Blue Bedrooms: 20 Stylish Ideas for Small Spaces

Blue is an all-around color that can do wonders for your interiors. That is, if you get the right shade and use effective styling techniques!

Whether your room is a deep sapphire, bright cobalt, or a delicate pastel blue, you can enhance your space with the tips and tricks we’ve gathered here.

Get inspired by these awesome designs and transform your bedroom into a cool blue paradise!

Minimalist Blue Bedroom

blue bedroom with floating shelves

Starting things off simple, we have a minimalist muted blue bedroom with tinges of warm accents. It contains all the essentials: a cozy bed, a standard wooden desk, and wall-mounted shelves.

The design is ideal for those who want an uncomplicated layout. Placing the desk by the window is also great for encouraging productivity! 

I love the terracotta touches and how they complement the blue interiors without overpowering the space.

floating shelf on blue wall

Here is a more mature and elegant design of a simple blue bedroom. Unlike the one previously shown, this doesn’t have a desk but it has a pair of nightstands with corresponding lamps and a nice long shelf above the bed.

It takes a toned-down minimalist approach, primarily using grays to create a more serious atmosphere. However, the light wooden accents help to soften the space.

You can make the bedroom livelier by adding more greenery!

Blue And Pink Color Scheme

tall cubbies on corner

In this modern apartment, the abundance of blue is complemented by light pink features. We can also see a luxurious headboard, contemporary furniture, and a ton of storage space.

By positioning the shelves to face inward, you can uphold a tidy appearance. This setup also ensures ample space to store your belongings, preventing clutter.

Having a large window also helps illuminate the room, making it look bigger.

cabinet with surface storage

Here is a smaller blue bedroom with a more subtle touch of pink. In this instance, pink is introduced into the interior through a bold geometric pattern on the wall.

The design optimizes space with a lengthy, slender drawer running the length of the room, providing ample storage capacity.

I personally adore the little makeshift nightstand and appreciate how it was fitted into the room.

Space-Optimized Loft

space-efficient loft bed

Merge relaxation and productivity effortlessly with a space-efficient loft bed design. The bed also contains a small desk to give you an efficient working space.

The design isn’t only easy on the eyes but it is as functional as it can be. It has a working area and several storage units on both the desk and by the stairs. 

It’s perfect for teens and young adults. You can spruce it up a bit more by adding some colorful decor.

Space Blue Children’s Novelty Bedroom

modern bedroom with playing area INSTAGRAM @henriq.arq

The space-themed walls and fun layout of this bedroom are sure to spark your kids’ imagination!

This inverted loft design places the bed on the lower level, freeing up the elevated space for additional play area. The lower floor is brimming with excitement, featuring a slide, built-in swing, and a spacious play area.

You can stick a few glow-in-the-dark star stickers on the wall so it’ll be like they’re sleeping under the night sky when it’s bedtime.

Want more creative ways to spruce up your kid’s bedroom? Check out our article on bunk and loft beds with slides.

Minimalist Blue Bookshelves

compact bed with shelves

This tiny space offers a ton of storage and enough room to hold a large, comfy bed. The muted blue design lets you keep your own library in your bedroom.

This layout is ideal if you only require shelf storage and don’t plan to place any furniture in your bedroom.

Attaching lamps at the head of the bed is a clever idea so you can read your books even in low light conditions.

wall cubbies on blue bedroom

Here, a bright and light blue bedroom also keeps a large bed in the center and utilizes built-in shelves.

The wooden shelves are strategically placed so that they can also function as a nightstand. The rest of the shelves are small and compact to maintain a simple layout but are still sufficient for storage and display.

The golden pendant lights pair well with the light wood and tie the whole aesthetic together.

Kid’s Room With a Small Sofa And Tall Windows

minimalist blue bedroom with cozy couch

This modern kid’s bedroom is covered in a youthful yet refined shade of blue. It also contains matching blue furniture to make a cohesive space.

You can give your kid an additional space to rest by adding a small sofa to their room. The one here with an orange frame adds just the right pop of color to the room.

The large window makes sure their room is well-lit but lets your child adjust the lighting according to their preference.

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End of Bed Bench

floating shelves on corner

In this stylish modern home, the bed adorned with plush pillows is complemented by a bed bench. Moreover, the entire bedroom exudes sophistication in its decor.

