13 Kitchen Window Ideas That Just Look Amazing

When creating the perfect kitchen, our attention often centers on crafting an efficient, practical, and well-organized area.

Yet, we might underestimate the significance of kitchen windows and how they can elevate our home’s interiors.

With that, we’ve collected 13 window ideas that will just make your kitchen look amazing!

Awning Window with Hanging Planters

Fixed window on kitchen corner INSTAGRAM @Fieldstone_windows

This boho chic apartment maintains an earthy vibe with hanging planters by its awning window.

They’re easy to install and can accommodate your favorite plants to liven up your kitchen and add to the overall aesthetic. 

The placement by the window is optimal for the plants to get enough sunlight. Plus, the hanging planters keep your ledges clear so you can place other decorative pieces or keep them bare.

Pendant Lights Per Window

Three vertical windows on tiny kitchen INSTAGRAM @Payne.payne.builders

In this sophisticated white and gray kitchen area, we can see traditional windows, with each panel accentuated by a pendant light.

The glass and chain design balances out the delicate interiors of the kitchen and adds an industrial touch. 

If you want your windows to be the highlight of your kitchen, focus most of your decor in that area. Add a few more plants and ornaments to draw more attention to it.

Kitchen with three square windows INSTAGRAM @Vintageporch

This rustic and refined kitchen accentuates each of its windows with a luxurious pendant light that matches the main chandelier.

Pendant lights come in several designs, so you’re sure to find the one that suits your interior design theme.

This particular style of pendant light is a great way to elevate the look and make your kitchen appear more luxurious. 

Single Hung Window

Tiny kitchen with transom window INSTAGRAM @Topologyinteriors

A simple single-hung window illuminates the charming sage-green kitchen seen here.

The window’s design seamlessly integrates with the interior and executes its function with a timeless layout. I love how all the pieces work together to make the apartment appear taller and even more spacious.

If you ever decide to get curtains with this design, I suggest getting sheer ones. They are delicate enough to complement the aesthetic and they will still keep your kitchen bright.

Double Hung Window

Narrow kitchen with a single hung window INSTAGRAM @Highstreetmarket

This classic kitchen uses a timeless window design with a white double-hung window.

It’s just the right size to let in enough light. Also, the way it opens and closes won’t interfere with your counter space.

If your window ledge is spacious enough, you can prop up a few potted plants by the window to incorporate more natural elements.

Windows with Metal Mesh and Shelves for Storage

Window behind cabinet with screen door INSTAGRAM @Puresaltinteriors

The elegant white kitchen shown here makes clever use of its space with windows that double as storage.

Several wooden shelves are surrounded by metal mesh, offering a secure storage area conveniently located by the window.

I love how creative and practical this hack is. Just remember to be careful with the items you store here. They must withstand exposure to sunlight and moisture in case there might be leaks.

Skylight Windows

Kitchen with a skylight window INSTAGRAM @Armacmartin

This lovely, romantic kitchen basks in a soft glow coming from the large skylight windows.

They’re not a common design used in the kitchen, so they’ll definitely make yours look more unique. 

The overhead placement of the windows is a great way to keep your kitchen well-lit. You won’t have to spend too much on electricity as long as there is daylight.

Fixed Frame Window

Tiny window on kitchen corner INSTAGRAM @Kbava.architects

This simple kitchen space just needs to let some light in. The fixed frame window is the perfect installation to fulfill that purpose.

Remember that this window doesn’t open or close. So, if maximum ventilation is a priority for you, this might not be the optimal choice.

The best thing about it is that it’s extremely low maintenance because it doesn’t involve any complex mechanisms.

Marble Framed Bay Window

Tiny kitchen with sliding and a fixed angled window INSTAGRAM @Katetaylorinteriors

This majestic contemporary kitchen matches its marble countertop with wide marble-framed bay windows.

Bay windows protrude a bit outwards, offering an extraordinary window area that can elevate any room. Additionally, getting creative with its frame design can enhance your interiors even more.

Doing the dishes in this kitchen can’t be too bad when you get to do them in front of a relaxing scene.

Wide Picture Window

Kitchen with a picture window INSTAGRAM @Interiormerete

Make the most of a stunning view by choosing a picture window to showcase the scenery from your kitchen.

In this lovely white kitchen, a large grid-less window makes the outdoors look like a hung-up artwork.

It gives you a feast for the eyes as you prepare a feast for your tummies! If it gets too bright for your liking, consider installing discreet blinds within the frame to maintain the illusion seamlessly.

Windows with Built-in Shelves

Window behind floating shelves INSTAGRAM @Phoebehoward_decorator

This adorable powder blue kitchen counter has a distinct window and storage situation going on above it.

Instead of separating the window from the shelves, this design combines them, This way, you get to store even more kitchen items.

However, you do have to be extra careful when opening or closing your windows with this layout. Or you can use this design on the fixed windows in your kitchen to lessen the hassle.

Check out my article on under-the-ceiling kitchen cabinets for more storage ideas.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

Narrow kitchen with a tall fixed window INSTAGRAM @Designstuff

This sleek and minimal black and white kitchen lets a ton of light in with a large floor-to-ceiling window.

The design can sometimes be mistaken for a door – or you can opt for a glass door of the same size to get the same effect with more function. 

I also recommend installing blinds that match the interiors so you can adjust the amount of light that seeps into the kitchen. Or, if you want a bit more privacy, go for frosted windows instead.

Single Hung Windows with Shutters

Small kitchen with single hung window INSTAGRAM @Sarahosmondinteriors

Lastly, this lovely home displays an iconic feature that most farmhouses have: windows with wooden shutters

Shutters effectively exude the charming farmhouse feel. Apart from that, the window design offers you control over the amount of light you allow in, similar to blinds but with slightly less flexibility.

It would be fun to get colorful windows that play right into the color scheme of your home! You can always have them painted and change the colors from time to time.

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