40 Great Shower Tile Ideas For Small Spaces

You can completely transform your shower space by changing one detail about it: its tile design!

In this list, we give you 40 great shower tile ideas that can show you how small bathrooms can become big on style.

Blue And White Stripes

white and blue bathroom tilesINSTAGRAM @bertandmay

This cool and clean space uses dual-toned blue and white tiles to pull off this refreshingly sharp look.

Using stripes, especially heading towards a specific direction, adds movement to your interior and stretches it as well.

As a result, this little bathroom appears a few extra inches wider than it really is. It’s a great technique to enlarge small spaces.

Colorful Hexagonal Tiles

bathroom wall transition tilesINSTAGRAM @tilemakestheroom

While we’re on the topic of patterns, check out this interesting hexagonally-tiled bathroom.

It divides the shower area through its clever use of color and shapes. Having a gradient cube design delineate the separation is such a unique idea!

I appreciate how they kept one area white. It helps balance the rest of the design and maintains focus on the decorated section of the shower.

hexa shower tilesINSTAGRAM @bathrooms_of_insta

Looks like we’ve got another cool hexagonal tile design. This time, it doesn’t come in solid colors but each tile has a striking flared line pattern.

The design doesn’t only incorporate a beautiful color into the shower area but the pattern of the tile also gives it texture.

I think silver hardware would look better with the coolness of the colors in this bathroom.

Blue Brick Designs

brick pattern shower tilesINSTAGRAM @floorcoveringweekly

This dazzling blue bathroom has such a spacious and airy ambiance with an overhead skylight and a stunning blue color scheme.

I love the combination of aesthetics in this place. The wallpaper and marble countertop exude an elegant charm while the brick tiles and geometric flooring give an industrial feel.

A small indoor tree would look amazing here! I highly recommend getting one for this design.

aqua blue shower tilesINSTAGRAM @grohe_uk

Here, we have a fresher and simpler design for this compact bathroom. It uses a lighter blue brick tile design for defining the shower area.

Look at how the colors also separate the different areas. It’s a clever way to create a distinction without taking up too much space by adding bulky divisions.

I recommend installing a shower niche with the same brick tile background to accommodate more products by the bath.

Black And White Designs

black and white shower tilesINSTAGRAM @capietra

Let’s consider more contrast with these classy black and white designs! This shower features a simple and intriguing Moroccan pattern with the theme.

Black and white color schemes have always been a safe option because they suit most aesthetics and can adjust to most designs. 

However, there are several ways to use the color scheme without seeming lazy or too conservative. Use fun patterns and interesting combinations!

black and white geometric tilesINSTAGRAM @clayimports

This bath area provides an edgier example with a jagged triangular black and white tile design.

The design gives this minimalist white bathroom an extra edge and distinguishes the bath from the rest of the space.

Don’t be afraid to use little pops of color in your black-and-white motif like the red accents seen here. I promise they won’t ruin the design but add to it!

sun shaped shower tilesINSTAGRAM @claire.moran.designs

Now this bathroom commits to the black-and-white concept and so does the rest of the house! We can see that even the doorframe, staircase, and interior of the whole house fall under this color scheme.

When most of your house uses the same interior design, how do you make sure it’s not too monotonous? 

This bathroom makes a striking impression by using a black and white star pattern for its shower wall and white brick tiles for the rest of its space.

black and white bathroomINSTAGRAM @studio_buvala

While we do love the stark contrast of a black and white bathroom, it doesn’t hurt to use a little gray to let the two colors connect a bit more.

Having some sort of light neutral is a great way of balancing out the pairing of a really dark and really light color. 

The bronze accents look amazing against the black tiles and the rest of the bathroom! It really is such an elegant design.

Explore other bathrooms with black and white color schemes.

Yellow Bathroom Designs

yellow fish scaleINSTAGRAM @thehouse.andme

Now, it’s time for some more color! Let’s ease into it with this quirky yellow scallop-tiled shower space.

The fun shape and alternating shades of yellow and white give your shower area a bit more vigor.

The design also makes the shade less overpowering by not just using a plain solid color. Instead, it disperses the hue into curved shapes and a spontaneous arrangement.

yellow picket shower tileINSTAGRAM @waratah.avenue

No, this isn’t the inside of a honeycomb, it’s another wonderful yellow bathroom! It’s always amusing to see designs that are inspired by nature.

You’ve already seen hexagonal designs in this list but not one that goes all throughout the bathroom.

Remember, when using geometric-heavy designs, make sure they aren’t too plain and have no character. Otherwise, your interior might appear too sharp and bland.

round top yellow showerINSTAGRAM @02astudio

Check out this innovate yellow area. It’s definitely not the usual compact bathroom but it uses the color brilliantly.

The arched yellow nooks add so much style and can even soften the interior. I love how it also defines the shower area and separates it from the vanity.

You could also add a niche on the right side of the vanity, just so you can have more storage space for your hygiene products.

