15 Cozy Reading Nooks In Small Spaces You’ll Love

Don’t let a small space limit you from transforming a small space into a reading sanctuary.

Whether you’re an avid reader or you have kids who are bookworms, any home would benefit from having a cozy little reading nook.

So, explore  15 amazing reading nooks you can incorporate into your home. We’ve gathered them here – read on to find out more.

Tree Bookshelf

Reading nook with a tree design bookshelves INSTAGRAM @Lauragraziano.writer

Once upon a time, there was a warm cozy space with a fairytale-like bookshelf in the shape of a tree. Its branches held the books like leaves and stored them ever efficiently…

The quirky design significantly livens up the space by incorporating nature themes into the room. You can also go wild with how many branches and what type of tree you choose to serve as the storage piece. 

It’s a great way to bring the outdoors in and enjoy a fun view while reading. I suggest adding more plants to really complete the natural vibes.

Attic With Triangular Book Wall  Cozy reading nook on the attic INSTAGRAM @Okuryazar.tv

A small but cozy triangular attic plays to its strength by creating a unique book wall that follows its shape.

You can do this for any wall in your home that isn’t in a conventional orientation. Simply install shelves that can accommodate your books and have them fill in your walls compactly. 

The attic is a prime place to get some reading in since it’s usually an unoccupied and quiet area of the house. I suggest you take advantage of this and play some relaxing tunes to add to the ambiance.

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Minimalist Bench And Bookshelves

Reading nook on narrow passageway INSTAGRAM @Kathykuohome

A bright and narrow area of the home expands into a comfy and space-efficient reading corner. It maximizes the wall space and the bench to display and keep books.

The functional bench is a homey and space-optimized feature that lets you stow books and hide them away. On the other hand, the wall shelves let you display them front-facing. 

I love how the bench sits right by the window, letting a ton of natural light in.

Floor-to-Ceiling Bedroom Bookshelves

Bed as reading nook INSTAGRAM @The_constant_reader

This mini forest bedroom in the middle of the city is also a charming library with an abundance of bookshelves.

The simple addition of draping plants and romantic lights completely transforms the room into a reader’s oasis. The books are also easily accessible from the bed for a comfortable and convenient experience. 

The aesthetic works best with warm lights but they might be a bit too dim for reading. I recommend keeping a lamp nearby in case you need extra brightness for hard-to-read texts.

Space-Optimized Doorway Library

Reading nook on tiny entrance INSTAGRAM @Victoriamagazine

This lovely home possesses a lot of character with colorful textiles and a handy bookshelf that frames the doorway as an effective storage unit. This small bedroom has creatively maximized on all available storage space.

Incorporating bookshelves around the doorway is a smart way to utilize space in an area that is usually empty. Even turning the top triangle into a compartment makes sure every inch is maximized. 

I love how there’s a little corner with a big, soft chair, and a mini-table where you can sit back and relax while you’re nose deep in a good book.

Bunk Bed Book Nook

Bunk bed with built-in reading nook INSTAGRAM @Taraherzig

A fun and organic kids’ bedroom has a gorgeous dark wood bed structure that separates sleeping from reading and other activities.

The bunk bed design uses the foot area to double as a wall with built-in shelves to keep books and other items. It also acts as a partition that distinguishes the bed from the small nook where your kids can read and play in.

And of course, I love the storage drawers hidden beneath the bottom platform bed bunk.

Closet Reading Haven

Convert tiny closet into reading nook INSTAGRAM @Theindiehome

A small closet opens up to unveil a compact and cozy area where readers can find solitude.

There is a nice soft cushion with big pillows and a warm blanket to snuggle up in and a few bookshelves overhead to keep books within arm’s reach. 

Reading is often an escape from the world and this tiny closet takes that up a notch and gives you the space to be completely alone and away from the rest of the household.

Stairway Window Bookshelves

A reading nook on stairs landing INSTAGRAM @Atproperties

This classic grand staircase holds an elegant book storage system surrounding the window on its landing.

The design uses the high ceiling space to store books and house decor nicely on tall shelves that frame the large window. 

Since the shelves extend to the highest point, you will need an efficient way to keep the items accessible. Consider getting a ladder with wheels to effortlessly reach for the book or object of your choice.

Wall-Mounted Asymmetrical Bookshelves

Small room with cubbies for books INSTAGRAM @Etcbysarah

A moody olive green office keeps vibrant rust-colored block bookshelves arranged on its wall.

This is such an easy way to add storage on your wall and it is also quite affordable. You can repurpose spare wood, crates, or boxes. Simply repaint them and mount them in an arrangement you think would best suit your office wall.

I love the small detail of using some of the spaces solely to display a couple of plants. It prevents it from looking too cramped and adds freshness to the overall design.

Corner Wall Library With Mini Lounge

Cozy corner seating with upper wall bookshelves INSTAGRAM @C.lehmanhome

In this lovely contemporary home, we find a cozy and spacious corner with several shelves for keeping books and a comfy cushioned seat to unwind in.

It’s a great way of maximizing corner space and transforming it into a specialized area of your home.

I find that adding a lamp or a few more lighting fixtures with subtle brightness can help elevate the reading experience and add to the ambiance.

Cozy couch and bookshelves all around INSTAGRAM @Cinemasips

Here, this corner is more enclosed but still offers a charming place to read and relax in. It uses the entire wall space to accommodate books and the bright couch-like seat can fit a few people in comfortably.

I love how quirky and bright the designs and patterns are. The bright colors and fun patterns add so much personality to the place.

You could totally enjoy a fun reading session here with a couple of your friends.

Wooden Treehole Nook

Tree design reading nook INSTAGRAM @Goodwilllibrarian

This nature-themed library looks like it came straight out of one of the books it stores! The creative feature mimics a large tree hole and carries over the theme throughout the whole design.

The structure has a circular opening that leads you to a comfy nook that is surrounded by bookshelves. It even uses the exterior to keep books around its entrance as well. 

It’s definitely an effective and useful conversation starter in your home. Aside from the aesthetic appeal, you can escape into your very own version of the woods in this amazing reading nook.

Kids Compact Reading and Drawing Corner

Kids reading nook and study area on tiny corner INSTAGRAM @Alesstoxichomestead

A narrow white-walled crevice repurposes its area to be a tiny space for your kids to read and learn.

A few bookshelves, two soft chairs, and a nice big whiteboard make this place optimum for your child to stay focused with minimal distractions and everything they need within reach. 

Spaces like these usually turn into storage rooms for unwanted household items. Adding in furniture and learning materials makes it a more purposeful area for your home and gives your kids an ideal learning space.

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L-Shaped Bookshelves

Reading nook near the stairs INSTAGRAM @Avi.reads

A bright and chic landing area maximizes its corner by using a storage unit that fits nicely into it and keeps numerous books out on display.

An L-shaped bookshelf is perfect for reinventing the corners of your home and creating new ways to store your items. 

I love how it also showcases your favorite figurines along with your book collection.

Simple Standing Bookshelf

Minimalistic bookshelves and seating on corner INSTAGRAM @Taylors_booked

You can never go wrong with a good old standard bookshelf. This lovely living space highlights the arrangement and display of books without grabbing too much attention.

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable book storage system, this one is for you. 

You don’t even have to go all out or buy a whole new bookshelf. You can make it yourself or even thrift for one. Either way, you’re sure to end up with a sturdy storage feature that subtly fits into your home.

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