24 Kitchens With Trees That Just Look Amazing

Fresh produce shouldn’t be the only natural thing in your kitchen. It would be best if you also maximized everything else nature can offer – like indoor trees and houseplants!

Let’s explore 24 magnificent kitchen designs with trees that’ll make your home look amazing.

Retro Rustic Design

kitchen with marble pothos and wooden pyramid cabinets and islandINSTAGRAM @akindofhome

Let’s start the list off gently with an indoor trailing plant feature, as there are several magnificent tree designs waiting to be explored afterward!

This charming kitchen is full of vintage character with pyramid wood panels along the counters and a lovely terracotta floor.

I love how this kitchen also shows off your artistic side by displaying eye-catching artwork on the shelf. The open design also showcases your dinnerware impeccably.

white kitchen with plants on sloped ceilingINSTAGRAM @grohe_uk

This earnest home has such a bright and cozy atmosphere thanks to the clever window placement on the slanted ceiling and the rest of the lovely interior.

This design uses a deconstructed concept instead of just plotting a small tree somewhere in the room. It uses wooden planks to line the ceiling and distributes small plants along these ledges and across the shelves.

I suggest also getting flowers to make the design extra adorable.

wooden island with plantsINSTAGRAM @zebodeko

Here’s another rustic home with more emphasis on the plants with tons of them lying around.

The chunky wood accents and the intriguing gold pots really elevate this design and make the rustic retro theme a bit more chic.

Putting the small tree in a white pot makes it stand out among the rest of the plants while complementing the color scheme of the interior.

Small Apartment Kitchens

palm plant and hanging plantsINSTAGRAM @caropeony

You can always fit in a little oasis in limited spaces and this cozy apartment kitchen design proves that.

Notice how the cabinet and pot both come in woven material? When working with natural elements, texture is going to be your best friend. 

Using lots of wooden materials also lightens and opens up small spaces, in addition to being a charming aspect of your interior.

arch kitchen entryway with plantsINSTAGRAM @patchplants

In another attractive home, you enter the kitchen through a delicate arched frame

Arches and curves soften your interior by countering most of the sharp edges. Lining these entrances with plants also makes its appearance more gentle.

If you have the time, you can wrap vines around the arch or place trailing plants around the outline for a similar look.

white minimalist kitchen cabinets with plantsINSTAGRAM @mybohoabode

This kitchen makes sure the luscious green isn’t only painted on the walls but distributed throughout the space with several houseplants.

We can see how the different-sized and different types of plants liven up this urban interior.

I recommend keeping the trailing plants on the top shelves instead of on the counter for a better dramatic effect.

Greenhouse Kitchen

kitchen with plants and full garden viewINSTAGRAM @my_dolce_casa

Now, here’s an amazing kitchen concept! It combines a contemporary kitchen with a stunning greenhouse layout.

There’s no better place to keep your houseplants than in a greenhouse. With this design, you get a multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing area in your home.

Cooking and having meals here would be such a dream! The abundance of plants truly makes it feel like a sanctuary.

I love the shabby-chic shed across the garden. This is perfect for extra storage space or you could turn this into a compact chicken coop in this small garden.

kitchen with hanging plantsINSTAGRAM @stochasticverse

Just because you might have a smaller kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a similar design. This compact cooking corner doubles as a greenhouse with the right resourcefulness.

You just need an open glass design and something that would let a lot of natural light in. Don’t forget to have as many plants as you can fit in there too!

Focusing most of the lush greenery on the top part of the kitchen is a great way to maintain the spaciousness of the work area without sacrificing the natural vibe.

Minimalist Industrial Design

marble pothos on a single wall kitchenINSTAGRAM @nogehebergement

Minimalist designs have taken over, but now people are using the layout and adding their own personal touch to it.

This simple kitchen is brimming with life because of its modifications. There are industrial elements in the lights, brick wall, and shelves and the rest of the interior is light and breezy.

You can add a small tree by the door to even out the plants on the fridge and shelves.

blue kitchen and wooden shelves with plantsINSTAGRAM @eli_manekin

This radiant kitchen keeps a handful of houseplants on the kitchen counter.

Plants and flowers will always elevate light and simple places. And they do so without disrupting the aesthetic.

I suggest putting most of the plants on the top shelf and on the fridge, and keeping a select few on the counter so you can have a clear preparation area.

Elegant Modern Kitchen

plant on a thick marble island countertopINSTAGRAM @robertpassal

This luxurious kitchen doesn’t only have a neat style but it arranges its plants to fit the aesthetic.

Lining the window with small plants is best to ensure more light comes through. Additionally, the sleek white vase makes sure the bigger houseplant isn’t out of place.

Flowers would make a beautiful centerpiece for this majestic marble countertop.

