22 Living Rooms With Trees That Look Amazing

Indoor trees can bring life, tranquility, and character to all kinds of living spaces.

In this list, we give you 22 living room designs with trees that exhibit the harmonious blend of nature and interior design.

Small Apartment Living Room

white living room with tree and wide windowsINSTAGRAM @interestingcreativedesigns

Life in the city shouldn’t prohibit you from getting your nature fix. To make it easier on you, you should have some greens right in your home.

It’s common to have multiple little houseplants scattered around apartments but having a single indoor tree has the same effect while taking up less space.

In this chic interior, it’s best to not overcrowd the room with too many plants to maintain a neat and minimalist feel.

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Contemporary Home Designs

tree with box planterINSTAGRAM @cityandshiplap

In another stylish home, we can see how an indoor tree adds elegance and sophistication to living spaces.

The tree on the right sits nicely in a modern pot that matches the understated interior. It also isn’t too leafy or bulky to keep a clean aesthetic.

Usually, bigger leaves look more regal and are more suitable for most indoor aesthetics. However, this is still subjective to you and your interior design preferences.

bright living room with treeINSTAGRAM @em_henderson

This breathtaking open-glass home makes sure all that sunlight that comes through isn’t put to waste with a grand tree situated perfectly to receive all the light.

It’s like you have extended the scene from the outdoors right into your home, with continuity from the forest to your living room.

I love the quirky wooden furniture pieces that personalize this space and add more character!

Nature-Themed Living Space

scandivanian living room with plantsINSTAGRAM @indoorjungledecor

Incorporating a tree into your home isn’t limited to just placing a tree somewhere in your house. There’s always the option of going the extra mile and having nature-themed elements to match!

This charming living room uses a brown and green color scheme, as well as a leaf-shaped rug and an abundance of houseplants to complete the aesthetic.

The leaf shapes are quite similar to each other, resulting in a more cohesive theme.

plants around green sofaINSTAGRAM @peoplewithplants_official

Here’s a modern take on the design with another sultry green couch but different elements and decor. It also has more mirrors.

Instead of having a leaf carpet, we have a fuzzy one! It adds a different kind of texture to the living area and allows more room for the other elements to be green.

Additionally, a bigger tree occupies the space and gives a wilder ambiance alongside the rest of the delegated houseplants.

Interiors With Artwork

gray living room with plantsINSTAGRAM @roomdesign

This fashionable living room is filled with art, in both its illustrations and the trees present.

Without the decoration, this would’ve been just a bland and neutral space. Luckily, the trees and artwork are there to liven up this space.

You could also add more pops of color with vibrant flowers in colorful vases. They could also be the centerpiece of this room.

living room with plants and mural on floating shelfINSTAGRAM @fridlaa

The painting here also isn’t the only notable feature of this cozy home. This vision of a living room has two houseplants on either side of the sofa to frame it.

Warm interior designs are the ideal place to accommodate indoor trees and plants.

You can mount the painting instead so you can place a few more smaller houseplants on the shelf. You might also want to consider a placement wherein it won’t receive direct sunlight. It might ruin the painting!

living room with plants and minimalist table and couchINSTAGRAM @patchplants

Here’s a neater and chic option for those who prefer a simpler layout. The living space showcases understated and abstract art.

Notice how each surface (except the sofa) has a plant on it! It surely jampacks the natural elements in here.

Even the lamp style complements the indoor tree by mimicking its height and material. Wrap around some vines on it to really make it match!

Shelves With Trailing Indoor Plants

living room with pothos and big plantINSTAGRAM @fridlaa

Trailing plants pair well with indoor trees because while the tree goes up, trailing plants drape down and this balances what each element accentuates.

For example, in this warm and cozy living room, we’re more drawn to the center because the tree and trailing plants subtly frame the interior.

I adore the rich, warm brown color of the couch. It makes this living room appear so endearing!

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plants around the fireplaceINSTAGRAM @earthychildren

In a brighter and more refreshing space, beautiful greens grace every corner of the interior.

The trailing plants always add a romantic aesthetic to the rooms they are in. 

Just be careful if you’re also going to be placing them by the fireplace. It’ll be alright if it were an electric fireplace but if yours is traditional then make sure they won’t catch on fire.

