13 Ways To Reuse Old Tires In Your Garden

Looking to spruce up your garden while reducing waste? Look no further!

In this post, we’ll explore 13 inventive ways to repurpose old tires in your garden.

From colorful planters to whimsical swings, these DIY projects add flair and functionality to outdoor spaces.

Flower Planters

colorful tire planterINSTAGRAM @farmandgardenshopbb

A tire garden not only reduces landfill waste but also serves as excellent plant troughs due to its durability, capable of enduring strong winds and heavy rainfall.

While any tire can be repurposed as a planter, it’s crucial to choose the size that suits your plant requirements and yard dimensions.

For instance, large tractor tires, approximately fifteen inches wide, accommodate multiple plants or vegetables, whereas standard car tires (like the ones above), about twelve inches wide, are ideal for single potted plants.

tire planter with wheelsINSTAGRAM @hgtvhandmade

You can also turn an old truck tire into a funky planter like this one.

Look at that awesome paint job and gradient effect!

It’s a cool idea to start with a darker tone at the bottom and work your way up to lighter shades.

For the planter, make sure to surround the base with some rocks or pebbles to give it some texture. Feel free to elevate the planter on a pedestal or platform to show it off.

DIY tire planter with handleINSTAGRAM @lorisfunkyjunkdecor

A fresh coat of white paint transformed this recycled tire planter into a beautiful centerpiece for showcasing vibrant flowers.

Picture a mix of colorful blooms like petunias, geraniums, or marigolds popping against that clean white backdrop. Gorgeous!

I also suggest wrapping a length of twine around the tire’s circumference for a charming and rustic accent.

You can also use the planter to cultivate fragrant herbs such as lavender or mint, perfect for creating relaxing teas or homemade spa treatments.

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colorful tiered tire planterINSTAGRAM @hollywoodtidy

If you want to make use of vertical space, this three-tier planter shelf is perfect.

Each tier is painted in complementary hues of purple, red, and yellow, providing the perfect backdrop for a riot of flowers!

Opt for a mix of trailing and upright plants to create visual interest and add texture to each tier.

Consider planting cascading petunias, vibrant geraniums, or cheerful marigolds to spill over the edges of the tire planters and create a lush, colorful display.

Garden Shelf

wall tire with shelvesINSTAGRAM @upcycledwonder

Here, the old tire is turned into a quaint garden shelf with sturdy wooden planks. You can also repurpose pallet wood if you want to be more eco-friendly.

Fill those shelves with a bunch small potted plants and cute ornaments. These will instantly add personality to your garden.

You can hang this shelf in a sunny spot in your garden or patio, where it can serve as a focal point.

Hanging Planter

tire planter on ropesINSTAGRAM @upcycledwonder

This hanging planter in a playful shade of pink will instantly add charm to your garden.

How do you make this?

Drill some drainage holes at the top, attach sturdy ropes or chains, and voila – you’ve got yourself a hanging planter!

Aside from a fresh coat of paint, you can get artsy and add some funky patterns or designs to make it uniquely yours.

It’s best to hang it from a tree branch or pergola.

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Wall-Mounted Planter

hanging tire planter on wallINSTAGRAM @danieldlion

Want to jazz up your outdoor space with a pop of color? You can do so with a bright-colored tire planter mounted on a wall.

Mount this onto a sturdy wall or fence using some heavy-duty hooks or brackets. Make sure it’s at the perfect height for you to admire your handiwork and easily tend to your plants.

Hang a cute watering can or a whimsical wind chime nearby to add more visual interest to your garden wall.

Garden Swing

tire swing with cushionINSTAGRAM @swingzyindia

Now, this is the ultimate DIY project: an old tire swing!

Give one of your weary tires a good scrub, slap on it a fresh coat of paint, and top it off with a weather-proof cushion to make it the ultimate chill-out spot.

Find a sturdy tree branch or beam that can support the weight of the tire swing and the people who will be using it. You can use ropes and carabiners or connectors for this DIY project.

I think this would be perfect on a small porch.

cut tire swing

Here’s another way to repurpose an old tire into a garden swing.

After giving your tire segment a good scrub, sand it to smooth out any rough spots. Use heavy-duty ropes or chains to hang the swing seat from your chosen support structure.

Ensure that the ropes or chains are securely fastened and that the swing seat is level and balanced.

Before using the swing seat, give it a gentle push to ensure that it swings smoothly and securely.

tire swing

This option is a lot more comfortable than the previous one! It looks a lot safer too.

I appreciate the addition of a backrest and the wider seat, allowing more space for your child’s body.

To enhance comfort and style even more, consider adding cushions or padding.

Note: When building a swing set from scratch, make sure the branch or beam can support the weight of the swing seat and that it’s at a comfortable height for swinging.

Tire Seats

tire seatsINSTAGRAM @cristy_almeda

Picture yourself lounging on these stylish ottomans – whether you need extra seating, a footrest, or just a funky touch to your garden or patio decor, they’ve got you covered.

Cut out some foam padding to fit the tops, then wrap them up in your favorite fabric.

Attach the padded tops to the tire sections using adhesive or upholstery tacks. Want to add a little extra flair? Throw on some fancy trim or piping for that extra touch of style.

DIY tire armed chair

Instead of sticking with the usual chairs or benches, these quirky tire seats shake things up with their unique look!

Whether you’re into bold and bright or subtle and chic, there’s no wrong way to paint your tires. Go for a single color or mix it up with a rainbow of hues – the choice is yours!

Don’t forget to grab some weather-resistant cushions or get crafty with some DIY seat covers.

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Planters for Flower Beds

tire planter piled in rows

Lastly, you can also encourage your community to turn their old tires into cute planters.

Picture a row of these cheerful planters, each painted in different hues, on your sidewalks and making your cityscape pop with personality!

You and your neighbors can mix and match different colors and textures to create a lush and vibrant display that’ll brighten up any sidewalk.

Arrange your colorful creations along the streets by clustering them together or spreading them out – it’s up to you!

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