43 Great Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Spaces

Don’t be constrained by limited square footage; embrace the transformative influence of a stunning tile design to elevate your small bathroom.

Here are 43 amazing tile ideas for small spaces to inspire your next bathroom transformation.

Vibrant Yellow Tile Designs

white and yellow bathroom tilesINSTAGRAM @homemilk

We’re getting right into it with this bright white and yellow tiled design. This perky place is sure to cheer you up upon entry.

Notice how the bathtub is also lined with the white and yellow tile pattern. This creates a continuity between the tub and the wall. 

For storage, you can carve a small shower niche in the center of the wall or install a couple of shelves.

white tiles with golden groutINSTAGRAM @andandandstudio

Here’s another white and yellow bathroom with a sleek compact design. The interior remains simple with small white tiles, yellow grout, and a yellow upper wall.

This bathroom has an interestingly sharp and geometric feel with bold yellow storage and a round mirror.

The rounded mirror adds softness to the compact design. To make it a bit more mellow, consider placing a few houseplants too!

shower room with yellow tilesINSTAGRAM @seagullspaintThis tiny shower area might be small but it packs a punch with its vivid yellow color scheme.

The design uses a subtle pattern to highlight the shower area and even has a matching yellow blind to cover the window!

I love how there are also lights in the shower area to make sure it’s well-lit in there. Light distribution in small spaces can be tricky so this is a detail you need to consider.

Vertical Brick Tile Design

green bathroom with plantINSTAGRAM @bertandmay

No, this isn’t a spa, it’s another stylish small bathroom! An intricate floor pattern and other relaxing elements accompany this relaxing green brick wall design.

To make your bathroom a rejuvenating place, consider adding natural elements and charming wooden accents.

You can go the extra mile and cover the tub with the same brick tiles or leave it bare. You can also decorate this bathroom with a statement piece like the rattan mirror featured here.

vertical green tilesINSTAGRAM @carlandconstructions

Brick-styled tiles aren’t an uncommon design choice, but there are definitely ways to utilize them that are different from the standard.

This bathroom also orients the tiles vertically and even boasts a textured finish and varying depths of color for a more earthy feel to the interior.

The wooden sink storage complements this bathroom beautifully, as well as the adorable wooden stump.

vertical bathroom tiles on half wallINSTAGRAM @bohemian_heaven

Now, we’re going towards a modern and abstract approach with this contemporary blue bathroom.

It also uses the vertical brick design but in a deeper blue shade. And this time, we get a black-and-white patterned floor that adds an abstract retro vibe to this interior.

I adore the mixing and matching of the elements in this bathroom–the antique wooden storage, futuristic toilet, mounted shelves, and a sleek glass shower area.

Hexagonal Tile Patterns

bathroom with picket ceramic tilesINSTAGRAM @lunadabaytile

Continuing the blue color scheme is this cool bathroom with hexagonal tiles lining the walls.

Aside from the tiled wall with different shades of blue, this small design managed to fit in a small vanity area between the tub and the storage.

Placing the vanity by the area is smart since it allows you to get ready near natural lighting. I also recommend getting organizers so you can keep your products arranged on the tabletop.

honeycomb and terrazzo bathroom tilesINSTAGRAM @cementocollection

For a mature and artistic bathroom, check out this darker blue shower area with a terrazzo print on the upper half of the wall.

If you look closely, you can see two shower niches that effortlessly blend with the terrazzo print. It’s a great hack for keeping your shower storage undetectable.

I suggest getting containers if you have more bathroom items that you want to keep on the shower ledge.

unfinished tiling designINSTAGRAM @easybathrooms

This powder room intriguingly uses black hexagonal tiles, with an irregular outline separating it from the white wall.

The design is a great example of how to spice up even the tightest of bathrooms without consuming too much space.

The hexagonal mirror is a quirky touch that complements this overall design. I also appreciate the unique wooden sink feature which provides a ton of style in such a limited space.

Geometric Starbust Design

blue tiles and white walls bathroomINSTAGRAM @timesproperty

There are several things you can do with your bathroom’s interior design just by using irregular shapes and tile placement.

This blue bathroom uses white lines across the tiles to pull off a geometric starburst effect. Additionally, the tiles extend to the ceiling for a unique aesthetic.