Have fun with color by checking out these stylish ideas for yellow bathrooms.

Retro Bathroom Design

alternating colors shower tilesINSTAGRAM @ottadesign

In our next example, we see this charismatic retro bathroom. It uses several toned-down hues but it has such a spirited ambiance.

The checkered shower wall is really what gives this space its quaint feel. They would look even better in a matte finish to match the rest of the interior.

Vintage side lamps would complement the vanity exquisitely, as well as a lovely vase of colorful flowers.

Blue Bathroom Designs

blue shower tiles and shelvesINSTAGRAM @hw.interiors

Going back to the blues, here’s a beautiful home bathroom with a navy blue motif.

It uses the colors in different ways with a solid wash over the sink storage, shiny tiles for the shower walls, and a patterned floor.

I suggest getting frosted glass for the window or white blinds so you can have more privacy when you shower.

blue vertical tilesINSTAGRAM @stylesystemet

Here’s a dynamic bathroom with an electrifying blue color scheme. The radiant shade can be found on both the shower and storage.

Blue is a popular color because of its versatility, so you might as well use a daring shade of it so your interior stands out.

The orientation of the shower wall tiles also heightens the area, so think about how you place your tiles when designing your bathroom.

multiple design tilesINSTAGRAM @leilatalmadgeinteriors

To give you more options, how about this warmer blue interior? Aside from the magnetic color scheme, it also has an astonishing black and white shower room with awesome patterns.

The random arrangement of the patterns makes this space a bit more interesting and really separates it from the rest of the bathroom.

Put up a bigger vase with larger and more colorful flowers to spice up this interior even more!

Green Mosaic Tiles

green shower roomINSTAGRAM @nativetrails

Here’s something new, a vintage chic interior that feels quite up to date with a rich green motif and a whole lot of style.

The unique thing about these tiles is that aside from the slight variations in hues, the finish is also in between glossy and matte. 

The built-in niche by the vanity is genius! It subtly stores your bathroom items and keeps your counters clean.

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Terrazzo Tiled Walls

terrazzo shower tilesINSTAGRAM @ripplesbathrooms

Brightening things up a bit is this breathtaking Terrazzo-themed bathroom. The retro pattern and gold finishes turn this into a luxe area of relief and relaxation.

They even lined the shower niche with gold, which defines the cubby beautifully. Adding light strips on the inside of it would just be a chef’s kiss.

Terrazzo prints are an excellent way of pulling off a posh and classic aesthetic.

Colorful Geometric Designs

colorful geomertic shower tilesINSTAGRAM @bertandmay

What happens if you take enough colors, put them into geometric patterns, and spread them throughout a room? You get a sharp and lively design like this!

Your bathroom will definitely be the talk of the town when it’s as festive as this.

I suggest placing a large mirror for two reasons:

  1. It would break up the design and make it more digestible and
  2. It will make the bathroom appear more spacious.

green burst tilesINSTAGRAM @end_of_the_row

Don’t worry, we’re also providing an option for those who want their interior to be on the safer side. This subtle green bathroom with a white geometric tile pattern applies a similar concept.

You can’t even make out where the tile starts or ends because of the cleverness of the pattern.

Don’t hesitate to choose multiple colors, shapes, and patterns. There are tons of designs that can make them work.

More Yellow-Tiled Bathrooms

yellow shower tiles

We do love our yellows just as much as the other colors. So, here are more yellow-tiled bathroom designs!

We’re starting off on a mellower note with this canary shower area. It offers such a delicate and dainty use of the shade.

Getting these tiles in a matte finish would make this aesthetic even softer. Place some flowers in the bathroom too!

yellow shower room

Yellow mosaic tiles are another route you can take. This bathroom takes the material and applies it all over.

As a result, you get a uniformly vivid bathroom interior in such a lively color.

If you want to maintain the brightness of the room when adding more elements, opt for wooden features and structures – maybe even bamboo decor to accentuate the warmth of this space.

alge shower tilesINSTAGRAM @fireclaytile

We’ll count these yellow-green tiles in this category. The color scheme adds an earthy kind of warmth to your bathroom.

The dark wood elements of this bathroom bring in a mature elegance to this space.

Personally, I believe the yellow-green tiles should remain in the shower area instead of being extended to the vanity so it can have more of an impact.

Glistening Gold Tiles

golden shower tiles

Nothing screams opulence like golden interiors! This lustrous bathroom has tiny gold mosaic tiles that shimmer in the sunlight.

Don’t be fooled, despite the extremely expensive appearance, this is an affordable style option.

You can get almost any kind of tile you can think of in a golden finish with the right supplier. Don’t cross off the other metallics if they’d suit you more!

golden shower room

Let’s take it up a notch with a brighter yellow-gold interior. This bathroom uses a slightly smoother finish and bigger mosaic tiles.

You can choose hardware of a similar color if you want it to blend in or consider other metallics to have them stand out.

