17 Bar Stool Seating Nooks For Small Kitchens

The kitchen isn’t just for cooking—it’s also a space for dining and socializing. Even in a small area, you can maximize your kitchen’s potential with the right strategies.

Bar stools are excellent for adding seating in your kitchen, but how can you integrate them into your small space in a visually appealing and practical way?

Look no further! Explore the top designs for bar stool seating nooks in this article.

Blue Seating Nooks And Wooden Stools

wooden counter and floating shelves

In this refreshingly bright kitchen, we have a deep blue bar with charming wicker-top bar stools.

The design makes the area more appealing and perfect for enjoying a snack in. Sitting here also offers the added bonus of facing the window.

This is a simple and easy layout. Hues of blue and wood finishes are always a reliable pairing. You can keep the countertop neat and bare or embellish it a bit with some plants or flowers!

counter table with shelves

Here, we have a more space-optimized seating area in a lighter sky-blue shade. It is also a modern and sleek design with clean white countertops.

The counter also has built-in storage on the sides to keep books and magazines in. The wooden stools also have a nice curve to them to make them comfier for seating.

I suggest placing cushions on the chairs to make them softer for longer periods of sitting.

Customized Island With Upholstered Seats

custom round table on kitchen islandINSTAGRAM @ekinvarondesignstudio

This white kitchen has a narrow kitchen island with a modified end. The plain countertop features a round wooden addition on one side, functioning as a small table. It’s accompanied by a pair of upholstered chairs to complement the setup.

You can elevate your bar stools by getting upholstered ones in a retro style. The iron frames also make them a sturdy choice.

You also get to lean back comfortably since these chairs come with a backrest!

white cushioned counter stoolINSTAGRAM @worldsaway1

For a chic and luxurious bar stool area, this kitchen counter is paired with elegant upholstered stools with a lovely two-toned design.

Enjoy longer sitting in this comfy and lux seating area. They even have footrests with a gold finish to make things even fancier.

Your furniture can really make or break your kitchen. So, make sure to get ones that fit into the color palette and overall design of your kitchen.

Wall-Mounted Wooden Table

compact kitchen with floating tableINSTAGRAM @archidesiign

For smaller and tighter spaces, you need a more space-optimized option. Think about opting for a small wall-mounted table when larger, elongated counters or a complete kitchen island won’t fit.

It can fit exactly two people and is an adorable addition to the kitchen. The wooden chairs with white covers also match the theme of the whole space.

I love how endearing this mini table is with the wooden placemats and containers. It maximizes the area more by keeping some of your kitchen items.

white kitchen with wooden countertopINSTAGRAM @minimalistbible

Similarly, this compact kitchen uses a longer wall-mounted table paired with wooden stools for a seating nook.

This kitchen keeps it a bit more simple with less decor and items on display. Everything is kept neatly in the white storage units.

I find that using decor that is simple and keeping it at a minimum is what would complement this kitchen design greatly.

Nordic Stools And Pendant Lights

wooden countertop kitchenINSTAGRAM @smallkitchendesign

This compact minimalist vintage kitchen incorporates Nordic elements to complement its timeless design. The simple stools maintain a low-profile to so the terrazzo pattern is the main focus.

The U-shaped counter and the different floor and wall patterns define the kitchen space. The pendant lights also give a slight embellishment to accentuate the seating area.

Either black or white stools would work in this kitchen. Additionally, you can get terrazzo prints with different colors and designs to enhance this space but maintain the vintage vibe.

U-shaped modern kitchenINSTAGRAM @interiorsbyclaudine

On the other hand, this chic mini kitchen displays a sleeker black-and-white design with metal frame Nordic chairs.

It adopts a more structured approach with a geometric pattern rather than the free-spirited artistic print seen in terrazzo.