It’s best to keep the rest of the interior lowkey with a flashy pattern such as this. White pairs with it well but you can also use yellows or oranges since they complement the blue color scheme.

sink on green arch wallINSTAGRAM @Bohbointeriores

This version showcases a more sophisticated starburst design for this modern bohemian bathroom. It also contains terracotta accents to warm up the interior and an arched vanity space for a unique definition.

The starburst pattern gives this bathroom a much-needed oomph while maintaining a dignified aesthetic. 

Another notable feature of this bathroom is the smart use of a limewashed wall to help balance the entire design.

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Minimalist White Bathroom

wooden shelves and cabinet in white tiled bathroomINSTAGRAM @Thespruceofficial

You can’t really go wrong with the classic white and wood motif. This small bathroom proves that you don’t need much to achieve a graceful aesthetic.

The design simply uses white tiles for the shower walls and scattered black hexagonal tiles along the floor for a bit of contrast. 

Matching the wooden shelves to the sink storage is such an effective way to create a united look. I suggest using woven carpets as well to complement the aesthetic.

Yellow Bathroom Designs

alternating yellow and white tilesINSTAGRAM @studio.bosko

We’re back to the yellows! This time, the bathroom here showcases a charming retro design with checkered tiles.

This design isn’t just snappy, but it is also quite space-efficient with storage under the sink and a neat niche above the toilet.

You can be a bit more adventurous with this design and use jazzy decorations since they’ll fit right into this theme.

honey color bathroomINSTAGRAM @homewithhelenandco

You can also opt for a dashing mustard-yellow brick design like the one displayed in this small bath area.

Deeper yellows are an excellent choice if you want the vibrancy of the color but not the brightness. 

I recommend installing shelves by the tub or a little shower niche so you can keep the window ledge clear of your bathroom products or fill up the rest of the space with more plants.

tiny yellow square tiles bathroomINSTAGRAM @cortijo_el_grillo

Here’s a more subtle way to incorporate a yellow color scheme into your bathroom: tiny yellow mosaic tiles.

Mosaic tiles offer an artistic contribution to any interior. The varying shades and textured finish make it look like each design was handmade.

You can maximize the wall space by installing wooden shelves that would match the bamboo ceiling. That way, you can efficiently store a few more hygiene products.

If you’re planning on styling a yellow bathroom, I’ve got some stylish ideas for yellow bathrooms in small spaces.

Black-And-White Designs

attic bathroom with geometric tilesINSTAGRAM @bertandmay

Moving onto a classic color theme, let’s start with this chic black-and-white bath space.

The design playfully arranges black-and-white triangles to get this dashing output. It even extends to the shower niche and cleverly keeps the black bottles hidden in plain sight. 

Because this bathroom has a large skylight that lets in sunlight, it would be a great place to put a couple of houseplants in.

cube bathroom floor tilesINSTAGRAM @leilatalmadgeinteriors

This bathroom focuses the black-and-white scheme more on the floor with these cool cube designs.

The trippy optical illusion is a fun and quirky way to add character to your bathroom without doing too much to the space.

Just to make sure there’s a pop of color in here, like the wonderful blue and green locker-type storage under the sink.

half black half white wall

This time, we’re upping the ante with this luxurious black-and-white toilet area. The space is split into two with white on the bottom and black on the top.

The intentional design makes for a fancy aesthetic and balances the contrast within the bathroom.

You could use some storage beside the toilet, so I suggest getting a black or white stand or maybe even a niche to make it look more sleek.

plain white bathroom walls

Here’s another lush black-and-white bathroom with a dominantly white motif. However, there’s enough black incorporated into the design to define the space.

If you want to keep your bathroom classy and slick, use blocks of black and white around your bathroom. 

Don’t be afraid to embellish a simple and minimalist design with color and frilly ornaments, they can help soften the interior.

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Blue Bathroom Designs

shower room with green tilesINSTAGRAM @dreamlineshower

Let’s tone things back down with this homey bathroom with lovely light teal tiles in the shower room and a snazzy Aztec patterned floor.

This bathroom design has the right combination of a rustic and modern interior with wooden accents on the window and sink, and a polished black-framed shower area.