I recommend getting a bathtub since the bathroom is spacious enough. It can also balance the design.

Here are ten bathtub designs that can fit right into small spaces.

golden shower room

Maybe a subtler, more elegant gold would suit your fancy. If that’s the case, check out this bathroom design.

Remember, you can always play around with textures as well. Maybe even alternate the finishes to add more character.

You’re going to need a place to put your bath items, so I suggest installing shelves or building in a shower niche.

More Blue Bathrooms

vertical aqua tiles

We obviously can’t get enough of these blue-tiled bathrooms. Here are some more magnificent designs!

The orientation and placement of the bright blue tiles heighten the shower space since it’s already narrow.

To spruce things up a bit, put a few flowers on the window ledge or maybe some succulents to liven it up – nothing too big so you won’t block the light.

tiny blue square tiles

Perhaps smaller blue mosaic tiles match your vision more. This design shows what your shower area could look like if that’s what you’re going for.

Blue and white just work so well in bathrooms. They always exhibit a clean and fresh environment.

If you’re considering a shower niche, go for one with a different background so it can pop out.

Pink Tiled Shower Space

pink shower tiles

Here’s the first and only pink-tiled shower in this list. It’s perfect for those who want a romantic and gentle interior in their bathroom.

The tiles have an intriguing texture to them that allows them to add more style than the plain and smooth ones.

The floor is also broken up in a different pattern to diversify this look more without straying from the pink scheme.

Rainbow Color Schemes

colorful shower tiles

Are you ready for this rainbow room? The fun and adventurous bathroom design uses the colors of the rainbow to define the small shower area.

It doesn’t follow the typical rainbow arrangement but it still is just as magical.

To elevate this look, think about mounting a few trailing plants by the shower to add some natural elements to it as well.

colorful shower tiles

In this version, the tiles are in the same theme but are of a different size. The smaller ones make the colors look less blocky.

Using tinier tiles also allows for slight variations in colors so you don’t have to make it all just one solid color.

To add plants to this shower room, try wrapping around vines along the showerhead.

colorful shower tiles

Now, this design has more of an artistic touch with varying tile sizes and a few misplaced tiles.

Make things more interesting by opting for spontaneous arrangement. You don’t have to go overboard, just place a couple of tiles in areas where their colors won’t match.

I adore how the small change in tile sizes creates a more detailed and charismatic outcome.

Colorful Tile Patterns

colorful shower tiles

Let’s rearrange things more with this colorful shower room design. The abstract tiles make an awesome transition through the colors.

The specific placement of the tiles for the 3D effect adds so much depth and dimension to this small shower area and even some shadows.

It’s a great choice for more avant-garde homes that like to have quirky and different interior designs.

colorful shower tiles

Is this an artist’s paint palette or another creative shower tile design? Well, it’s the latter that’s inspired by the first option!

You can either get tiles that have embossed or textured finishes or just ones that look like they do!

Whichever you go for, you’ll surely get a unique and eye-catching aesthetic like this shower room. It’ll have everybody talking!

colorful shower tiles

Now, here’s a smooth and glossy option. It has bright and fun colors for a joyful and festive shower room.

It’s a quick and easy way of completely transforming your interior with one small change in tile design.

You won’t have to think too much and just place the tiles in random to also get this radiant and wonderful look.

colorful shower tiles

Okay, we’re toning things down but still offering you a lot of color. This shower room plays with hues of blues, greens, and light oranges.

Apart from rainbow themes, there are multitudes of color schemes to choose from. You can find one that contains your favorite!

It’s amazing how designs like this work despite having no particular order or pattern. Just goes to show how powerful the technique is when it comes to decorating.

Black Bathroom Designs

black shower room with recessed ceiling lights

We’re now stripping down the colors and are offering you mature and elegant black shower room designs.

The tiles come in a stone finish which is a sneaky but aesthetically pleasing way of incorporating a natural element in your shower space.

It’s crucial to have good lighting in darker interiors, so invest in high-quality light options for your black bathroom.

black brick pattern

Here’s a classic, black brick tile design for an urban industrial aesthetic.

Depending on what you want to achieve with your bathroom design, you can choose between a matte finish or a shiny one for your tiles.

Get a shower niche with a lighter background or a nice pop of color so your shower area can have a statement feature.

black bathroom

Now, here’s a majestic stone tiled design for a larger shower room that has a metal towel rack and a wooden bench.

This shower also has sophisticated lighting illuminating it. I especially like the backlights lining the wall that give it a cool glow along with the other lighting present.

Keep this interior sleek with a dark wooden ceiling and other opaque elements in complementing colors.

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black and gold bathroom

We’ve got one more up our sleeve and it’s a big one! The last design on our list is this marvelous black and gold shower room.

Get the most luxurious design by letting the accent wall be filled with shiny and opulent material.

Naturally, it would be best to match the hardware to whichever metallic you choose for your accent wall.

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