16 Small Bathroom Layouts You’ll Love

Finding the ideal layout for a small bathroom is all about striking that perfect balance between maximizing your space and making it look stylish.

In this article, we’ll dive into a bunch of cool designs, tips, and inspiring ideas to turn cramped bathrooms into cozy little havens you’ll love.

Sleek and Modern Bathroom with a Shower, Bathtub, and Mini Jacuzzi

Small bathroom wi5h dark gray tiles

This modern bathroom has a luxurious combination of a shower, a deep soaking bathtub, and a mini Jacuzzi. You have various options to wash up or relax after a long day!

The polished chrome faucets, showerheads, towel rack, and bathtub fixtures complement the sleek and sophisticated ambiance.

You can introduce layered lighting to create a more inviting atmosphere. Add ambient, task, and accent lighting to highlight key features like the bathtub, shower, and mini jacuzzi.

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Compact Bathroom with a Slim Shower Area Beside a Floating Toilet and Sink

Tiny bathroom with a see-through shower

This compact bathroom maximizes its space with a narrow shower area adjacent to a floating toilet and sink.

The wall-mounted toilet and sink create an illusion of openness by freeing up floor space.

Notice how the sleek shapes of the sink, toilet, and shower all come together to make this bathroom look sleek and smart? It’s all about keeping the design consistent, which gives it a cohesive vibe, even though it’s on the smaller side.

Bathroom with an Open Joint Bath and Shower Area

Bathtub fitted on an angled roof corner

This bathroom showcases a distinctive design, characterized by an angular window that gives off urban chic vibes mixed with some practical charm.

The joint bath and shower area creates a fluid layout while celebrating the openness of the room.

I’d add some partitions or frosted glass screens to keep things private without messing with the open layout. This way, you still get separation between the different areas while keeping that cool visual flow going.

Contemporary Bathroom with Recessed Wall Shelving

Gold and white color bathroom

This bathroom features recessed shelving on top of the bathtub. It offers convenient storage for toiletries and fancy decor, making it practical without messing up the style.

And how about that window placement? It’s perfect for enjoying a view of the great outdoors while you’re kicking back in the tub.

You can add warmth to the bathroom by introducing plants within the recessed shelves. Natural touches will make the space all the more cozy.

Tiled Bathrooms with Wide Mirrors and Sleek Fixtures

Black and white design bathroom

This tiled bathroom presents a harmonious blend of functionality and contemporary design.

The sleek faucets, showerheads, and hardware all match the style and colors of the room. Plus, the fixtures are cleverly placed to make it easy to move around.

I love how the mirror acts as a focal point, enhancing your perception of space and light within the bathroom.

However, I suggest choosing a frameless or sleek framed mirror to complement the modern ambiance and visually expand the room.

Small bathroom with tiny shower space

Here’s another tiled bathroom featuring a slender shower area with glass partitions to delineate the space.

Similar to the last bathroom, the floating sink unit and toilet not only free up floor space but also make the room feel more open and airy, adding to that sleek look.

The minimalist towel hooks and frameless mirror also add character to the space without overwhelming the clean lines of the design.

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Charming Blue Mosaic Bathroom with a Narrow Bath and Shower Area

Narrow bathroom with built-in bathtub on the floorINSTAGRAM @Lizziegreen.co

This adorable blue bathroom gives off such a welcoming vibe, thanks to its captivating mosaic tiles and snug bath and shower setup. It’s definitely a unique retreat within the home!

Another idea is to go for a combo bath-shower unit with glass partitions to keep things open and airy.

Can I just say that I love how the storage units optimize vertical space? The recessed walls and thin towel rack keep essentials organized without overwhelming the space.

Spa-Like Bathroom with Angled Ceiling Windows

Small bathroom on an angled roofINSTAGRAM @My_homely_decor

This bathroom evokes a serene ambiance reminiscent of a high-end spa!

I like the idea of incorporating a freestanding bathtub beneath the angled windows. This placement not only maximizes natural light but lets you indulge in serene moments while enjoying the outside view.

For this bathroom, it’s best to choose soft, neutral hues like whites, creams, or light grays for the walls, tiles, and fixtures. They’ll enhance the atmosphere while letting that natural light bounce around.