Minimalist Interior Design

plants around console tableINSTAGRAM @caropeony and kibek.de

For a safe but artsy interior design, go for this chic minimalist aesthetic that contains several tall plants.

This room contains a mix of calming hues and relaxing accents to go with the luscious greenery.

There’d be nothing like lounging in here after a long and tiresome day. Pop in a good movie and enjoy a hearty meal when you relax here.

Modern Bohemian Layout

living room with monstera plantINSTAGRAM @thebrickhousejungle

Here’s a lighter Bohemian design that offers extra comfort with its cozy interior.

It has everything to keep you warm and snug: a stylish carpet, a soft couch, and a wide-screen TV.

If your interior has a lot of booming color and intricate patterns, small plants and trees can make a gentler ambiance. They also help maintain the lightness of this space.

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Textured Carpets

living room with L-shaped sofa and plantsINSTAGRAM @97quadrat

While indoor trees add life to your home, carpets of various designs can add texture! When combined, you end up with a chic interior design.

Rugs aren’t the only way to incorporate texture into your home, you can also get a fuzzy seat cover.

The corner trees also contribute to the contrast of this modern neutral space. They’re also a safe distance from the rug so as to not dirty it.

tiny living room with plantsINSTAGRAM @hamburgdaniahoi

In this cozy living room, we can see a smaller rug that adds just the right amount of texture to this space.

The L-shaped couch works with the houseplants and trees to frame and define the living area.

Incorporate texture through the pots and throw pillows if you want that extra oomph. You can also place a few flowers for a feminine touch.

tree with woven basket planterINSTAGRAM @home_abundance_

This carpet with linear designs offers a tamer contribution to texture. Aside from that, the other elements also come into play to add to the aesthetic.

The design actually has several materials that give different finishes. There are leather seats, a woven tree planter, soft curtains, and a comfy couch.

The big window truly brightens up the living room and makes it look bigger.

Floor-To-Ceiling Windows

trees on a round pot

While we’re on the topic of big windows, the following designs take it to the max with windows extending from the wall to the ceiling.

The elegant space enjoys a soothing dark interior design, so a ton of natural light is necessary during the day.

I love how there are two curtain options. The sheer ones for the daytime so your tree can get enough sunlight and blackout curtains for privacy at night or just for when it’s too bright out.

modern living room with trees

Here’s another posh living space with tall windows. This time, instead of curtains, the design opts for sleek blinds.

This window option also creates a more open feel, which is ideal for living spaces with massive indoor trees in them.

The good thing is that you’re not limited to this blinds design. There are multitudes of materials, styles, and textures to choose from!

living room with wooden floor and tree

How about this relaxing space? It lets a warm glow in to illuminate the living room.

The tree featured in this home promotes an oriental ambiance to the rejuvenating environment.

The type of tree you choose to put in your home will significantly affect its aesthetic. So, research the best fit for your interior design and you’ll get an astonishing and cohesive outcome.

living room with tree and plants

This refined living room is the best spot to enjoy the golden hour. It has comfy seating, a wicker rug, and a breathtakingly large window.

The glass window also acts as the accent wall to this relaxing space and is further emphasized by the magnificent tree in front of it.

I also appreciate the lining of other houseplants by the window! It frames the glass beautifully.

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Modern Apartments

tree behind a L-shaped couch

We’re giving you more apartment designs that allow you to have an indoor tree in a modern and stylish way.

Instead of having an end table, allot that space for a nice tall tree for a rural touch to your urban home.

If that’s not enough, consider collecting succulents for a low-maintenance option that you can easily keep in the city.

living room tree near the window

Now, here’s a sophisticated version with a prim, well-kept tree in the corner and a polished oak coffee table.

In most apartment types, it is better to designate the indoor trees in the corners to save up on floor space and have an interesting post.

With an exposed trunk like this, you can wrap fairy lights around it to create a magical ambiance in the evening.

Colorful Contemporary Living Space

colorful living room with plantsINSTAGRAM @shaunaglenndesign

We’re leaving you with the most cheerful design on the list. This contemporary living space is filled with color and character for a joyful home.

Even the fiddle-leaf fig tree sits in a bright blue pot that matches the chair. They used a glass table to make sure the multi-hued carpet would shine through.

Use big vibrant pots for your indoor trees to accentuate your lively interior. If you’re feeling like it, get ones with fun patterns, too!

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