Shower Niches In Small Spaces: 14 Beautiful Solutions

A small bathroom does not have to be bare and basic. Make every shower an amazing experience by revamping your shower space-regardless of bathroom size!

If you don’t know where to start, look no further. We have here 14 beautiful shower niche solutions that will transform your small bathroom into a visual and functional dream.

Geometric Shower Wall

Honeycomb shaped shower wall tiles and niche INSTAGRAM @Zssukltd

The clean bathroom shower area makes a striking impact with a cool accent wall made up of geometric tiles. In the middle of this wall, a shower niche in a similar geometric pattern stands out with a chic mini spotlight.

The design takes an ordinary concept and elevates it to an innovative and modern shower niche solution.

The compartment plays into the geometric theme and is undetectable without the spotlight. It blends in effortlessly and stores your shower needs stylishly!

Narrow Corner Shelves

Shower niche on small corner space INSTAGRAM @Leqb.architects

The sleek bathroom utilizes its height and keeps showering a discreet experience by expertly keeping the toiletries on small shelves tucked into the corner.

The smooth interior greatly benefits from the hideaway shelves. The layers also let you designate different products on the shelves for better bathroom organization. 

If your corners have limited space, choose smaller panels. Otherwise, you can go a different route and maximize the length of the bathroom with longer shelves.

Tiny Shower Compartment

Customized shower niche with a surface door INSTAGRAM @Fittes

This cute shower space contains an equally adorable and compact shower storage. If you want to keep your shower niche small, simple, and lowkey–this design is perfect for you!

It only requires a little space on your wall and gives you enough privacy and the discretion of whether you want your hygiene products on display or kept hidden.

The hooks are also a great addition that can help keep your loofah scrubs and razors easily hung.

Shower Room and Mini Bathroom Bench

Small shower area and a bench

This lovely bathroom is divided into two different areas: an enclosed shower room with a high cubbyhole and a comfy mini bench beside the shower room’s entryway to keep towels.

The mini bench contains two spacious storage units that let you keep your stock of shower supplies and linens nearby.

After every shower, you can easily grab a towel to dry off! You can even sit and relax by the window and just unwind while you’re here.

Modern Bathroom with a Stacked Shower Niche, Towel Hanger, and Shower Bench

A niche near the small shower area

This contemporary shower area combines function and aesthetics with an abundance of storage.

On the left is a stylish tiled wall with stacked shower niches and a place to hang towels. In the shower recess, there’s a built-in bench where you can sit and keep your hygiene products on. 

The design can completely change your shower game. I love how it even makes it easier for you to access and dry your towel after each use.

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Inset Tiled Shower Niche

Shower niche with a wooden frame

This small and fashionable shower space keeps a trendy storage unit for your shower items. A layered shower niche with stunning back tiles is framed with wood for that rustic touch.

The design is a creative way to create a highlight in your shower storage area. The contrast of the black tiles on the white wall makes it the focal point of your shower.

It efficiently lets you store several hygiene products and keeps them easily accessible in your shower.

Wooden shower niche and a wooden seating under INSTAGRAM @Emilymanera

Within this wood and tile shower area, there’s a tall shower niche that efficiently stores a few shower essentials.

It uses the same concept as the previous photo but with a more subdued approach. Instead of standing out, it uses the same tiles so it blends into the wall. 

To define the space, light wood is also used to frame the shower niche. I find that the wooden stool is great for continuing the theme of the shower!

Minimalistic shower niche with a shaving niche below INSTAGRAM @Farmhouseofgrace

For a simpler and more subdued version of an inset tiled shower niche, a minimalistic design like this would work best.

The shower area has three small built-in compartments that perfectly fit your shower products and tools.

It’s best to use the same tiles or ones of the same color as your bathroom walls to make your shower niche blend in seamlessly and not stand out.  

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Wide Shower Niche and Side Shelves

Shower niche and shower shelves

This minimalist bathroom has a wide shower niche and multiple side shelves to store linens and toiletries.

You can have your shower essentials right at your side with the built-in shower niche. It even has enough space to prop a decor or two to liven up the place.

As there is ample space below the side shelves to hang your towels, I recommend installing a couple of hooks or racks to add a towel-drying function.

Angled Shower Room with a Compact Shower Niche

Angled roof shower room with bench and a niche INSTAGRAM @Zia_tile

The bright and dreamlike bathroom is an artistic vision with its design. It uses a ton of elements to make it visually appealing and practical.

For instance, the shower room contains a marble-tiled bench for easy showering and a small inset shower niche that matches the surrounding walls. 

It gives you just enough space to keep your bathing necessities and some small decor items.

I love how endearing and effective this space is! It’s perfect for small bathrooms.

Shower Shelves

Shower niches and shelves in a tiny shower space

The gray-themed shower area keeps its design and storage sleek with tiered shelves along with built-in niche compartments.

The layout of this space creates an abundance of storage. The shelves are also tied together with the tiled strip in the middle, making them stand out from the rest of the niches. 

With this much storage, you can afford to display a decor piece or two like the gold sculpture in the picture.

Long Patterned Shower Niche

Minimalostic shower niche with a honeycomb tiles INSTAGRAM @Bathrooms_of_insta

In this small white shower space, a vibrant shower niche introduces color and contrast, providing a focal point amid the sleek and minimalistic design.

The integrated shower niche allows for adding a decorative plant, adding a touch of vitality to the shower area, and offers ample space for essential shower items.

The design encourages experimenting with various patterns and shapes to highlight your shower niche. Select patterns and hues that resonate with your preferences and complement your interior décor.

Shower niche on a vertical square tiles

This modern bathroom uses a larger and longer area to serve as storage. The luxurious design holds two shower niches with patterned tiles that keep linens and candles in the shower area.

Don’t limit shower niches to only keeping your hygiene products. You can also utilize the space to store several items outside of your bathing area.

I love how the compartments maximize the wall space and because they are built-in, they don’t interfere with the rest of the bathroom. 

Small Shower With Space-Optimized Side Storage

Simple knee level shower niche INSTAGRAM @Coastal_cass

This simple and compact shower area keeps its storage subtle with small compartments on its side wall.

The design maximizes the tiny side wall to effectively store everything you need when you take a shower. It’s also subtle and plays into the minimalist aesthetic of the area. 

I find that the lower placement means you would have to reach down often while showering. To simplify your shower routine, situate the shower niche at an elevated position to enhance accessibility.

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