A bed bench is a great spot to put your accessory pillows in when you’re going to bed. Also, it serves as a place to sit when your bed is made but you still want to relax.

You can optimize this design hack by getting a bed bench with storage!

Compact Bed With Pullout Storage

narrow bedroom with shelves

A charming stone-blue bedroom fits in a small bed snuggly into one corner. The stage of the bed has one large drawer for storage. There are also wooden shelves mounted on the panel above the bed.

Integrating wooden elements into the room enhances its charm and coziness.

The strategic addition of a few red accents is a clever way to infuse color into the space and prevent it from feeling monotonous.

bed with storage on corner

This room with a deeper blue hue also tucks the bed nicely in the corner. What’s new here is that this room has a desk area and a minimalist bookshelf.

With the bed being slightly taller, you can maximize the stage by customizing it as a space for storage.

Enjoying your favorite books is going to be so easy in this space since they’re just an arm’s length away.

Customized Bunk Beds

blue bunk bed with storage INSTAGRAM @peltierhome

An endearing bedroom for two or more kids uses a space-efficient bunk bed design. The frame is finished in a darker hue than the walls to provide contrast and definition, while each bed features a built-in cubby in its headboard.

It’s the perfect design to keep your children close but still give them their own space to sleep in. 

You can modify the stairs to have drawers so they have a place to put their toys and things in.

triple bunk bed INSTAGRAM @lauracovingtoninteriors

This ingenious design elevates the bunk bed concept by adding another layer. The lavish blue structure with gold accents utilizes the vertical space of the bedroom cleverly.

The stacked beds give you more space than the usual bunk bed so it’s great for big families or for having sleepovers in. The lowest bunk even has a drawer for storage.

I love how each bed has a tiny circular window! The ladder for the topmost bunk also adds character to the space.

House-Shaped Bed Frame For Kid’s Room

blue checkered wallpaper INSTAGRAM @marquesaandco

This checkered blue kid’s room is a fun and endearing space. With space for a house-shaped bed frame and an area for playing the keyboard, your kid is sure to be stimulated in this charming room.

The pattern gives a distinct farmhouse vibe, especially when partnered with the house-shaped bed frame. It’ll give your child such a homey environment to stay in.

There are also multiple storage compartments surrounding the bed area so they can make sure their things are arranged and tidy.

Alcove Bed

compact bed with drawers INSTAGRAM @benjaminmooreuk

Now we have a classic vintage home with a lovely alcove bed kept behind patterned curtains.

It would be so cool to have a separate area in your house just for relaxing in. You can recreate this design with a reading nook or a day bed if you already have one.

Read a couple of classic novels or take a quick nap in this cozy little space. You can also add in shelves to make a small library inside.

Tall Blue Cabinets

cuby on the closet INSTAGRAM @klara_ostrowska_studio

In this contemporary apartment, two floor-to-ceiling cabinets flank the bed, providing ample storage space for clothes and belongings.

You won’t need a separate wardrobe room with this design. It lets you keep many of your clothes right beside your bed.

There’s even a little cubby for the items you need to place on your bedside and a small lamp attached above it.

compact bedroom with lower shleves INSTAGRAM @dustsheets_and_decor

This refreshing blue bedroom with a mustard yellow bed optimizes the limited space by incorporating a tall cabinet with lower shelves.

The orientation of the storage maintains a low-key appearance and is a space-efficient addition to the room. 

Another space-saving solution is to install shelves, offering a nightstand option without the need for bulky furniture that takes up too much space.

Glass Panel Shelves And A Mix Of Textures

floating glass shelves INSTAGRAM @houseofhoney

This pristine ashen-blue bedroom has a simple layout that holds a lot of character with its display of design and textures.

You can get this look by using chalk paint on your walls. It’s a fantastic way to add texture and it eliminates the need to prime your walls.

Using glass panels for shelves helps emphasize the beautiful blue color even more. I love how even the bed is unique with the long bolster and fuzzy bedding.

Attic Bedroom

narrow bedroom on an angled roof INSTAGRAM @bohomeinteriors

Lastly, we have a modest attic bedroom, perfectly sized to accommodate a cozy bed beside the blue-tinted window.

You don’t necessarily need every wall painted blue to incorporate the color into your room. Adding subtle accents can infuse the motif effectively. Opting for a neutral room allows the color to pop.

This setup would be ideal for utilizing the attic space and could also serve as a charming guest bedroom.

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