This option would be ideal for achieving a modern kitchen look. Pair it with bulb pendant lights to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Industrial Layout

tiny kitchen with glass door cabinetsINSTAGRAM @permanentcollection

This little kitchen is filled with stainless steel cabinetry that reflects enough light to illuminate the whole room. You can enjoy a filling snack and beverage in this well-lit space.

Going with an industrial style encourages more productivity in the kitchen. If you want to set up your seating nook here, a concrete design with metal chairs will do just the trick.

The wooden countertops are a great way to soften the overall look and incorporate natural elements along with some lush green plants.

wooden counter and ceilingINSTAGRAM @smallkitchendesign

This time, it’s the furniture and fixtures that solidify the industrial design. A set of sleek modern pendant lights and chic chairs add the finishing touches to define this bar area.

The overall area is a bit bright for the usual urban aesthetic. Therefore, you’ll be getting a fresher take which could suit your small kitchen better.

I suggest getting black place mats just to tie the stools into the theme more.

U shaped kitchen with brick wallINSTAGRAM @oddskenya

In this industrial-style home, the bar area exudes luxury with its dark wood frame while retaining an urban edge with the exposed brick wall in the background.

You can keep a few snacks and drinks on the little trolley for easier access and make serving your guests a seamless experience.

This design is a bit more true to the industrial aesthetic with its design choices and use of darker colors.

Minimalist Seating Nook

bamboo leg counter stoolINSTAGRAM @adirectcabinets

In this pristine home, the counter has a built-in compartment to accommodate a mini chiller.

With this design, your favorite bottle of wine will always be within easy reach. The nook’s placement is also ideal, ensuring that you can enjoy your drinks and meals conveniently at this counter.

I love how the mini fridge blends seamlessly into the white interior. It’s a great hack to help maintain a consistent aesthetic.

Want more ways to store your wine? Check out my article on clever wine storage ideas.

wooden barstool and shelvesINSTAGRAM @alexandragater

For those with a penchant for quirky minimalism, this delightful design is perfect for adding character to your kitchen. It contains a simple seating nook that is optimized for storage with built-in shelves at the back.

With this design, you can create a unique space without sacrificing storage and efficiency. Cozy up and enjoy a hearty breakfast in this adorable nook!

The birdcage-inspired light fixture and all the little homemade decor add so much character to this kitchen!

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modern kitchen with rattan bar stoolINSTAGRAM @templeandwebster

For those less adventurous in interior design, this minimalist look offers a toned-down alternative that may be just what you’re seeking.

The design keeps things bright, clean, and simple. Set up an all-white counter and a couple of minimalist wicker bar stools and you’re good to go!

If it seems too bare, you can add some flowers or a fruit basket to embellish the counter.

Colored Laminates And Veneers

kitchen with ceiling cabinetsINSTAGRAM @kerfdesign

You might already have a bare seating nook and are wondering how you can personalize it. Well, if you just want a quick and easy way to elevate your bar stool area, get some color in with laminates and veneers.

Laminates and veneers are so simple to implement and can change the look of your space drastically. You’ll get an entirely new aesthetic in an instant!

I love how this hack simplifies the process of adding bursts of color.

Rustic Seating Area

tiny wooden kitchenINSTAGRAM @countrylivingmag

For a more classic and homey approach, consider a cozy kitchen design like this. Featuring charming raw wood facades and a couple of sturdy stools, it’s the perfect spot to leisurely savor a warm cup of coffee in the morning.

With this placement, you can effortlessly repurpose the counter to be a preparation space or one for dining. 

Since this design is best for families, I suggest adding a rug to add to the coziness and complete the rustic aesthetic.

Island With Pullout Table

Pull-out table on kitchen islandINSTAGRAM @rumahgevanya

Add another function to your kitchen island with a pullout table design. It allows you to transform the counter into a place for dining and saves space with its handy mechanism.

The design lets you double your countertop space and make it a great space for sitting in.  

To optimize it even more, you can also create a space on the bottom of the island so you can store the small bar stools there too!

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