Yellow Kitchen Designs: 26 Stylish Ideas for Small Spaces

A yellow color scheme is an amazing way to brighten up your kitchen. There are so many shades and hues of yellow that can pull off whichever aesthetic you’re going for.

In addition to a diverse shade range, several stylish design ideas can go greatly with a yellow palette.

We’ve gathered our favorite yellow kitchen designs to help you explore ways to reinvent your kitchen space. Check them out here!

Yellow Farmhouse Kitchen

yellow kitchen with minimalist dining areaINSTAGRAM @frankeenandesign

First up is a classic farmhouse kitchen. This design style adds such a charming vibe which is perfect for the kitchen.

The muted mustard-yellow cabinets and drawers with the hardwood floors give off so much warmth.

The layout uses a wooden table instead of an island for more character and function since it also serves as a dining area.

yellow kitchen with lemon wallpaper on topINSTAGRAM @cafeappliances

Here’s another dainty and delicate little farmhouse kitchen. Its vintage appearance lends it a cozy and lived-in vibe.

Everything about this design is nostalgic and charming – the checkered floors, quirky wallpaper, and classic features.

Despite its vintage style, this kitchen features a clever layout that offers ample storage and fosters a conducive environment for kitchen activities.

minimalist dining table on a yellow kitchenINSTAGRAM @jennapeffley

Meanwhile, this rustic kitchen blends design elements to achieve a country-style ambiance while also incorporating an elegant and modern aesthetic.

The lower half of this kitchen draws inspiration from rustic interiors, featuring wooden floors and classic cabinetry. In contrast, the upper half embodies a contemporary and luxurious feel with marble countertops and walls.

I suggest placing a large rug in the middle to prevent wood creaking.

yellow kitchen cabinets and kitchen islandINSTAGRAM @howarkdesign

Here’s a more simple and modern take on the farmhouse kitchen. It still uses wooden elements and a straightforward storage design.

However, it has a smaller and less complicated layout. Its island is another notable feature since it is also a dining, preparation, and storage area.

I love the design of the tile backsplash by the stove! It adds a nice little accent to the kitchen.

Compact Canary Kitchen

Narrow yellow kitchen near the entrance

This cute canary apartment kitchen uses small yellow tiles all over the floor and the walls.

By having tiles take up most of the coverage of the kitchen, you’re also creating an easy-to-clean and low-maintenance space. It can get pretty messy in the kitchen but you won’t have to worry about the cleanup with this design.

I suggest getting non-slip carpets to make this a safer space to work in. They will also make your kitchen look cozier!

Tiled Backsplash

yellow floating shelves and kitchen wall tilesINSTAGRAM @yearandday

Continuing with the tile theme, we have this artistic kitchen sporting a more muted yellow palette, featuring a backsplash composed of tiles in assorted shades of yellow.

The tiles also add character and texture to the kitchen. The slight variations in the shades of yellow also make it an interesting look.

I adore the antique and vintage ornaments displayed on the shelves. They go so well with the aesthetic of the kitchen.

Bright Yellow Island With Storage

yellow kitchen with bookshelves on kitchen island

This young and modern kitchen uses an innovative feature as its main island. Sporting a vibrant yellow hue, it boasts a sleek countertop above and multiple storage compartments below.

It’s a fresh and open design that makes your kitchen more inviting. I love the use of natural elements that are also yellow!

With a color as bright as this, keeping the rest of the interiors neutral is a great way to balance everything out so it won’t be too overwhelming.

glossy yellow kitchen

Here, this contemporary vibrant yellow kitchen uses a similar kitchen island with storage. This time, there are shelves on the outer facade instead of having a hollow storage space.

It’s a great way to store your dishware! You can also customize the island to hold your best bottles of wine.

The design doesn’t solely revolve around incorporating shelves. Consider getting drawers if you don’t want your kitchen items out on display.

Kitchen Trolleys And Carts

yellow round movable kitchen island

Here is a lovely yellow kitchen with a whimsical piece: a circular, mobile trolley. It’s an imaginative feature you can move around and according to your needs.