Adding flowers and plants would enhance this aesthetic tremendously. You can also put up framed pictures or artwork for a personal touch.

snowflakes bathroom tilesINSTAGRAM @hunkerhome

Perhaps you’d prefer a more eccentric blue bathroom design? Well, this one has an interesting hexagonal pattern that mimics snowflakes.

A blue and white theme can give your bathroom a crisp and pristine aura. Additionally, it can even make the space feel more clean.

Do you know what would make this design even better? A captivating light fixture! It would illuminate the space and even act as a statement piece.

blue bathroom with plant

Meanwhile, this breathtaking contemporary bathroom uses a striking light blue color scheme and sleek white structures.

The electric design is perfect for modern and spacious bathrooms. It’s refreshing and can instantly elevate the aesthetic of the space.

I love the small tree placed in the corner. It’s genius and it incorporates natural elements with style. You can change the ambiance as well by putting a tree that has more of a tropical feel to it.

blue and white bathroom

Continuing with the fresh blue theme is this high-class bathroom with a bluish-gray tint over its smooth interior.

It’s great for bachelors looking for a cleaner bathroom aesthetic. It’s simple, chic, and elegant which also makes it ideal for young professionals.

This gleaming bathroom can also use some personalization, so I encourage decorating the place to fit your style.

Marbled Walls

bathroom with marble tilesINSTAGRAM @allmarbletiles

While we’re on the topic of state-of-the-art bathrooms, here are some more designs that utilize classy marble patterns.

This one displays a chunkier pattern and distributes the style from the shower room to the walls and flooring.

Having a big window is best for widening small spaces, it lets in a ton of natural light and beautifully frames any scenic view.

bathroom with marble tiles

This design uses larger swishes in its marble designs and delegates the pattern across the walls and floor.

This refined bathroom even has a his-and-hers sink to optimize your morning routine. The large mirror also contributes to making this area appear bigger.

Aside from the impressive lighting behind the mirror and under the vanity, you could also line the mirror with lights so you can get direct lighting when you get ready.

Explore an array of lighting options to brighten and liven things up in small bathrooms.

black and white bathroom walls

Here’s a more subtle use of marble patterns with it only defining the toilet area. The rest of the interior is covered in black tiles to implement more contrast.

To highlight the toilet area, a marvelous thin streaked marble wall graces the space.

You can install a shower niche and a niche by the toilet to implement more storage in an understated way.

White Bathroom Designs

all white bathroom with pendant lights

We’ve also gathered a few immaculate bathroom designs for clean-look enthusiasts and we’re starting off with this modern white bathroom.

The futuristic design features a floating toilet and bath! This doesn’t only look amazing but also makes the interior feel more spacious.

The white brick tiles and pendant lamps add a hint of industrial design to this spotless bathroom.

all white bathroom tiles

In this narrow pathway, you can barely make out the structures of this bathroom because everything is so seamless!

An all-white interior will surely blend well together and result in a bright and clean space. The touches of marble patterns drizzle a hint of style to the all-white bathroom.

You can choose tiles with faint streaks or patterns to have a little more character in a minimalist bathroom.

all white bathroom

In another pristine toilet area, we see a simpler white bathroom layout with a small houseplant and a wooden panel behind the toilet.

Blinds offer a low-maintenance and visually appealing option compared to curtains. They also maintain their white color for longer periods and contribute to a more cohesive look in rooms.

They also are a smart choice for bathroom windows since they’re easy to clean and can give you total privacy.

minimalist white bathroom

This straightforward elegant design utilizes a slightly warmer shade of white to create a calming interior for this bathroom.

This design provides more than enough space for a couple to move freely around the bathroom with a wide layout and a double sink feature.

I recommend adding a stunning chandelier or modern light fixture to serve as the statement piece of this bathroom.

Contemporary Neutral Designs

plain bathroom tiles

Had enough of the whites? Here are a few neutral alternatives that can give you the same air of sophistication with a bit more color.

This beige-gray bathroom has an elegant and warm design that has a more lived-in feel compared to an all-white space.

