48 Bathroom Tiles That Just Look Amazing

Ready to give your bathroom a serious upgrade? You can change the aesthetic and feel of the whole interior just with an amazing tile design.

Get inspired with our top 48 picks for jaw-dropping tile designs that can transform your bathroom into a visual treat.

Checkered Yellow Tiles

bathroom shelves with alternating color tilesINSTAGRAM @spoak

First up is this bubbly bathroom interior with glossy checkered yellow-tiled walls and smaller black-and-white tiles on the floor.

The design distributes the checkered pattern throughout the bathroom- even around the built-in shelves.

I adore how space-optimizing and aesthetically pleasing the shelves are! They give you a ton of room to store your bath items.

alternating yellow and white tilesINSTAGRAM @studio.bosko

This bathroom takes a more charming approach with textured checkered yellow tiles and additional quirky features.

This room has several eye-catching pieces: a stylish sink, a mounted toilet, and a little niche above it. 

You can keep a few hygiene products under the sink too. I suggest storing them in woven containers or baskets to make them more appealing.

Blue Geometric Design

blue tiles and white walls bathroomINSTAGRAM @timesproperty

Cooling things down with a serene but sharp blue bathroom design, here is one with a sleek geometric tile pattern.

The tiles even grace the ceiling with a unique outline. It’s a great way of adding aesthetics to the upper half of your bathroom.

You can also go for a chic light fixture to complement the ceilings as well. I recommend installing a shelf or shower niche by the bathtub so you can place a few products nearby.

Arched Yellow Spaces

narrow shower room with yellow tilesINSTAGRAM @02astudio

Back to the bright yellows – here’s an interesting compact bathroom design. It divides the shower and sink area into two arched yellow spaces.

Check out the mirrored cabinets! The additional mirrors help distribute light for a more spacious feel.

This is a great pop of color for a white bathroom, especially since the way it is used doesn’t overpower the space.

Scallop-Tiled Bathrooms

yellow scale tiles showernroomINSTAGRAM @thehouse.andme

Looking to spice up the shower space while maintaining the rest of your interior? Here’s an excellent way to do that!

This yellow bathroom with scallop tiles is a playful homage to the seaside theme. Although, it does keep the design neatly in the shower area.

Keeping the rest of the design simple is key to achieve balance with this aesthetic. The shower area could also use a niche for your shampoos and soaps.

bermuda blue scale tilesINSTAGRAM @encoreceramics

Now, if you want a more calming motif, consider this blue scallop-tile design. The color scheme is closer to the oceanic feel and beautifully accentuates the shower area.

The design smartly allows a place for storage, a seat, and a way to hang up your towel to dry.

I love how there are also large houseplants in this bathroom. The added greenery complements the blue and makes the ambiance more natural.

Navy Blue Motif

blue shower room with side shelvesINSTAGRAM @hw.interiors

For a modern and elegant bathroom, a rich navy blue color scheme does an excellent job of executing that aesthetic.

From the tiles to the shelves to the cabinet, you can see the luxurious blue hue spread across this bathroom.

As the motif is on the darker side, you’d want to invest in good lighting to make sure the bathroom is well-lit in the night.

black and white mosaic tilesINSTAGRAM @housebeautifuluk

Here’s an eccentric design using a similar color scheme. The accent wall has an amazing starburst tile pattern while the ones on its sides remain plain and simple.

I suggest installing a shower niche by the bathtub for extra efficiency even though there’s a nice wooden bath tray already.

Warm colors and bronze or gold accents would also look incredible against this motif.

Hexagonal Mosaic Tiles

tiny bathroom with picket tilesINSTAGRAM @lunadabaytile

Onto a more youthful space, this contemporary bathroom is lined with hexagonal blue tiles in varying shades of color.

The design cleverly places a small vanity area beside the bathtub. Not only that but to its right, there’s a nifty wall-length cabinet for maximum storage.

I do recommend getting a taller barrier between the bathtub and the vanity, just to make sure your prepping area doesn’t get unnecessarily wet.

unfinished wall tiling designINSTAGRAM @thebromleybathroomcompany

For a modern and feminine bathroom, this pink tiled space with black accents is a marvelous style idea to revamp any area of your home.

The stark black toilet, sink, and linings provide a great contrast to the delicate pink tiles.

Note that getting tiles with varying shades of color can help subtly add dimension to a space. In this design, the unfinished outlines of the tiles also add movement to the walls.

Tiny Square Mosaic Tiles

tiny yellow square tiles bathroomINSTAGRAM @cortijo_el_grillo

Starting to notice a trend here? Mosaic tiles are a popular choice for bathroom designs because they are quite effective style-wise.

This little bathroom uses a minute yellow tile pattern to define the walls and sink area. Looking above, you can also see a charming bamboo ceiling for a natural touch.