The trolley or cart can function as a table or as a kitchen island which makes it adaptable to how you work. Not to mention, it’s an adorable structure to have in your kitchen!

Having such a distinctive feature in your kitchen is bound to spark conversations and earn you heaps of compliments from guests!

tiny yellow kitchen island with wheels

If you want the same mobility and functionality but with a simpler aesthetic, consider this rectangular cart. It’s not too eye-catching and it still provides the utmost efficiency.

Another great thing about carts like this is that they also have storage compartments to keep your kitchen tools and items in.

I love how it also has one end that is solely a table. The isolated structure gives you legroom for comfortable seating.

movable yellow kitchen island

On a similar note, we have a smaller version of the kitchen cart without a table at the end. This one also has a more minimalist compartment.

The kitchen has a pair of pastel yellow shelves to make up for the little storage space on the cart. 

The flowers really liven up the space and make it a refreshing sight to take in, enhancing the kitchen’s overall visual appeal.

Large Pendant Lights And Minimalist Island

yellow kitchen with yellow pendant light

In this simple and small kitchen, there is a singular large pendant light above a minimalist island.

The top of the island slightly extends outward to give you more legroom for when you sit. It also has a nice wooden countertop that complements the muted tones in the kitchen.

The quirky pendant light is a great accent piece that doesn’t interfere too much with the rest of the interior. There are quite a few variations of this fixture, so choose wisely!

tiny yellow kitchen with wooden countertop

This vibrant yellow kitchen has an industrial touch with an exposed bulb pendant light and sleek, shiny exteriors on the storage.

It still exudes a classic kitchen feel with a glass door cupboard for keeping and displaying your dishes.

If you want to lean more into the industrial side, then I suggest getting black countertops and surfaces instead. However, if you want to keep the homey feel, these wooden tops will do!

White And Yellow L-Shaped Kitchen

yellow wall tiled kitchenINSTAGRAM @woodhullmaine

This spacious home kitchen boasts an open and welcoming atmosphere, attributed to its L-shaped layout and the abundant natural light streaming in from the large window.

Lighting is important in kitchens since it allows you to be more productive and work more efficiently. So, getting a big window is a great investment. Also, the more light that comes in, the better!

I find that this kitchen would look incredible with more flowers and plants by the window!

Black And Yellow U-Shaped Kitchen

black and yellow kitchenINSTAGRAM @mint_kitchen_group

For a sleek and modern kitchen, try out this design. The black and yellow interior exudes such a sophisticated elegance and the U-shape layout maximizes the area of this small home.

This design is ideal for people who want to keep their kitchen simple and cool. All the elements blend so well together!

I love the narrow shelves – they provide a stylish storage space in a classy and minimalist way.

Space-Optimized Hideaway Kitchen

yellow hidden kitchenINSTAGRAM @nvtsmall

Who would’ve thought that you could tuck your kitchen away? This hideaway kitchen is an innovative gem that lets you transform your space in an instant.

When in use, just open it and carry on with your tasks. After, simply close the panel and revert the space back to its original state. It’s genius!

Even the panels or doors have storage in addition to the ones already in the kitchen, which means not one inch is wasted with this design.

Simple Gray And Yellow Layout

yellow and Grey kitchen cabinetsINSTAGRAM @furnitureshopperr

Want to use a yellow color palette but you aren’t too adventurous with colors? No problem! You can use a muted hue of the color and pair it with a subdued neutral like gray.

In this layout, we can see how even though yellow is one of the main motifs of this kitchen, it isn’t too bright or overpowering. The aesthetic is still simple and lowkey.

There’s already ample storage space available here, but if you prefer to keep more items easily accessible on the counter, I suggest investing in kitchen organizers.

Contemporary Kitchen Layout

compact yellow kitchen with yellow curtainsINSTAGRAM

Here, we have a marvelous contemporary kitchen with a spacious length. It has luxurious marble countertops, an island with a built-in sink, and yellow storage and furniture.

