27 Painted Bookshelves That Look Amazing (Colorful)

Bookshelves aren’t just storage compartments, they can also be the statement pieces of your home – especially when they come in unique and colorful designs.

In this list, we’ll explore colorful ways of keeping your books with these 27 amazing painted bookshelves.

Yellow Bookshelves

yellow floor to ceiling bookshelves with underneath drawersINSTAGRAM @purewhitelines

We’re starting off strong with this maximalist living area with a bold mustard yellow corner bookshelf.

The bookshelf spans the wall and features a sophisticated color to complement but also tone down the rest of the funky interiors.

If you’re going to use the whole wall for your bookshelf, I highly recommend getting a ladder as well so you can easily reach for any items on the top shelf.

floor to ceiling bookshelves

This design permits the use of a brighter yellow to complement the blue suede chair. It also uses the whole wall space for the shelves like the previous design.

In theory, yellow should be overpowering but the colors here work so well together and the design was done quite tastefully.

I love how there are compartments with dividers so you can also store small items or just arrange your books horizontally.

yellow bookcase and sofa

It is best to keep the rest of the design simple with this kind of vibrant yellow. The shelf is brighter than the couch but is still in a shade that would complement it.

The straightforward layout of the bookshelf pairs well with the gray interior and gives it an extra oomph.

You could also hang up colorful artwork to accentuate this space and make it appear more inviting.

yellow floor to ceiling bookshelves

This majestic yellow bookshelf contains uniformly sized square compartments as shelves and multiple spacious cabinets on the bottom.

With this much space, you can allow a few compartments solely for framing decor or beloved possessions and mementos.

I suggest placing a few small houseplants here and there, the little green additions would look impeccable against this stunning yellow color scheme!

If you’re a fan of yellow, I suggest checking out my article on adorable examples of yellow kids’ rooms.

Colorful Geometric Designs

tilted bookshelves

Now, let’s look into some adventurous designs such as this eccentric geometric bookshelf.

It uses sharp shapes and an odd arrangement to store your books uniquely. Each compartment also alternates the colors of the rainbow for a multi-hued structure.

This is a great piece to have, especially in any irregular parts of your home like where there are weird corners or angled ceilings.

triangle bookshelves

This version uses a larger scale of the design and integrates it into the wall. There are also funky furniture pieces to extend the color throughout the room.

This bookshelf also uses a vivid backdrop that makes it pop out even more.

A design like this gives you the perfect excuse to get outlandish and whimsical furniture and structures to go with the aesthetic.

colorful wall cubbies

We can see the same concept here only in standard square shelves that beam with alternating colors.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your regular old bookshelves, this is it! The color scheme elevates the simple layout and makes it the focus of any room.

The best thing about this design is that you can even build it yourself and paint it according to your own preference!

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Spray-Painted Antique Bookshelf

colorful upcycled bookshelves

We’ve found your next best house project! If you want to preserve the exquisiteness of your antique pieces, consider spray painting them to fit your aesthetic better.

This is a great way to reinvent any vintage furniture pieces you have lying around. It gives them a new purpose and you won’t have to go through the trouble of getting rid of it, especially if it has sentimental value.

Remember to sand down the bookshelves or just make sure the surface will allow the paint to stick.

painted old open cabinet

Check out this classic piece that’s fresh from a makeover! The antique bookshelf is painted over with pastels, also in a gradient fashion.

It’s such an adorable way to transform retro structures and they add so much character with their vintage charm and colorful theme.

If you have the time, you can also consider installing wheels on the bottom to make this bookshelf mobile. Then, you can move it to anywhere you’d like with ease.

matching color books and shelves

This bookshelf uses a cool trick that sections the books according to the color of the shelves.

Similar to previous designs, this shelf is also spraypainted in a stunning gradient pattern and color codes parts of it to match the books it holds.

As this is a D-I-Y project, you can easily adjust the colors to go with your books instead of the other way around. You can also get custom book covers to color-coordinate them better.

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Classic Colorful Bookcase

vertical bookcase with drawers underneath

Here are more ways to transform standard bookcases in your home. This magnificent structure comes to life with different beaming colors in each layer.

The design demonstrates another brilliant way to arrange your books by color. You can also assign a different genre to each compartment according to color.

Enhance this design by installing lights inside the shelves. You can also get stick-on lights for a quicker and easier modification.

colorful tiered bookshelves

When working with multiple structures, paint each one a different color to get a lively design like this!

Multicolored bookshelves call for equally vivid decor to go with them. 

Of course, you have all the freedom to choose which colors to paint and how colorful they’ll be. If you want a more cohesive aesthetic, consider a shade that is complementary to your wall or the other elements in the room.

Wavy Pink Bookshelf

pink bookshelves

For smaller apartments or homes, this trendy design will fit right in and won’t consume too much space.

This wavy pink bookshelf is all the craze with its contemporary chic aesthetic. It doesn’t just hold your books but it’s an accessory in itself!

I adore how it looks but I love how it efficiently uses space even more! The design makes this piece feel one with the room and isn’t at all bulky or stuffy.

Colorful Kids’ Bookshelves

wall shelves with painted flowersINSTAGRAM @rosannafalconer

Wouldn’t you want a dainty elegant bookshelf to go in your little girl’s room? We’ve got just the design for you.

