29 Compact Chicken Coops for Small Gardens

From cozy cottages to innovative designs, these compact coops offer functionality and charm, making them ideal for backyard poultry enthusiasts with limited space.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced chicken keeper, these space-saving options provide all the essentials while adding a touch of style to your garden.

Glass Chicken Coops

coop with sloped wall

Picture this: a coop that stands out as a stunning architectural feature in your backyard.

That’s the magic of this fancy glass chicken coop.

With its sleek black frames, warm wooden panels, and distinctive trapezoidal shape, it adds a touch of modern elegance to your outdoor space while providing a cozy home for your chickens.

Surround the coop with lush greenery and colorful flowers to soften the space and create a welcoming environment for your chickens.

full fixed glass window coop

Here’s another coop with a glass design and a more rustic touch.

It also has that distinct trapezoidal shape, this time designed with rustic wooden panels reminiscent of blinds.

When selecting a glass chicken coop, look for ones with ample space for your chickens to roost and roam comfortably, while also considering factors like ventilation and ease of cleaning.

Opt for durable materials like tempered glass and weather-resistant wood to ensure longevity and durability.

coop with glass door and windows

Meanwhile, this coop has glass walls all around, an interior shelf, and a stunning door. It provides a panoramic view of your chickens’ activities, allowing you to enjoy watching them while they roam and roost.

Plus, with a built-in shelf and stairs leading to a glass door entrance, it’s both stylish and functional.

Feel free to add decorative elements like hanging planters, lanterns, and outdoor rugs. You can also place outdoor seating nearby.

coop with full glass window

Here’s another upscale chicken coop, this time shaped like a barn. It even has a charming chimney!

This’ll be a striking feature in your backyard while providing a comfortable home for your chicken.

If you’re building from scratch, don’t forget to install nesting boxes for your chickens to lay eggs, and add a feeder and waterer for easy access to food and water.

Incorporate storage solutions like bins or baskets to keep supplies organized and within reach.

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Wooden Chicken Coops with Wire Mesh Walls

double screen door coop

If you prefer coops with straightforward designs, this one is a practical option.

The wire mesh doors not only provide ventilation but also offer security against predators, ensuring your chickens stay safe and sound.

Inside, clever storage solutions allow you to keep feed and supplies organized and easily accessible, making daily chicken care a breeze.

Feel free to place decorative elements such as potted plants to add warmth and character to the space.

coop with full screen door and walls

Meanwhile, this modern wooden chicken coop is complete with wire mesh doors, walls, and even shelves for storing firewood.

Make your chicken enclosure truly yours by adding personal touches. Think vintage signs, quirky garden ornaments, or maybe even a water fountain to attract some wildlife.

It’s all about adding those special touches that reflect your unique style and personality. And don’t forget a cozy spot for yourself nearby – think rustic bench or comfy Adirondack chairs.

coop with clear doors and windows

I love the delightful appeal of this simple coop design, complete with wire mesh walls and an elevated wooden platform.

It’s shaped like a miniature house due to its sloped roof, adding a touch of charm to your backyard. The wire mesh walls ensure proper ventilation and protection against predators, while the elevated wooden platform keeps your coop safe from damp ground.

I suggest painting the exterior in cheerful colors or adding decorative touches like window boxes or a small porch to elevate your garden space.

minimalist wooden coop

Here’s another chicken coop with wire mesh walls shaped like a house, albeit on the smaller side.

Since the coop is small, utilize vertical space by adding nesting boxes and attaching feeders and waterers to the walls to maximize floor space.

Remember that your coop should have a sturdy roof to protect against rain and predators. Also, make sure to provide proper ventilation to prevent moisture buildup and ensure good air circulation.

wooden coop with flat roof

This square-shaped coop is simple and versatile, making it a popular choice for backyard chicken keepers.

With half of the walls constructed of wire mesh and the other half made of wooden panels, this coop design provides the perfect balance of ventilation, protection, and privacy for your chickens.

Consider adding hooks or shelves to store supplies such as feed, bedding, and cleaning tools.

flat roof coop

On the other hand, this modern square-shaped chicken coop is a contemporary twist on traditional poultry housing.

The extended roof not only provides extra protection from the elements but also adds a contemporary flair to the design.