The floor-to-ceiling windows and doors create an open atmosphere and add to the illusion of a bigger space.

You’re sure to have a five-star dining experience in this lavish area! Make sure you enjoy your next dinner here with a wonderful glass of wine.

Yellow Green Motif

yellow kitchen window and plates rackINSTAGRAM @elledecor

On to a simpler kitchen, this one here has a thoughtful design with a unique take on the yellow color palette.

Using yellow-green makes your kitchen exude a more down-to-earth ambiance and is easier on the eyes. It’s a great alternative if you don’t want a full-on yellow kitchen.

I admire the shelf that holds your plates creatively. Overall, this kitchen is such a thoughtful and charming place!

L-Shaped Counter And Pendant Lights

pendant lights on yellow kitchenINSTAGRAM @contractor_iqshabina

This space is divided into two areas: one for preparation and one for dining. The yellow scheme is incorporated in the cupboards and shelves to not overpower the modern design.

You can accentuate the counter space even more by using aesthetically pleasing pendant lights. They will surely add a ton of character and great lighting to your kitchen.

It’s an amazing space-efficient design that works best for when you’re going to have many guests over. Host your next dinner party in a space like this!

Dandelion-Colored Galley Kitchen

modern yellow galley kitchenINSTAGRAM @inspiredspacesinc

Dandelion is an amazing yellow shade to work with. It has just the right brightness and spunk to liven up your kitchen.

This galley kitchen features multiple storage areas adorned in a charming dandelion hue. These compartments not only ensure a tidy kitchen but also provide ample space to store all your utensils and tools.

This could benefit from adding a patterned rug with warm colors!

Marble Countertop And Backsplash

yellow wooden kitchen island on a yellow kitchenINSTAGRAM @moniqueogilvie_designs

This little kitchen displays a simple and easy design you can recreate with your kitchen. It combines rustic and luxurious styles to achieve the ideal fusion.

The marble countertops and backsplash are not only visually appealing but they are low maintenance and perfect for kitchen use. Additionally, the wooden designs and vertical lines add a rustic touch and make the whole area look taller.

I suggest putting a few more flowers to add to the natural elements present in this design.

yellow kitchen with a ceramic wall tileINSTAGRAM @violi_construction

In this wider kitchen, we can also see marble countertops and a backsplash. However, in place of a kitchen island, a simple black dining set is used.

I love how they used a picture frame window by the sink. It makes washing the dishes less of a dreadful task and would be an amazing way to get a glimpse of a scenic view if there is one outside your kitchen.

I recommend getting more boho decor and ornaments to fill the space to make it look even more interesting!

Island Bar With Storage

wooden countertop kitchen islandINSTAGRAM @melindaofbespoke

This design combines several functions into one structure. The multipurpose kitchen island will definitely improve your space!

On the left, you’ll find shelves for storage, while on the opposite side, you can enjoy a drink or two with your loved ones at the makeshift bar. You can also always use the space for eating too.

The pendant lights accentuate the kitchen island nicely. I love how they made the storage a bookshelf so you can read here too!

Country-Style Kitchen

floating shelves with spice jars on the cornerINSTAGRAM @whitekitchencompany

In this small and humble kitchen, things are kept simple with dominantly white interiors and quaint yellow cabinetry.

Using glass containers with wooden lids adds to the kitchen’s aesthetic, especially when you put them on display.

I love how they incorporated white shelves and a narrow white storage right below. They add charm to the kitchen with their design.

Dark Wooden Island

yellow kitchen with a wall-mounted rod with hooksINSTAGRAM @bertandmay

Lastly, we have this grand kitchen with a large and majestic dark wooden island. The feature gives a nice contrast to the wicker accents.

It’s rare for a kitchen island to be completely wooden, so this piece will surely be the focal point of your kitchen.

I find that adding a few more natural elements would enhance the visuals greatly. Get some plants and flowers to go with the wooden and wicker decor!

Do you love yellow as much as I do? Check out my article on styling a yellow bathroom!

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