It’s such a quick and easy way to accentuate your bathroom. The best part is there are tons of shapes, colors, and styles to choose from!

terrazzo tiles sink and floor

This breathtaking bathroom with an open and spacious feel uses a sophisticated yet delicate pink mosaic wall.

The space incorporates many natural elements with luscious plants, the use of sunlight, and stone material on the floor and sink.

As you can see, using different hues can also add texture and character to an area. Don’t forget that you can also use a combination of completely different colors instead of maintaining a monochromatic scheme.

Green Brick Tile Design

built-in bathtub with green tilesINSTAGRAM @bertandmay

To always have a calming bath, consider this tranquil green brick bathroom design.

The vertical orientation of the tiles contributes to the illusion of a taller and wider space, which is ideal for bathrooms with limited room.

Earthy and wooden accents will complement green space significantly. Here, they’re used on the ledge and on the mounted towel rack.

bathroom with glossy green tilesINSTAGRAM @afamilyfarmhouse

Here, we have a more vibrant green bathroom with glossy brick tiles. However, other notable features add to the aesthetic of this space as well.

Just look at that shower niche! It lights up to highlight your bath items, perfect for when you want to enjoy a nice warm bath at night.

Using black framed glass partitions for the shower area gives off an industrial vibe to go with the brick tiles.

Pink Tiled Bathrooms

pink and white mosaic tilesINSTAGRAM @the_62_cat

For a refined interior, pink herringbone tiles and an intricately patterned black-and-white floor would be an excellent style choice for a sophisticated bathroom.

A herringbone tile pattern adds movement and detail. To balance the feminine aesthetic, black accents were used, and a compact wooden sink storage to go with the rest of the design.

Industrial lamps or pendant lights would look phenomenal for the vanity area. Make sure to get the right temperature of bathroom lighting too.

bathroom with square tiles and plants

If you want a baby pink design, here’s a romantic bathroom aesthetic with soft blush tones and an abundance of hanging plants.

A white and pink color scheme maintains a bright and fresh atmosphere. It would also look lovely in bathrooms that let in a lot of natural light.

Aside from hanging green plants, adding flowers can also enhance this design and play into the feminine ambiance.

bathroom with tan color tiles and hanging plants

Here’s another pink design with a dazzling rose gold hanging plant pot with textured brick tiles in the backdrop.

Revamping plant containers or other pieces can help elevate the look of your bathroom greatly if you want a small and simple way to do so.

You can change the overall vibe just with the finish of your tiles. You can get an earthy and rustic feel with matte tiles and a modern and sleek vibe with glossy ones.

rectangular tiles

Here’s yet another pink brick-tiled bathroom. This time, it uses flowers to add natural elements to its decor.

A wooden countertop is an excellent way to make a bathroom more endearing and romantic. The flowers are just the cherry on top.

I suggest adding scented candles and other wooden ornaments on the countertop to emphasize the rustic theme.

Modern Black And White Bathroom

black mosaic tiles with shelvesINSTAGRAM @construction_nate

Interestingly, this modern black-and-white bathroom uses three different tile patterns in its design.

For the bathtub area, simple marble tiles are placed vertically, the grand shower niche is covered in hexagonal black tiles, and the vanity area boasts an elegant herringbone pattern.

Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile with embellishments on your furniture and other structures. They may be little but they go a long way.

Blue Subway Tile And Moroccan Tile Flooring

green rectangular tiles bathroomINSTAGRAM @bg.premierbathrooms

This compact and complex bath area doesn’t hold back with its colors and patterns. Moroccan tiles and a blue brick shower area prove to be an intriguing combo here.

Despite having tiny structures, there’s still an efficient storage space by the sink. Additionally, the frosted windows are a great way to let in soft natural lighting.

If you want a more lively and colorful scheme, you can opt for Moroccan tiles with more vibrant designs instead.

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Aztec Pattern

black and white bathroom tiles (1)INSTAGRAM @livingletterhome

Aside from getting Moroccan tiles, choosing ones with Aztec patterns can also incorporate a lot of character into your bathroom. Just look at this cool bath area.

Aztec patterns work well with simple colors because of the already loud design. However, they are more eye-catching when there are vivid hues.

So, it will ultimately depend on your preference and the kind of look you’re going for. You can also consider other sizes of the said pattern.

Black And White Stripes

shower room with black and white tiles

A black and white color scheme is always a timeless choice. The palette has a stark contrast but it can suit almost any interior design.

This bathroom keeps the stripes to a minimum by just having them line the shower walls. 

To extend the design to the sink area, a striped carpet is also a nice touch. I recommend having at least one vibrant piece to give your bathroom a pop of color.

bathroom with wooden wall and black and white tile

Check out this alluring modern bathroom design. It uses a black and white wall and wood to define the toilet and shower space.

