14 Bedroom Window Ideas That Just Look Amazing

From panoramic views to cozy alcoves, windows can redefine your bedroom’s ambiance and aesthetics.

Let’s discover creative ways to harness natural light and all sorts of window styles to suit your space and your style.

Cabin-Style Bedroom with Panorama Glass Windows

Tiny full glass bedroom INSTAGRAM @Panoramaglasslodge

Check out this cabin-style bedroom – it’s like stepping into a nature lover’s dream! Those floor-to-ceiling windows bring the outdoors right into your space.

With all that natural light flooding in, it’s like you’re surrounded by sunshine all day long! Plus, those windows make the room feel even bigger and more open, like you’re part of the breathtaking views.

You have your own little sanctuary that celebrates the beauty of nature, no matter what the season. Talk about living the dream!

Attic Bedrooms with Skylight Windows

Bedroom with a skylight window INSTAGRAM @Ari.and.arya

This cozy attic bedroom is adorned with windows set into the angled ceiling. The windows illuminate the room with soft, natural light while offering glimpses of the sky.

The skylight windows also make the space feel airy and expansive despite the cozy confines of the attic room.

I like the windows’ natural wood grain finish. It adds a touch of organic elegance to the space and complements the neutral tones of the room’s decor elements.

Bedroom on an angled roof with a window

This minimalist attic bedroom also features skylight windows but these ones stretch to the floor. They offer an uninterrupted view of the sky while bathing the space in an abundance of natural light.

The window’s sleek and contemporary design also create a serene and modern atmosphere.

If you need a bit of privacy or some shade during the day, consider sheer or light-filtered blinds. These will still allow unobstructed views and ample natural light to permeate your room.

Rusty bedroom with an angled window INSTAGRAM @Evercozy

Last on our list of attic bedrooms is a rustic one with skylight windows that also extend from the angled ceiling to the floor. However, this one is positioned prominently in front of the bed, creating a dramatic focal point.

The window frames the sleeping area and lets you wake up to a stunning view of the great outdoors every day.

The black window frame is a good choice for this room as it doesn’t overpower the rustic design elements.

Loft Apartment with Wide Floor to Roof Windows

Bedroom with a fixed window wall and ceiling INSTAGRAM @Investofriends

This loft apartment adorned with expansive floor-to-roof windows is the epitome of modern city living.

These striking windows, stretching seamlessly from the floor to the lofty ceiling, redefine the ambiance of the space. They flood the interior with an abundance of daylight and offer killer views of the landscape.

Those plants are a breath of fresh air amidst all those sleek greys and blacks. Talk about urban jungle vibes done right!

For more inspiration, check out my article on creative loft ideas for small spaces with high ceilings.

Gable-Style Window

Bedroom wall full of fixed type window

This window’s triangular shape features two sloping sides that meet at a point, reminiscent of the shape of a house’s gable.

The window’s position in the roof’s peak offers an elevated perspective, providing scenic views and becoming a focal point of the room’s architecture.

Positioning the bed right beside the window also creates a cozy space where you can lounge around while basking in sunlight.

Traditional Single-Hung Window

Tiny bedroom with glass block window INSTAGRAM @Sophiesgaff

This snug bedroom has a single-hung window with a timeless design. This window style features two sashes, where the bottom sash is operable and moves vertically to open or close, while the upper sash remains fixed.

Just like in the photo, you can enhance the window’s appeal with artwork, small indoor plants, and cute decorative pieces. You can even use seasonal decorations, such as floral arrangements or themed curtains.

Decorative Round Window

Round bedroom window with books

This bedroom’s round window (often referred to as a porthole window due to its resemblance to ship portholes) adds a touch of whimsy and charm to the space.

Its unconventional shape adds visual interest to the room and becomes a captivating centerpiece within the space. It will look great in both modern and traditional bedrooms.

You can emphasize the window’s architectural charm by framing it with decorative moldings or trims. Feel free to paint the trim in a contrasting color to make the round window stand out.

Radius Window Beside the Bed

Arch window on small bedroom

This bedroom has an enchanting radius window that brings a touch of sophistication and grace to the space.

That arched shape? It’s like a picture frame for the scenery outside, turning the view into this mesmerizing masterpiece.

Also, can we talk about how it’s right by the bed? It’s like nature’s own little nightlight, giving you a front-row seat to sunrise or a dreamy view of the stars as you wind down for the night.

You’ll always wake up on the right side of the bed!

Double-Hung Rectangle Windows

Tiny bedroom with a minimalistic window

This modern bedroom features double-hung rectangle windows that offer a perfect balance between functionality and traditional aesthetics. They look great in both modern and vintage interiors.

The double-hung design allows for efficient ventilation and ease of operation, enabling both upper and lower sashes to open. They promote air circulation while maintaining a refined appearance.

Their clean lines and symmetrical structure make them a versatile choice!

For privacy, consider tailored curtains, Roman shades, or blinds that complement the window’s proportions.

Reading Nooks within Bay Windows

Storage bed fitted into window space INSTAGRAM @Purewowhome

This rustic bedroom has a cozy book nook nestled within a bay window. The nook is an inviting retreat that combines the charm of a window alcove with the comfort of a reading sanctuary.

I love how the nook is characterized by distressed furnishings and plush pillows. This combination creates a whimsical and relaxed atmosphere that exudes warmth.

The recessed wall shelves are also lovely way to add decor items and personality to the space.

Bedroom with a window seating INSTAGRAM @Iamdilipsonii

This contemporary bedroom also has a bay window alcove with a seating solution. However, this one features rod pocket curtains and a minimalist design compared to the previous one.

If you want to further decorate this space, keep the decor minimal and uncluttered. You can add a small side table or a sleek wall-mounted bookshelf to hold essential reading materials or decor items.

You can also add a textured rug or a faux fur throw to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

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Three-Panel Window with Sheer Blinds

Minimalist bedroom with a tall window INSTAGRAM @Oldsilvershed

This gorgeous bedroom boasts a three-panel window complemented by sheer blinds.

Positioned beside a luxurious chaise, this combination creates a serene and inviting space perfect for relaxation and contemplation. The windows provide a sense of openness that laying on the chaise feels like you’re actually outside.

You can place a stylish side table or an elegant ottoman beside the chaise, providing a convenient surface for books or a cup of tea.

Minimalist Fixed Windows with Roller Shades

Tiny bedroom with a transom and square windows INSTAGRAM @Villavangsnes

This tiny bedroom’s compact size is contrasted by the large windows, offering a visually striking focal point and expansive views of the outdoors.

The placement directly facing the bed also invites a serene connection with the outdoors. It gives you a picturesque backdrop that changes with the shifting daylight and night skies.

That said, it’s best to avoid placing bulky furniture or decor that could obstruct the view.

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