The color scheme also works wonders for making areas appear more spacious. I suggest adding contemporary decor to improve the aesthetics.

bathroom with backlit mirror and plain tiles

In another bathroom with a neutral motif, we can find a zen ambiance and aesthetic with this streamlined design.

This bathroom has a small indoor tree to embellish its interior. It also has a floor-to-ceiling window that brightens up this space. 

This place would look even more amazing with woven and wooden accents. You can also add orchids to complement the interior.

Black Brick Tile Designs

glossy black and white tiles

Take in this sumptuous glossy black bathroom with shiny brick tiles. The dark definition extends from the floor to the vanity to the walls.

Covering the sink with the same tiles helps it blend into the aesthetic for a seamless effect.

If you’re going to add plants to this space, I suggest getting containers with matte finishes to counter the shine of the whole interior.

black bathroom walls and white floor tiles

In this modern bathroom, we can see another black brick tile design that is slightly less glossy than the last.

One of the neat things about working with tiles is that you have a multitude of options when it comes to their finish. 

By using a different material on the sink, you’re adding texture to the interior without compromising the color scheme.

black and white bathroom

This sleek bathroom exhibits a uniform aesthetic by using glossy back tiles along all of the walls.

When working with this color scheme, you don’t have to go overboard with the designs or the layout. The stark contrast is enough to make an impact on the aesthetic.

As black tiles make up the majority of the walls, you should invest in good lighting fixtures to ensure that this bathroom won’t appear drab or too harsh.

black bathroom walls

This glistening shower and toilet space looks luxurious with its classy yet simple design.

Don’t be fooled, you can still achieve a spacious ambiance when using dark colors. Just make sure to not overcrowd the design and have sufficient lighting for a brighter space. 

When planning your next bathroom transformation, I recommend a different placement for the toilet. It would be better if it was separate from the shower area instead of between it.

Pink Bathroom Tiles

glossy bathroom tiles

This bathroom is the definition of pretty in pink with a glamorous interior design. The pale blush theme is complemented by shiny pink mosaic tiles dispersed in separate sections.

It’s a clever way to define certain areas of your bathroom in a luxurious yet affordable way.

If you want an expensive look but don’t want to break the bank, metallic finishes or glossy tiles will do the trick.

pink bathroom tiles

Here’s an effortless design that anyone can achieve by just using refined light pink tiles in your bathroom.

The compact design of the toilet and sink adds even more sophistication to this elegant pink space.

I recommend lining the mirror with light strips or adding a backlight to elevate the vanity area and accentuate the rest of the interior.

plain pink bathroom tiles

In this example, a light dusty rose color scheme can be seen which is just another tasteful way to execute a pink bathroom design.

Pay attention to the hardware finishes of your pink bathroom, they’re a small detail but they have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic of the space.

Green pairs well with pink so these designs can benefit from having a few houseplants distributed around the room.

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Rippled Wall Effect

curvy white bathroom walls

Choosing between glossy or matte finishes isn’t the option you have when considering tiles. You can go the extra mile and opt for more texture and a 3D effect.

If you want to add more pizazz to your bathroom, look into getting rippled wavy tiles that offer depth and texture.

One way to accentuate this design even more is by clever lighting placement. The lights here create intriguing shadows on the wall for more emphasis on the area.

curvy surface bathroom tiles

This alluring bathroom design is only enhanced by natural lighting which brilliantly bounces off the rippled walls.

This design takes the rippled look to a whole other level by styling it to make it work with natural elements.

 Liven up this space by adding a couple of plants, consider getting a small indoor tree if it’ll fit in your bathroom.

Textured White Walls

white bathroom walls

Let’s look into other textured options for your bathroom walls. Aside from wavy designs, you can also go for an abstract embossed pattern.

There are several artsy designs to choose from and any of them are sure to give your bathroom more style and character. 

For a livelier vibe, incorporate different color tiles and arrange them spontaneously to turn this into a more fun design!

black and white bathroom

Finally, we’re giving you one last embossed white tile design to go with a black-floored bathroom.

This design is such an elegant and understated way to have an outgoing aesthetic but not overpower the other elements of your bathroom. 

Orchids and similar-looking flowers would look impeccable in simple contrasted bathrooms like this, so I recommend using them generously when decorating.

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