Wooden elements can soften sleek and modern aesthetics. So, if you want a cozier feel to your bathroom, incorporate more natural materials.

Overhead lighting might not be the best for the mirror. I’m sure it’ll be better to have a vanity with backlights or lamps to illuminate you from the front.

vertical black and white tiles

If you want a striped motif on a larger scale, think about a design like this with the pattern covering the walls and the floor.

The options can be overwhelming because there are so many ways to decorate around a black and white theme. You don’t have to go too far and just spread out the design even more.

If you’re going to try this in your bathroom, make sure that the design is balanced. Otherwise, you might find the look a bit dizzying.

black and white bathroom tiles

Here’s another example that utilizes more white than the last design. The variation makes for a brighter and fresher bath space.

Depending on where you want to add space, you can change the direction of the strips. For a longer room, go horizontal, and for a taller one, make them vertical.

Getting a large mirror can also contribute to the brightness of the bathroom. Place it near a light source to amplify the space.

black and white floor tiles

This bath area shows black and white floors and an intriguing black and white curtain.

You can easily recreate this look in a bathroom with white tiles by using black peel-off ones. Another thing you can do is have them in a checkered pattern for a more retro vibe.

There should definitely be a non-slip rug and a bath tray to make your bathing experience more safe and convenient.

Dusty Blue Brick Designs

blue rectangular tiles

Now, let’s take a look at this refreshingly blue bath space. It’s covered in light blue tiles from the floor to the ceiling.

Blue is a popular color scheme for bathrooms but not all designs are this light and airy.

I absolutely adore the use of blue flowers to decorate this uniform space. Having a window that lets in natural light also helps in creating a breezy atmosphere.

pale blue rectangular tiles

Here’s another design, but this time the tiles come in varying shades of blue. The change helps break up the uniformity of the look for a more lived-in feel.

If you ever need storage, white shelves and furniture pieces would look great against this palette and would match the tub.

Flowers do look magnificent, even in bathrooms. To embellish the space, add some more!

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Pixelated Pinks

pink bathtub and tiles

This might be the most vivid pink bathroom you’ll encounter yet. It doesn’t use a soft or romantic palette, rather it uses funky shades of purple and purplish pinks to emphasize the space.

The tile design mimics a pixelated look for a trendy and fabulous bathroom aesthetic. Even the custom tub and glass partition are so unique!

You can use up your creative juices and go all out with a design like this!

Soft Pink Square Tiles

pink square tiles behind bathtub

If the previous design was a bit too much for you, perhaps this simpler pink bathroom will suit your fancy.

There’s nothing complicated about it, just a nice bathtub surrounded by baby pink walls.

It’s a straightforward layout but there’s always something you can do for an added oomph factor. Consider placing a few plants or hanging up some decor to cheer up the bare space.

square pink tiles

Pink tiles also look amazing in the sink area, especially with a pink sink! This lovely bathroom design showcases that.

Matching your sinks, toilets, or bathtubs to the color scheme of your bathroom shows thoughtfulness in the design.

To make a motif like this prettier and chic, you can add more metallic accents and leafy or flowery plants as decoration.

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Glossy Pink Bricks

running bond pattern tiles

Because pink is such a magnetic color to have in the bathroom, we’ve gathered more pink-inspired designs.

Here’s one with glossy brick tiles for an elegant and youthful vibe. The bathroom uses cooler-toned pink tiles and lights for a brighter space.

You can change the ambiance of your bathroom just by changing the temperature of your color scheme and the lighting. So, think about whether you want a cool or warm vibe.

rose pink tiles

Here’s a more rustic sink area, also with pink tiles. The difference here lies in the wooden-framed mirror, gold faucet finish, and some beautiful flowers.

You can dress up a pink space with small and subtle accents to make your bathroom a more feminine space.

I recommend getting vintage lamps for the sides of the mirror to add to the aesthetic and make the vanity area well-lit.

pink tiles and pink sink

This is another variation of the last design. It utilizes more metallic linings and leafy greens instead of flowers.

It’s a great way of embellishing a pink bathroom that won’t make it too feminine, but you still get that gentle and relaxing aesthetic.

Metal shelves would look amazing above the sink. Plus, they’d also serve as additional storage.

bathroom with woven baskets and mosaic tiles

Maybe plain pink tiles aren’t your thing, and that’s fine! You can still use the delicately colored brick style with a more fleshed-out design.

Using tiles that aren’t one solid color can help add dimension and character to the walls, as you can see here.

I love how they used woven accents, they complement the plants and the design greatly.

