how they’re stacked. Also, crates may not hold up well under heavy weight, so it’s important to limit the books you plan to store on these shelves.

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