Inside, soft LED lighting creates a cozy atmosphere for your chickens, ensuring they feel right at home day and night.

You can surround the coop with modern landscaping features such as pavers, gravel, or decorative rocks to enhance its contemporary appeal.

screen walls coop

This tall triangular chicken coop is a creative project that combines practicality with eye-catching design. I love the combination of the black frame, brick base, and wire mesh walls.

If you’re going the DIY route, hang feeders and waterers on the wire mesh walls to keep them elevated and accessible. I also suggest adding hooks or shelves to store supplies.

Don’t forget to install perches and nesting boxes to provide your chickens with comfortable roosting and egg-laying areas.

Fairytale-Themed Chicken Coops

compact coop with screen door

Are you dreaming of creating a fairytale-inspired haven for your beloved chickens? Look no further than a wooden chicken coop that resembles a charming storybook cottage.

From its sloping roof and quaint windows to its whimsical details and cozy interiors, every aspect of this coop evokes a sense of enchantment and warmth.

Consider adding other details such as window boxes, picket fences, and rustic signs to enhance the cottage-inspired vibe.

dwarf house design coop

This wooden masterpiece also resembles a magical house straight out of a fairytale, with intricate details such as a tower, an arched doorway, and charming windows. I also love the sloping roofs adorned with quaint shingles.

If you want to go all out, you can surround the coop with lush greenery, vibrant flowers, and winding pathways to create a garden for your chickens to roam.

Feel free to add whimsical elements such as fairy lights and miniature furniture!

piled stone coop with wooden roof

Crafted from a delightful assortment of stone bricks in varying dark colors, this whimsical coop is sure to captivate both your feathered friends and guests alike.

Notice the sweet two-door design that’s at the perfect height for chickens – so adorable!

I recommend designing a miniature garden around the base of the coop, complete with tiny fairy figurines, miniature furniture, and whimsical accessories. You can also train climbing vines to grow along the walls of the coop, enhancing the fairy tale aesthetic.

wooden coop with screen door

Complete with house-like windows and a wire mesh wall for ventilation, this delightful coop is both functional and enchanting.

When styling, adorn the exterior of the coop with decorative accents like re-used tire window boxes filled with colorful flowers.

I also suggest installing vintage-style lighting fixtures both inside and outside the coop to create a warm glow.

It’s also best to choose a color palette inspired by traditional cottage hues, such as soft pastels or earthy tones, to paint the exterior.

tiny cabin coop

Featuring rustic double doors that swing open, this coop is also a delightful addition to any backyard.

The charming doors not only serve a functional purpose but also serve as a focal point that enhances the cottage-like ambiance of the space.

In my experience with storybook-like coops, it’s best to use vintage hardware such as rustic door handles, hinges and latches to add character and authenticity to the coop’s design.

coop with floor to ceiling screen

Meanwhile, this coop leans more on the industrial style.

I love how the design is crafted from a combination of wire mesh and wooden panels, a quaint tower at the top, and wall sconces adorning the exterior.

Wall sconces mounted on the exterior of the coop not only add to its visual appeal but also provide practical lighting for nighttime visits to the coop.

Feel free to add personalized touches such as name plaques to make the coop uniquely yours.

piled stone coop

Now, this is probably my favorite out of all the fairytale-themed coops – it looks so unique!

Built entirely from sturdy stone bricks, it reminds me of the tower where Rapunzel was trapped. Its imposing silhouette also captures the essence of a medieval fortress.

If you want to go all out, add touches of moss and lichen to the exterior of the coop to create an aged, weathered look reminiscent of ancient castles and ruins.

House-Style Chicken Coops

wooden green coop

Painted in tranquil shades of blue-green and adorned with a shingled roof, this whimsical coop evokes the cozy warmth of a countryside retreat.

Complete with doors and pink windows reminiscent of a quaint cottage, this unique coop will add a touch of whimsy to your backyard.

I recommend incorporating rustic accents such as weathered wood, wrought iron hardware, and distressed finishes to enhance the cabin-inspired aesthetic of the coop.

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blue coop with screenINSTAGRAM @jaredcullum

This walk-in chicken coop offers a spacious and comfortable living space for your chickens.

Its walk-in design allows for easy access to clean, feed, and interact with your chickens, while its playhouse-inspired aesthetic adds a touch of charm to your backyard.

