Green Bathrooms: 25 Stylish Ideas for Small Spaces

I know firsthand how hard it can be to come up with a new design for a tiny bathroom. Why not go green?

Aside from being such an elegant and versatile color, it also symbolizes life and growth, making it perfect for livening up your little space!

Here are 25 stylish tips and tricks.

Green Geometric Tiles

stylish geometrical bathroom tiles INSTAGRAM @my_fantasy_extension

Enjoy a rejuvenating bath in this stylish Moroccan-inspired bathroom. The dark green patterned tiles contrast the rest of the room impeccably.

The gold mirror, accompanied by sconces, exudes a vintage-glam aura, enhancing the bathroom’s eccentric charm set by the tiles!

I love how the potted plants add to the greenery and liven up the bathroom.

The neat wooden bath tray also allows you to keep your items at bay while you’re relaxing in a warm bath.

hexagon leaf tiles INSTAGRAM @ourfixedabode

For nature lovers who can’t fit too many plants in their small bathroom, you can still incorporate a natural theme with this floral design.

Floral geometric tiles are a creative way to bring the outdoors indoors without consuming too much space.

The wooden sink and storage complement the interior amazingly too!

To make sure there are still natural elements, get tiny plants to distribute around your bathroom.

Minimalist Bathroom With Large Skylight

Narrow bathroom under a sloped ceiling INSTAGRAM @diaryofatileaddict

This compact minimalist bathroom shines brightly with a large skylight overhead.

There is also built-in storage by the bathtub and a lovely little shower niche to keep your hygiene products discreetly.

The tiles display a simple geometric design to accentuate the middle of the bathroom without being too overwhelming.

Achieving a minimalist look doesn’t always mean going completely bare. Get creative with the small details in your bathroom to elevate its green-themed ambiance.

vertical green stripes bathroom INSTAGRAM @danish_homedeco

This little bath area is also illuminated by a modest skylight.

The arrangement and interchanging of the white and green tiles create an illusion of height, guiding your gaze toward the focal point of the bathroom.

Stripes are a quick and easy way to elongate and enhance the look of your bathroom. If you don’t have a wide and spacious area, highlight the vertical space instead!

This design is perfect for irregularly shaped bathrooms with odd, slanted ceilings.

Checkered Walls

green and white bathroom tiles INSTAGRAM @theenglishtapwarecompany

This charming and modest bathroom uses a muted bluish-green and white color palette for an inviting aesthetic.

The design of the tiles does not only incorporate color but also adds texture to this space. The tiles give it a more homey feel for extra comfort.

Despite its limited space, this bathroom appears roomy because it also has a large mirror which always helps in achieving a spacious look.

Space-Efficient Wall Mounted Sink And Storage

green bathroom wall cabinet and vanity INSTAGRAM @spicylemonlondon

For a futuristic twist, consider installing sleek dark green wall-mounted fixtures that create a floating effect, adding an extra cool factor to your bathroom.

Not only does this design look visually striking, but it’s also highly functional, providing ample storage to keep your bathroom essentials organized and tidy.

To enhance the futuristic vibe, I suggest adding backlighting to your vanity mirror. Not only does this contribute to the modern aesthetic, but it also ensures you have adequate lighting while getting ready.

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Industrial Pendant Lights

minimalist vanity and mirror INSTAGRAM @fivesextillion

Here, we can see another example of a wall-mounted sink and storage. This time, a wooden one to complete the rustic theme of this bathroom.

For lighting, this space uses a more traditional approach instead of backlighting. Two industrial pendant lamps hang nicely to add light and style.

I adore the use of round elements, like the mirror and basin. It’s a small detail but it helps in achieving a softer look which works well with this interior.

Pink And Green Shower Room And Bath

green bathroom ceiling INSTAGRAM @porcelainsuperstore

Take a look at this vibrant pink and green bathroom! It features several stylish elements, including a bathtub with a golden tray, a sleek shower area, and cleverly mounted storage units.

Who said you needed green walls to incorporate the color into your bathroom? Be more fun and adventurous with the design with a funky green ceiling instead!

This bathroom is filled with style and function. I love how the bathroom items come in colors that complement the scheme too!

Victorian Inspired Design

green and white bathroom wall INSTAGRAM @landisarchitectsbuilders

Let’s take it back to the good old times with this Victorian bathroom.

From the timeless white shutters to the vintage brass accents and decor, it feels like stepping into another era!

Embracing the classics, this design offers a nostalgic charm that’s perfect for those who appreciate the elegance of bygone times.

If you need more storage, I recommend getting vintage wooden furniture to tie everything together.

tiny bathroom with green wallpaper INSTAGRAM @grantcottage_1924

In this refreshing Victorian space, we see a brighter, more delicate bathroom. It captures the aesthetic with delicate wallpaper and sophisticated design touches.

The checkered floors and grand wooden drawers are excellent features for transforming your bathroom into a vintage retreat.

The thin curtains do complement the design but could be an impractical choice for the bathroom.

Go for sheer waterproof curtains for the bath area instead.

Textured Mosaic Tiles

green bathroom with tall slender door INSTAGRAM @northcountytileandstone

Notice how this bathroom is covered with subtle shades of green and neutral earth tones.

You can also play with colors and textures by using mosaic tiles with varying shades of green.

Extend the tiled design into your shower cubby to create a seamless aesthetic. 

Clear glass shower rooms and divisions also contribute to making a spacious and consistent interior.