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Space-Optimizing Bathroom with Narrow Shelves and Linear Design Lighting

Tiny shower on a narrow cornerINSTAGRAM @Insearchoflights

This bathroom’s design centers around optimizing space with narrow shelves seamlessly integrated into the walls.

The sleek linear lighting fixtures add to the bathroom’s modern charm. Placed thoughtfully on the walls and ceiling, they cast a smooth, flattering glow, boosting the room’s atmosphere and matching the clean lines of the decor.

I suggest incorporating reflective surfaces, such as glossy tiles or metallic accents, to amplify light and add depth to the bathroom.

Small Teal Bathroom with Faux Foliage and Concrete-Effect Flooring

Green bathroom with plantsINSTAGRAM @Zephs_house

In this bathroom, you can see how the potted plants and artificial greenery on the ledges infuse a refreshing and organic element.

Meanwhile, the concrete-effect flooring contributes to the bathroom’s modern and industrial appeal. It adds a contemporary edge to the space!

I also like the simple layout of this bathroom, especially the placement of the window right next to the mirror. There’s ample sunlight during the day to help you get ready in front of the mirror.

Space-Saving Bathroom with Compact Shower and Sink Area

Small shower area on cornerINSTAGRAM @Smallbathroomdesign

This bathroom’s layout is carefully designed to make the most of limited space. The compact shower and sink area ensure easy movement and functionality without sacrificing comfort. 

The sleek and streamlined fixtures for the sink and shower also maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance.

I suggest adding floating shelves or cabinets above the sink area or near the shower to store toiletries and towels, or display decorative accents.

Tiny Bathroom with DIY Design Elements

Wooden cabinet with sink and built-in bathtub on cornerINSTAGRAM @Huntingforgeorge

This tiny bathroom is all about maximizing space, with fixtures in just the right spots. Notice how the sink is placed right next to the bath area to optimize movement within the room.

The handmade shelving and bathtub caddy add character and charm to the bathroom while maximizing functionality.

I suggest selecting accessories that serve dual purposes to save space. For instance, a medicine cabinet would be perfect for a compact bathroom like this one.

Farmhouse-Style Bathroom with Floating Shelves

Shower space fitted into the cornerINSTAGRAM @Touchofhopedecor

This bathroom’s layout maximizes storage and visual interest while maintaining a sense of openness and style. By installing shelves above the toilet area, you make the most of vertical space without cluttering up the room visually.

The light-toned mosaic tiles also brighten and visually expand the small room, creating a sense of airiness.

For small bathrooms like these, it’s best to keep accessories to a minimum to prevent overcrowding the space. Simple touches like a stylish mirror can add personality.

Modern Bathroom with an Elegant Shower Area

Tiny bathroom with shower benchINSTAGRAM @Yvettecrocker_artist

This bathroom’s shower area serves as the focal point, boasting elegance through its design. The shower curtain is a nice touch but I personally suggest installing a frameless glass enclosure if you want a sleek and sophisticated look.

Gold and brushed nickel finishes for faucets, showerheads, and handles also add a bit of glam to the overall design and layout.

Also, I love how there’s a bench within the shower enclosure. You have a comfortable spot to relax while showering!

Modern Bathroom with a Backlit Mirror and Warm-Lit Shelves

Modern design bathroom with cool lightingsINSTAGRAM @Aarman.decor

The mirror in this bathroom is positioned to catch your eye the moment you open the door, creating a strong visual impact.

The shelves and cabinets are also arranged in a way that maximizes both aesthetics and functionality. Placing them near the vanity or sink area offers convenient access to toiletries or towels while accentuating the warm lighting effect.

The elements of glass, metal, and textured surfaces also add visual interest and modern elegance to the space.

Traditional Under-the-Stairs Toilet

Under the stairs toiletINSTAGRAM @Lctilesandbathrooms

This toilet tucked under the stairs makes smart use of typically unused space, providing a practical bathroom setup.

It’s good that the door swings out instead of in. This optimizes movement and functionality within the limited space. There’s also a mirror above the toilet to visually enlarge the compact area.

If possible, I suggest installing an efficient exhaust fan or consider adding a small window to allow fresh air in.

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