Add whimsical details such as scalloped trim, decorative shutters, and window boxes filled with colorful flowers to enhance the playhouse-inspired aesthetic of the coop.

white chicken coopINSTAGRAM @fallenoakfarms

This stunning chicken coop is built with all the comforts of home, complete with a gravity-fed water/feed system, a swing, and even a mirror for your chickens’ enjoyment.

You can also install a swing or perch inside the coop for your chickens to roost and relax, providing them with a fun and stimulating environment to explore and enjoy.

Another great idea is to create an inviting entryway with a decorative door knocker, welcome mat, and potted plants.

white coop with wall lampINSTAGRAM @thehouseonlilac

Now, this coop is breathtaking! Its all-white facade and quaint cottage farmhouse design capture the essence of country living, with its charming details and rustic elegance.

From the cozy interior with nesting boxes and roosting bars to the charming outside hutch, every aspect of this coop is designed to provide comfort and security for your feathered friends.

Dress the windows of the coop with delicate curtains or wooden shutters to add a touch of coziness and privacy to the interior.

Barn-Style Hen House

wooden coop with screen walls underINSTAGRAM @roostandroot

Speaking of countryside living, this two-level hen house is a perfect blend of rural simplicity and timeless appeal.

With two levels for nesting and roosting, the coop offers a snug haven for your hens.

Feel free to create a laid-back outdoor seating area nearby with comfy rocking chairs and a fire pit, offering you a peaceful spot to unwind while keeping an eye on your flock.

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A-Frame Chicken Coop

triangle coopINSTAGRAM @sweetlifeofzackandkristi

This coop not only provides a safe and cozy home for your chickens but also doubles as a stunning garden centerpiece.

Plus, with two feet of sturdy hardware cloth galvanized metal mesh lining each garden bed and secured to the coop’s bottom, no crafty predator can dig their way in.

Surround the coop with garden beds bursting with vibrant blooms, aromatic herbs, and fresh veggies! You can also lay down gravel or stepping stones to create pathways around the coop.

Chicken Coops with Attached Hutches

blue cottage style coopINSTAGRAM @somerzby

With its eye-catching blue hue and attached outdoor hutch, this cottage chicken coop is perfect for both small and large backyards.

It’ll be a cheerful addition to any outdoor landscape!

I highly suggest creating meandering pathways around the coop using gravel or stepping stones, inviting you and your chickens to stroll through the garden with ease.

coop with garden on topINSTAGRAM @unclekennys_familyfarm

This compact chicken coop, with a raised flower bed on top, offers a unique and stylish solution for small-space living.

The elevated garden bed not only adds a touch of charm to your backyard but also provides a functional space for growing plants while sheltering your chickens below.

Plant a diverse selection of flowers in the raised bed, including perennials, annuals, and flowering shrubs, to create a vibrant and ever-changing display of color throughout the seasons.

minimalist wooden coop with shed roofINSTAGRAM @thefilomena

This coop features a bigger-sized hutch, offering both ample space for your chickens to roam and a charming focal point for your backyard. Plenty of room for your chickens to stretch their wings!

Add decorative planters filled with herbs or flowers around the coop’s perimeter, adding pops of color and fragrance to the space while softening the edges of the structure.

You can also add customized signage to the exterior of the coop, featuring the names of your chickens!

compact coop with lots of doorsINSTAGRAM @aleko_products

If you’re looking for a compact coop to house just one chicken, this one is perfect.

Despite its small size, this cozy coop provides all the essentials for your chicken to thrive in comfort. With its adorable house-like design and compact footprint, it’ll be a cute space for your chicken!

Don’t forget to line the interior of the coop with soft and cozy bedding materials, such as straw or wood shavings, providing a comfortable nesting space for your chicken.

Quail Hutch Coop

tiny vertical coopINSTAGRAM @thegardencoop.diy

Quail hutch coops are designed to be compact and space-efficient, making them suitable for small yards or urban environments.

This one features multiple compartments or levels to accommodate several quails while allowing them to segregate based on gender or social dynamics.

Feel free to add pops of color with decorative accessories such as brightly colored feeders, waterers, or hanging ornaments. You can also install LED lights or solar-powered lanterns to illuminate the coop at night.

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