12 Bathroom Window Ideas That Just Look Amazing

The right choice of window style, treatment, and placement can make a world of difference in enhancing the atmosphere and functionality of a bathroom.

Let’s explore a diverse range of bathroom window ideas that cater to various preferences and design sensibilities – whether it’s maximizing natural light or framing picturesque outdoor landscapes!

Modern Bathrooms with Skylight Windows Above the Bath and Shower Areas

white bathroom with skylight window INSTAGRAM @mojepotkrovlje

This attic bathroom has a skylight window positioned above the shower area. The window floods the bathroom with abundant natural light, creating an airy and inviting ambiance.

The window also provides an opportunity for stargazing or cloud watching while indulging in moments of relaxation.

You can complement the skylight’s presence by incorporating natural elements into the bathroom’s decor. Consider adding potted plants, bamboo accents, or wooden elements to create a tranquil and organic atmosphere.

blue bathroom with fixed windows INSTAGRAM @commonthreadstyle

This refreshing, blue-tiled bathroom is adorned with skylight windows too. However, this bathroom also has casement windows to blend elements of natural light and elegant design.

I love how the windows illuminate the space during the day, casting gentle beams over the beautiful blue walls and the pebbled flooring.

Simultaneously, the casement windows with wooden blinds provide additional control over privacy and light. They allow for adjustable illumination and add a touch of rustic charm.

bathroom with roof window INSTAGRAM @interestingcreativedesigns

This modern, dark gray bathroom also features a skylight window, this time positioned directly above the bathtub.

The infusion of daylight not only accentuates the modern gray aesthetics but also offers an immersive bathing experience. The window connects the interior with the sky, inviting moments of peaceful contemplation during bath time.

You can complement the skylight’s natural light at night with well-placed artificial lighting. Consider pendant lights to highlight architectural elements or accentuate specific areas like the bathtub or vanity.

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Rustic Farmhouse-Style Bathroom with a Statement Radius Window

bathroom, on an attic with round mirror INSTAGRAM @doitin_paris

This farmhouse bathroom, characterized by its rustic elements, is beautifully complemented by the radius window.

Its placement within the space amplifies the room’s ambiance, highlighting the natural beauty of the outdoors while serving as a focal point.

Feel free to style the radius window with simple, elegant curtains or Roman shades that complement the rustic decor. These window treatments will allow natural light to filter through and provide privacy when desired.

Minimalist Gable Window with Bespoke Blinds

bathtub and triangle window with blinds on roof INSTAGRAM @gdblinds

This minimalist bathroom features a sophisticated gable window adorned with bespoke blinds. It introduces a striking visual element while embracing clean lines and uncluttered aesthetics.

I love how the blinds are tailored to fit the window’s unique shape and dimensions. They complement the window’s minimalist appeal while providing privacy and light control.

While I do like the bareness and simplicity of this bathroom, simple decorative elements such as geometric vases, sculptural pieces, or minimalist artwork will add some visual interest.

Slender Rectangle Window Beside a Freestanding Tub and Tiled Feature Wall

tiny bathroom with tall fixed window INSTAGRAM @pinkandgreylife

This bathroom features a slender rectangle window beside a freestanding tub and accentuated by a beautifully tiled feature wall.

The window’s elongated shape allows for a stream of daylight to cascade into the space, enhancing the aesthetic appeal while providing a sense of openness.

For a bit of privacy, sheer curtains or sleek blinds will complement the modern aesthetic without obstructing the flow of natural light.

In this image, you’ll notice the stack of towels on the toilet seat. Many bathrooms lack decent storage space for towels. To help you, I have gathered together 18 great towel storage solutions for small bathrooms.

Minimalist Bathroom with a Single Casement Window

tiny bathroom window on the corner INSTAGRAM @homeasy.loft

This minimalist bathroom is graced by a single casement window. The window is placed beside the sink and mirror.

This design choice not only amplifies the spaciousness of the room but also serves as a focal point that seamlessly blends with the clean lines and uncluttered aesthetics of the bathroom.

I love the combination of the floating sink and shelves, along with the neutral color scheme of the bathroom’s decor. They’re a harmonious blend of simplicity and functionality.

Double-Hung Windows with Café Curtains

bathroom with double hung window INSTAGRAM @liluinteriors

This contemporary bathroom strikes a perfect balance between modern sophistication and classic charm.

The double-hung windows offer versatility in ventilation and light control while allowing an abundance of natural light to illuminate the bathroom.

When paired with café curtains, they evoke a sense of comfort and intimacy, adding a subtle hint of traditional charm to the modern space.

I suggest choosing café curtains crafted from contemporary fabrics, such as lightweight linen or cotton with subtle patterns or neutral tones.

Bathrooms with Statement Windows Above the Bathtub

tiny bathroom with rectangular and square windows INSTAGRAM @milgardwindowsdoors

This minimalist bathroom features windows with clean lines and unobtrusive frames. The windows offer a breath-taking expansive view of the outdoors while bathing the area in natural light.

The windows’ design exudes simplicity and sophistication, perfectly aligning with the bathroom’s minimalist aesthetic.

It’s best to maximize the impact of the windows by keeping the surrounding space uncluttered. Avoid obstructing the view with excessive decor or window treatments to allow the natural beauty outside to become the focal point.

tiny bathroom with an arch window INSTAGRAM @kamurphyinteriors

This elegant marbled bathroom is adorned with a large barn-door shaped window that reveals a breath-taking seaside view.

This distinctive architectural feature seamlessly merges opulence with nature’s splendor, creating a lavish bathing retreat within a serene coastal setting.

Of course, this style of bathroom and view is not something most people have access to…

but we can dream, right?!

Built-in bathtub and casement window INSTAGRAM @mountainpassivehouse

Here is another window layout above the bathtub that opens to a beautiful outdoor view, this time of the mountainside.

The classic windows, with their hinged panels that swing inward, create a seamless connection between the bathroom and the stunning outdoor landscape. You have a serene backdrop each time you take a bath!

Also, notice the integration of sun-blocking filters on the windows. These allow you to control natural light while preserving privacy and mitigating harsh glare.

Compact Bathroom with Plantation Shutters

square window with wooden blinds INSTAGRAM @ellyn_adley0912

This tiny bathroom’s window is adorned with plantation shutters that serve as functional and visually appealing window treatments.

These classic shutters, known for their adjustable louvers and sleek design, offer privacy, light control, and a touch of elegance.

It’s best to choose plantation shutters made from high-quality materials like wood or faux wood and select a finish that complements your bathroom’s decor.

Choose shutters with wider louvers for a contemporary look or narrower ones for a more traditional appeal.

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