Dining Area in Small Kitchens? 11 Inspiring Designs

Who says you need a huge kitchen to enjoy a great dining experience?

Whether your kitchen is small or huge, your dining space deserves some love too. After all, where you eat is just as important as where you cook!

We’ve got 11 inspiring designs that’ll have you drooling so, grab a seat and let’s dig in!

Bar Cabinet Partition

Built-in curvy dining table INSTAGRAM @5ft.apart

In this funky kitchen, a colorful and peculiar feature stands out. For its dining space, it hosts a modern contemporary bar island that follows the fun shapes of the rest of the furniture.

A curved bar partition with storage provides a creative way to wine and dine. It’s space-efficient, functional, and makes your kitchen look more fun!

You can repurpose the storage to be an open wine rack for easier access to a good drink.

Explore top designs for bar stool seating nooks.

Wall-Mounted Dining Table

dining area on a narrow kitchen INSTAGRAM @tinypartments

This tiny kitchen fits in a wooden wall-mounted dining table to provide an ample service area for two.

By mounting a table on your wall, you increase the foot room in your kitchen and minimize the use of bulky furniture. You can also tuck your chairs in more compactly. 

It might be better to get a wall-mounted table that can fold or be hidden away after use. That way, you can revert your kitchen back to its spacious state once you’re done eating.

Cozy dining area on kitchen window INSTAGRAM @sofisaravi.and.co

Here, a cute little breakfast corner uses a wall-mounted wooden table that resembles a regular one with its legs.

If you’ve decided on the placement of your dining area and you don’t mind taking up a bit more space, then a mounted table with legs could be the design for you. 

It makes your dining area seem more organic, especially when paired with charming woven chairs. I also want to note how the flowers are positioned perfectly to enhance the kitchen and receive the right amount of sunlight.

Modern Corner Dining Setup

dining area on the corner with wine shelves INSTAGRAM @kreatecube

Here, we have a sleek kitchen with sharp geometric furniture. The dining space is tucked right into the corner, making the most of every inch of space. Nearby, there’s built-in wall storage unit for showing off your best bottles of wine.

To execute this design, be thorough and intentional with your furniture pieces. Getting similar Katakana-styled chairs would be a good start!

I love how they chose orchids for this layout – they’re the perfect flowers for this type of aesthetic.

Fancy Chinoiserie Corner

blue dining table and chairs on kitchen corner INSTAGRAM @momof8minis

Have your little kitchen corner exude utmost elegance with a chic chinoiserie theme like this one here.

With a little creativity and some smart shopping, you can totally rock those grand aesthetics in even the tiniest of spaces. Try thrifting or looking for affordable dining sets with this theme. Then, match your wallpaper accordingly.

It’ll be like dining in a five-star restaurant but in the comfort and convenience of your home!

Bright Breakfast Nooks

dining area on corner with fixed windows INSTAGRAM @comparethetradie

This bright and cozy breakfast nook is the perfect place to enjoy your morning coffee in. The wooden seating and table are by the large windows, helping enlarge the space even more!

You can bring the diner experience home with a design like this. I recommend adding cushions on the benches to make them more comfortable. 

I love how there’s also a skylight. You can enjoy a hearty meal with your loved ones in an open and well-lit area.

dining area on corner near the entrance door INSTAGRAM @victorianterrace291

To recreate the diner experience but in a smaller space, consider this open L-shaped breakfast nook. The layout of this lovely rustic kitchen makes for an area with a good amount of room in the middle.

As everything is fixed to the sides, the openness of the design makes it easier for you to move around your kitchen freely. 

You can optimize the nook even more by creating storage units on the lower portion of the seats.

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Simple Dining Sets

dining area on a tiny corner INSTAGRAM @hattieshouse_

Just like this setup, you don’t have to keep your dining area inside your already small kitchen. With enough creativity and resourcefulness, you can find a different corner of your home to accommodate this space.

All you need is a dining set and the perfect placement for it. It’s also best to keep things simple to not take up too much space and maintain the minimalist look.

That colorful rug is the finishing touch that brings the whole room together!

minimalistic wooden dining area INSTAGRAM @sofisaravi.and.co

To bring a farmhouse feel to your kitchen, opt for a charming, rustic dining set like this one. The design is a quick and easy way to add a homey touch to your space.

You can also add wooden organizers to store anything from decor to table napkins to seasoning right on the table. 

The mirror by the table has a small but significant contribution to the visuals too as mirrors can help enhance and enlarge a space.

Multipurpose Kitchen Island

using kitchen island as dining area INSTAGRAM @lukamccabe

This kitchen is optimized to offer both a place for cooking and serving. A spacious island is strategically placed so you can use it for prepping your meals and enjoying them right there.

This way, you won’t have to compromise on getting an island or a dining area – you can have both! 

For this idea to work, maximize all the storage you have in your kitchen so you can ensure a neat island that is ready to fulfill any purpose.

If you’re looking for ways to optimize your kitchen island, take a look at these kitchen islands with tons of storage.

floating dining table mounted to wall and ceiling INSTAGRAM @kreatecube

Lastly, we have a bold and modern kitchen layout with striking pops of color. As seen here, the black and white interiors with eye-catching red fixtures make up this compact dining space.

This is for the risk-takers who aren’t afraid to go the unconventional route. Even the distinct island has an inverted orientation instead of the usual floor-set four-legged ones. 

Who says you have to play by the rules when it comes to design?

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