Textured Metallic Finishes

dusty rose rectangular bathroom tiles

Who says you can’t make a small bathroom look big and expensive? This design shimmers with a jaw-dropping copper wall and other copper fixtures.

Metallics are a genius way of getting that lavish look. They’re sturdy and a top-notch material when it comes to aesthetics.

The textured copper wall here helps create a spacious room by reflecting specks of light throughout the area.

square tiles with rough surface

You can also get a sleek metallic tub to pair with your lustrous wall like this design here.

This design doesn’t go overboard with the metallics and still incorporates touches of nature with a good old wooden floor.

For cohesive storage, I suggest installing wooden shelves or just getting wooden storage pieces like a small cabinet to put by the tub.

brown plain tiles

Here’s a design that uses textured metallic tiles around the sink. You can see how visually appealing the material is.

It goes so well with the bronze faucet! Getting a matching bronze soap container and bottle is just another genius design idea.

If you want to add a touch of charm, you can wrap some vines around the mirror or have a hanging plant nearby.

brown wall tiles with wall sink

We have another example here that uses a slightly smaller tile size for the vanity. The faucet fixture is also built into the wall instead of on the sink.

Slight variations to the designs that catch your eye can give you the exact aesthetic you’re looking for. So, you don’t have to follow each example to a tee. 

See how the flowers are a small addition but they elevate the look significantly? Don’t underestimate the power of decor, too!

brown and white square tiles

Let’s take a look at how texture metallic tiles can highlight the toilet area. This design gives a nice backdrop for this essential bathroom feature.

The wall behind our toilets can often serve as accent space. It’s not a large area but it can surely give a decorative touch to your bathroom.

You can also place a niche or some shelves by the toilet where you can place toilet paper and other hygiene products for easier access.

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Mosaic Metallics

bathroom tiles glossy wall tiles

Now, let’s consider other ways to incorporate a metallic aesthetic into your bathroom. This shower area uses the mosaic design concept and pairs it with some shiny tiles.

The finish gives off a slight reflection, which adds visual interest to the shower space.

I love the sleek niche to the side and how it is also lined with mosaic tiles!

tiny glass tiles

Since we’ve already seen several copper-inspired bathrooms, let’s lend the spotlight on this silver-tiled design.

Depending on the kind of finish and texture you have on your tiles, you can get cool wave-like light patterns reflected from the natural light you let in like the ones in the image.

It’s great for inducing a serene and relaxing atmosphere during the daytime. Remember to use these tiles on a wall where the lights would hit to ensure the same effect.

Rose Gold Designs

wooden bathroom with tiny brown tiles

This bathroom’s small but it’s filled with a pleasant rose gold motif, warm wood, and luscious greens.

The design combines a rustic charm with lavish elegance. It isn’t too over-the-top because the natural elements make it a more modest aesthetic.

Most of the time, wood is going to work with metal, just as long as you get the right material for both. So, don’t be afraid to partner these two materials to achieve a cohesive design!

tiny square brown tiles

Here, the rose gold tiles only accentuate the sink area, and the rest of the bathroom is kept simple with a white color scheme.

You can also choose to have just one dedicated space showcasing the luster and texture of your choice of metallics. 

The sink is a great place to define since there is a ton of space to decorate around it. Think about getting a metallic finish for your sink storage as well to unite the aesthetic.

narrow brown bathroom with lightings

On the other hand, here’s a design that generously uses rose gold tiles all around.

It may seem tedious at first glance, but it is actually a quick and easy way to establish your bathroom’s theme. You won’t have to worry about decorating too much since small accents can do just the trick. 

If you want to go the extra mile, you can also get customized toilets and sinks to match the rose gold aesthetic.

luxury bathroom with glossy tiles

This magnificent design makes the most of a rose gold theme with a customized sink feature to match the walls.

With the tiles being thin and arranged vertically, the design elongates the bathroom’s height.

Orchids are such a lovely plant to have in the bathroom, whether they’re real or fake. They make any interior look more Zen-inspired and expensive. So, give some thought to the kinds of flowers you would use to decorate.

Golden Bathrooms

ceramic tile bathroom wall

Here we have a modern yet classic bathroom with an elegant gold mosaic motif.

If you don’t want such a striking aesthetic, consider shades of metallic designs that aren’t too vivid but still have that shine intact.

This kind of bathroom design benefits from having darker, non-metallic accents such as the black sink and storage. It is still functional and visually appealing without compromising the posh aesthetic.

golden bathroom tiles

We’re ending things with a bang with this glamorous gold bathroom design.

The bright yellow-gold color makes for a more vibrant and luxurious style. It’s great if you want your bathroom to look extremely fancy and expensive.

However, if it is going to be a challenge to decorate around this theme, just remember to keep things simple with plain or muted fixtures and storage.

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