Displayed here is a lovely white bookshelf with floral patterns and adorably personalized decor.

You won’t need a bulky bookshelf for kids’ books so this design is optimal for saving space in their bedrooms or playrooms. Mounting the shelf on the wall is also a quick and easy installment.

green wallpaper and yellow bookshelvesINSTAGRAM @lonikachande

Here’s a more gender-neutral kids’ bookshelf design that comes in an energetic yellow and is also mounted to the wall.

The fun color makes it a stimulating piece to have in their bedroom. The design also allows you to showcase the cover of their books so it’s easier for them to choose which one to read.

To embellish this design, you can wrap around decorative vines or fairy lights along the panels.

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White And Yellow Design

white and yellow bookshelvesINSTAGRAM @dominomag

Walk into this cozy living space and you’ll be greeted by a refined white bookshelf with pops of yellow.

This design turns plain white shelves into a more interesting feature-and you won’t even have to do much to get this look.

You can put pieces you want to highlight in the colored sections and have your books sit snuggly in the white compartments.

Blue Bookshelves

teal bookshelves

Welcome to this refreshing reading nook with a calming blue theme. To complete the look, this room features a bright blue bookshelf.

The blue bookshelf brings life into this room and ties all the other elements together.

I can’t stop admiring the blue rug they used! It was also a smart decision to have a plant in a woven pot to add a rustic touch to this place.

pale blue couch and bookshelves

Here’s a more minimalist option with a dainty light pastel blue motif. The full-wall bookshelf is just an immaculate background of the living area.

If you are drawn towards simple and sophisticated aesthetics with just a hint of color, then this design is for you. It allows all the elements to shine equally.

Use light pastels with a lot of white mixed into them to get a clean and relaxing interior.

minimalist blue bookshelves

Now, we’re working with a deeper blue bookshelf that cheers up this small living area.

An understated design like this will make your reading area exude elegance and sophistication. However, that doesn’t mean that colors won’t come into play.

You can achieve your desired aesthetic with all kinds of colors as long as you use them carefully and pick the right shades.

black and teal bookshelvesINSTAGRAM @madcapcottage

How about this striking teal design? The bright color is partnered with black for contrast.

This eye-catching design can be a cool and fresh addition to your living space. It certainly shows off your artistic side, especially situating it beside the artwork and a liquor cart.

Don’t be afraid to play around with neon shades to make your bookshelf pop out more.

green under-ceiling bookshelvesINSTAGRAM @domandecors

Here, we have the complete opposite with this subtle and muted bookshelf. You can barely make out the bluish-green tint.

Just because you want a colorful bookshelf doesn’t mean it has to be loud and with several colors. So, here is a calming and simple option for a safer style.

Aside from having small plants on the shelves, you can also wrap around vines for extra charm.

Blue is an all-around color that can do wonders for your interiors – check out some stylish ideas for blue bedrooms!

Striped Bookshelf

minimalist bookcaseINSTAGRAM @therealtrudyspooner

Another creative way to incorporate color into your bookshelves is by using an interesting pattern like this striped design.

The design turns the basic white background into a more intriguing sight. 

If you’re going to keep a lot of things on your bookshelves, you might prefer a design that you don’t mind covering up. I suggest those with small, repetitive, and abstract patterns instead of having larger images as the design.

Red Bookshelves

red bookcase

Red is such an intimidating color to work with but we’ve figured out ways to make it suit your interior design.

In this example, the simple red freestanding bookshelf isn’t too daring and it complements the sofa.

Having houseplants grace the top of the bookcase and drape a bit down also softens the bold red color. Add more luscious greens since they’re complementary to bright red shades.

red bookshelves on hallway viewINSTAGRAM @torirubinsoninteriors

Here’s a lighter and muted, almost pastel kind of red. It has just the right amount of vibrancy to highlight the back of your bookshelves.

Just look at how amazing the contents of the bookshelf appear against the elegant shade. It also gives the cozy home a nice pop of color.

Having a darker inner compartment and a lighter frame for your bookshelf will make it more defined.

red wall and cabinets and green bookshelvesINSTAGRAM @kellingdesign

It even works for antique interiors! This vintage-inspired maroon living space displays a grand bookcase that matches the rest of the room.

I love how the compartments are also green to complement the reds in the room. Despite the powerful color scheme, this design is quite easy on the eyes.

See? Red is such a great design choice if you use it in the right ways.

Doorway Shelf

read bookshelves around the doorINSTAGRAM @ihfinteriors

This comfortable home has an innovative and space-efficient way of storing books and other small decor in its entryway.

The space around our doors is usually left bare or there could be a small table and clothes rack to serve as storage. This design elevates the storage concept by having built-in shelves around the doorframe.

The design defines the entryway and becomes a practical addition to your home.

pink bookshelves around the pink doorINSTAGRAM @halfpaintedhouse

We’re ending this list with a charming pink wrap-around bookcase that takes up the area around the door.

With this design, you get an aesthetically pleasing storage unit and an accent wall!

It’s such a smart and nifty way to keep books, especially if you have multitudes of them. It’s like having your own built-in library right by the door.

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