Under-The-Ceiling Kitchen Cabinets: 18 Storage Ideas

The kitchen is often a hectic area of our home. With all the cooking, serving, dining, and cleaning–we’re bound to need a ton of storage space here.

If it feels like you’ve exhausted all your storage options–look up!  Here are 16 storage ideas for under-the-ceiling kitchen cabinets that you can totally steal for your kitchen.

Hanging Cabinet and Shelf

suspended cabinet with shelf underneath

This stylish kitchen keeps the sink and cooking area neat with an overhead storage unit and an exposed layer for drying dishes or displaying them.

The design keeps the kitchen space open instead of congested. The shelf is perfect for drying dishes and even keeping a few ingredients within reach for when you cook. 

I love the modern look and how it lets a lot of light and air pass through.

suspended wooden shelves using metal rod

Here is another version of the design with shelves only. As there isn’t a lofty compartment up top, it is definitely more open than the previous one.

It’s perfect if you want to maintain a bright view and only need to store a couple of dishes and kitchen items.

I suggest you don’t overcrowd the shelves and throw in a few decor pieces. Some flowers and scented candles would just make this area so lovely!

Compact Cabinet With Bifold Doors

veryical bi-fold cabinet for cups INSTAGRAM @american_dream_kitchen

This minimalist kitchen offers an interesting cover for the dishes and items you keep in your cupboard. Instead of doors that open outward, these open upward and fold!

The mechanism gives you easy access to the items you need to reach for and is a compact solution that doesn’t occupy too much overhead space since it folds!

Try this with your overhead storage units and enjoy all the convenience they bring.

Cupboard with Built-In Door Shelves

space optimised cupboard for spices INSTAGRAM @tomhowleykitchens

The charming green-themed kitchen stores kitchen stock, spices, and ingredients efficiently in a space-economic cupboard.

Most households do contain kitchen cupboards, but are they utilized to the best of their storing capabilities? Adding racks by the doors is one way to do just that!

If you would rather opt for an improvised hack, try installing small containers on the door instead! Just make sure you can still close them fully once they’re on.

Compartment with Pull-Out Rack

csbinet with pullout shelf INSTAGRAM @revashelf

The contemporary kitchen accommodates an innovative design with a metal pull-out rack in the upper kitchen cupboard. This brings out the contents with just one pull.

With this design, as long as you can reach the rack and pull it out, you won’t have to reach too far because the items will come up front! 

I love how handy this is and how it eliminates the need for a stepping stool or small ladder.

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Space-Optimized Cupboard with Slot Dividers

cabinet with narrow divider for kitchen tools INSTAGRAM @theshelfking

This homey cooking area keeps kitchen supplies nicely tucked away in a spacious cupboard with built-in slots.

By having dividers or slots, you can store your things appropriately and keep them sorted. It also makes them easy to find if you designate compartments for different items. 

If you don’t want to have to do any renovating, you could always buy organizers and dividers that you can just easily insert into your existing cupboards.

Cabinet With Built-In Paper Towel Holder

minimalistic cabinet with a built in paper towel rollaer INSTAGRAM @builtcustomhomes

This all-white traditional kitchen makes cleaning a breeze with a built-in paper towel roll inside the overhead cabinet.

The design allows you to grab paper towels without too much fuss. You don’t even have to open the cabinet door! 

I find that this can work for any item that comes in rolls. If you prefer putting cling wrap or foil rather than paper towels, that would be completely fine.

Narrow Spice Rack Drawer

vertical pullout cabinet for spices

This sleek and ambient kitchen contains a compact and narrow spice rack drawer that stores all your spices and seasoning in one handy storage solution.

I love how the design smartly uses the vertical space available on top of the kitchen counter.

This hack will work regardless of where you place your drawer. So, it’s up to you if you want it above or below the counter.

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Minimalist Wooden Shelves

shelves on kotchen corner minimalistic

The rustic, sunlit kitchen counter highlights its simplicity and functionality with basic wooden shelves installed above the counters to serve as storage and display compartments.

This quick and easy storage idea is a classic way to maximize any upper wall space.

It is also easily customizable–you can choose how far apart the shelves are, the color, the material, and even how many shelves you want. 

Don’t be afraid to add decorative pieces here and there if there’s available space.

L-Shaped Shelves Around the Cooking Area

small kitchen with wall-mounted cabinet and shelves INSTAGRAM @crownlivin_my

This clean and modern home maintains a small but neat kitchen. The design has some fun with the storage units!

For instance, the kitchen showcases its striking upside-down L-shaped shelves embracing the oven space. There are also open shelves exhibiting items that contribute to the area’s aesthetics.

Meanwhile, the storage units above and below the stove are closed, which let you keep more kitchen supplies and tools out of sight and stored securely.

Countertop Kitchen Cabinet

minimalistic countertop wooden cabinet INSTAGRAM @ourhighlandshome

This lovely kitchen hosts a tall kitchen cabinet with glass doors on its counter. It snugly fits the space from the counter to the ceiling.

Getting a built-in kitchen cabinet or finding one that can sit nicely on your kitchen countertop is an easy way of incorporating more storage and utilizing available space under your ceilings. 

Glass doors can give you a clear view of the contents but if you want them hidden, you can completely cover it up.

kitchen wall full of cabinets

This design is a more grand and luxurious way of having kitchen cabinets on your countertop. This is best for larger and wider kitchens.

The whole area is made for storage, which is great if that is your main priority. Notice how there isn’t much counter space–which means this design can’t double as a preparation place. 

So, do factor in your counter and storage needs when you choose to get kitchen cabinets on your countertops.

Above-The-Sink Dish Rack and Cupboards

INSTAGRAM @alloykitchen

This tiny, monochromatic dishwashing area has a compact and efficient storage unit above the sink.

With minimal countertop space, placing the dish rack in a compartment above the sink gives you more room to prepare your ingredients. 

Additionally, the design makes washing the dishes a more convenient task. It makes reaching for dry dishes easy and the openness lets them dry faster.

I love how nifty this is! Its placement by the window will also help dry dishes faster.

minimalistic cabinet with surface storage INSTAGRAM @thespruceofficial

The previous storage idea is not limited to sink areas. As you can see here, you can also place a mini cabinet above a small countertop to increase your preparation space.

This version still lets you store a good number of dishes and kitchen supplies.

As this will most likely be used to prepare ingredients and for cooking, I suggest adding racks on the cabinet doors so you can keep spices and seasoning easily accessible.

Tall Wooden Display and Storage Shelving

minimalistic vertical cupboard for kitchen supplies

This lovely kitchen with a high ceiling makes the most of its vertical space and uses a wooden display and storage unit that occupies the length of the wall.

The feature uses its height to its advantage and offers multiple compact layers to store everything from wine glasses to kitchen stocks and supplies. 

I love how the wooden finish stands out from the rest of the kitchen. It can be an accent piece while serving as a storage solution.

Tiny Corner Cabinet Above Stove

cooker hood with built in vertical cabinets INSTAGRAM @ghumahkami

This charming kitchen incorporates character and storage with one neat feature: a cute little corner cabinet above the stove area.

The design of the glass doors resembles a window, which is an adorable way to break up the uniformity of the overall kitchen aesthetic. 

It keeps the contents of the cabinet in plain sight, so you know where to find them. You can also see a couple more storage units above the stove that lets you maximize even more space.

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