Kitchens With Skylight

kitchen with skylight and climbing plantsINSTAGRAM @earthychildren

If you don’t want to fully commit to a greenhouse kitchen, that’s fine! Having large skylights is a great alternative that gives you the same effect.

It’s also a more low-maintenance option with less glass to look out for. But, you still get a luminous kitchen space. 

Skylights are such a romantic concept, so having vines and other draping would suit the design so well. Flowers would complement this kitchen too!

tiny house kitchen with plantsINSTAGRAM @onlineflooringstore

This tiny house kitchen also has a little skylight and a couple of little windows.

No house kitchen is too small to accommodate lively green plants. It all depends on the strategy you have for their placement.

Aside from placing your plants in higher places to save space, do consider their size and the containers they come in.

white kitchen with plantsINSTAGRAM @thishousewemade

Let’s take a chicer turn with this sophisticated space with an elongated skylight.  The kitchen island design contains vertical slats to also direct our attention to the height of this area.

The soothing colors and calming design of this kitchen make it a perfect place to keep a few budding trees in your home.

I just know that having orchids on the counter would improve this aesthetic significantly.

Modified Countryhouse Kitchens

kitchen with cabinet plate rack and plantsINSTAGRAM @fitzgeraldlane

When you’re missing the charm of the countryside, consider this endearing farmhouse kitchen design that has a few modern tweaks in it.

The design has space-saving features such as having nifty storage on either side of the counter. 

You can’t have a farmhouse-inspired interior without incorporating multiple natural elements. Aside from the rustic wooden furniture, take this opportunity to decorate with houseplants and flowers.

white and dusty rose kitchen with plantsINSTAGRAM @my.interior.tales

Ah, this is more like the traditional farmhouses we’re used to. Preserve the classic look and embellish it with some tall greens.

This kitchen really captures the essence of home with its lived-in and personalized interior.

Placing your plants or small trees on pot holders will make cleaning and rearranging so much easier. I also suggest getting macramé pot holders so you can hang up some houseplants.

Modern Galley Kitchen With Trees

kitchen tree with wooden planter

In this lavish home design, the two kitchen counters are separated by a beautiful tree in a refined holder.

Do you know why this tree has an interesting glow to it? Look in the pot! It has a light fixture that highlights the plant.

The lighting matches the rest of the subtle illumination spread throughout the kitchen making it more elegant and sultry.

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wooden galley kitchen with tree

On the other hand, this tree is spotlighted by a natural light source. It’s placed in the perfect spot to receive sunlight and cast intricate shadows.

Indoor trees are ideal for accentuating tall spaces because their height plays into the elongation of the area.

You can hang paper lanterns or wrap around fairy lights to embellish the tree and create a romantic atmosphere in the evening.

dark tone kitchen with tree

This narrow dark wood kitchen makes up for its spatial restriction by using its vertical space to its strengths.

Additionally, the open-glass design ensures a more spacious feeling. The built-in storage also keeps this kitchen neat.

The tree placement would be more space-efficient if it was in one corner instead of in the middle of the entryway. That way, it wouldn’t block the light too.

kitchen with tree and recessed ceiling lights

This state-of-the-art apartment proves that you can fuse natural elements and an urban interior in the middle of the city.

Putting the tree in the middle of the living space makes it an excellent statement piece that also separates the areas of your home.

You can also put smaller plants along the base of the tree to cover up the soil and add a bit of style or you can place pebbles instead.

Custom Tree Holders

square wooden tree planter

This warm and sophisticated kitchen showcases clever ways of incorporating plant and tree placements into the interior design.

Here, the tree planter is designed similarly to a kitchen counter. Also, the rest of the houseplants come in sleek, built-in containers.

I love how the tree holder matches the wooden finish of the kitchen counters. Such a smart design hack!

tree with white pot

In this vibrant home, we encounter a brighter ambiance. Additionally, the tree pot coordinates with the white elements rather than the darker accents of the room.

The color of your tree holder will significantly affect how it fits into your home’s aesthetic. 

So, always keep the kind of mood you’re going for when decorating around your space – whether you want it to be light and breezy or dark and elegant.

wooden floor kitchen with tree

In another modern luxe kitchen, a tall tree and houseplants cheer up the alluring space with the bright green additions.

If you truly want to optimize your kitchen with more plants, get an herb planter! They’re small enough to fit on the counter and can constantly supply your seasoning needs.

You can also drape macramé designs over the pot for a more rustic feel.

Contemporary Dining Space

under loft kitchen with tall plantsINSTAGRAM @houseandgardenuk

We’re ending the list on a fun and colorful note with this trendy contemporary design.

Remember, plants or small trees aren’t the only way to revamp your kitchen. For a more thorough interior, put some thought into the decorations as well.

I just love how this small dining area mixes and matches different colors and styles – and still ended up with such a cohesive aesthetic!

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