Remember to keep your bathrooms bright for a large and airy vibe.

mint green bathroom tiles INSTAGRAM @_studiogemma_

To give your bathroom that soothing ocean vibe, opt for a soft blue-green color scheme.

Adding some texture can also bring to mind the gentle ebb and flow of waves.

This dreamy space transports you straight to the beach with its blue-green hues and pebble-like flooring reminiscent of the shore.

A standout aspect of this bathroom is the carved-out area in front of the toilet, which can serve as storage or a convenient spot for your laundry basket.

Abstract Wallpaper

green bathroom wallpaper

Indulge in a heavenly experience with this serene bathroom design. The elegant green interior is complemented by a dreamy, abstract wallpaper and understated decor.

Bamboo mats and accents would look great here! Focus on maintaining a serene environment with natural and minimalistic elements.

Light a few scented candles and pull down the blinds to enjoy a nice dimly lit bath.

Don’t forget to bring a good book and a glass of wine to consume while you’re at it.

Minimalist Green Bath

under sink metal shelves

In this soothing sage green bathroom, simplicity reigns supreme, offering a fuss-free and effortlessly chic design.

To recreate this fancy space, simply incorporate the herringbone pattern into your panels and flooring. 

You can also go the extra mile with a custom bathtub – either get one in your favorite hue of green or one with a unique overall design!

Brick-Style Tiles

Narrow bathroom with under sink shelves

Want to add a dash of urban flair to your bathroom without committing to traditional bricks? Try using tiles in bond patterns to achieve that same aesthetic without the big change.

Simply pick out tiles that resemble classic bricks in shape and size, then deck out your bathroom with them for an instant urban vibe.

This design strikes the ideal balance between urban and rustic vibes, blending modern tiles and the tub with a charming country-style sink.

gray and green bathroom INSTAGRAM @lydias_layton_life

Check out this compact modern bathroom with a fresh take on tile design, mimicking the trendy brick pattern.

The gray tiles bring in some texture and balance things out with their neutral tones. They also bring a touch of brutalism to the mix without going overboard.

To keep things tidy, there’s a sleek storage setup that complements the sink and tub.

And let’s not forget the greenery – a couple of potted plants add a welcoming vibe to the space.

Beadboard Paneling

angled roof green bathroom

Give your bathroom a charming cottage vibe with tasteful beadboard paneling. They’ll keep your space nice and warm while being visually pleasing.

The matte black bathtub also adds a lovely stark contrast to the space, which also makes it the statement piece of this room.

If you want to maximize your beadboard panels for storage, you can extend them to protrude a bit from the walls to create ledges where you can put your bath items.

green bathroom with woven basket

This tiny rustic toilet area is also defined with light green beadboard paneling.

The wicker storage units help establish a cozy, rural aesthetic as well.

Making your bathroom a bit more cozy will definitely ease up the space limitations.

You might need more storage to keep items near the toilet. I suggest mounting shelves above the toilet or placing a small container on the back.

green bathroom with floating shelves

In another example, this elegant minimalist bathroom uses beadboard panels on the entire length of the wall.

This design keeps things simple and creates a uniform look.

It’s great for when you want to reinvent your space but don’t want to overdo it.

Aside from aesthetic purposes, beadboard panels also help insulate rooms and keep outside moisture away – making them a perfect choice to warm up your bathrooms stylishly!

minimalist green bathroom

For this home, we can see a lovely pastel-green bathroom with quirky tiles, a spacious tub, and refined beadboard paneling.

Although beadboard panels typically lend an elegant or country-inspired feel to a space, you can tweak the ambiance they create by incorporating elements from various design styles throughout the room.

As seen here, the bathroom appears more personal and lived-in.

I suggest adding a fuzzy carpet to make sure you don’t slip when you’re getting out of the tub!

Built-In Storage

bathroom cabinet with tall shelves

When dealing with a compact bathroom, optimizing the limited space is a primary challenge.

One strategy to achieve this without introducing cumbersome fixtures is to incorporate built-in storage solutions.

This cozy and elegant bathroom utilizes the height of its room to incorporate spacious storage compartments for your towels, linens, and other bathroom items.

I absolutely love the vibrant red carpet, it adds color and character to this space!

Compact Powder Room With Sink And Storage

over the toilet narrow counter

This adorable green powder room utilizes its small space efficiently with storage units.

This sink design stands out for its ample storage capacity and integration into the wall.

Additionally, there’s a neat ledge above the toilet with a thin shelf for the decor.

Shower Room With Shower Niche

green tiled shower room

In this green-tiled bathroom, the built-in storage is cleverly tucked away in the shower area.

A shower niche blends with the mosaic green walls, offering a handy spot to stash your bath essentials.

What’s neat about this setup is that it not only keeps your stuff organized but also provides a perfect spot to showcase some decorative items on the window ledge.

If you look up, you can notice the backlit ceiling which gives this bathroom a more expensive look!

Small Midcentury Bathroom Design

vertical green tiles INSTAGRAM @jtp_uk

Finally, let’s take a peek at a charming Midcentury bathroom. Featuring a stunning tiled shower enclosure and retro-chic storage near the sink, this space exudes timeless elegance.

For those aiming for a refined vintage vibe, the midcentury design offers a perfect blend of classic and contemporary elements.

To elevate this aesthetic further, consider adding a pair of sophisticated wall sconces with a touch of gold for that extra dash of class.

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