17 Amazing Bathtubs For Small Spaces (With Storage)

A limited space can no longer keep you from enjoying a cozy bath at home. Here are ten bathtub designs that can fit right into small spaces.

Bathtub With Storage Around

Bathtub with storage around

I love how this bathtub space is optimized for storage.

There’s good space for shampoo, towels, and even a few books to keep you entertained.

You can also do this as a free-standing tub with matching shelves on the wall.

Check this example:

I love how these shelves are made to perfectly fit the frame of the frame of the bathtub.

You will need to build the shelves yourselves or have someone make them for you as the shape of a bathtub isn’t that easy to work with.

The green finish on the tub below adds a lot of atmosphere together with the candle lights that are placed around the shelves.

Just brilliant!

For a more feminine touch, you can add some color to the walls.

Here’s another take on storage under the tub with a pink twist to the walls:

Bathtub with storage under the tub

This solution utilized the shape of the tub that allows for a little storage space around the bottom of the tub.

Instead of closing this space off it can be utilized for shampoo and bathing supplies.

Another way is to install the tub on shelving units so you basically get a slightly raised tub.

Bathtub With All-around Storage

storage shelves for bathroom essentials around the bathtub

This white bathtub with shelves carved out on each side really saves a ton of space in the bathroom.

The slanted dividers on the shelves make the tub look quite modern while making sure all your stuff is well-kept and within reach.

The design optimizes the space to the max. You won’t need to install additional storage that might take up more room.

You can also do this with a more round tub.

That looks great too!

In my experience, adding a colorful rug would make getting into and out of the bath a more cozy endeavor.

Bathtub with hidden compartment

INSTAGRAM @yetanotherhouseproject

This bathtub has a cool little sliding drawer that opens up on the side.

It’s a great way to add storage in the end of the tub that doesn’t take up all the space under the tub.

Check how the drawer is designed at an angle to allow for storage in this small space!

Here’s another example we found:

You can also install drawers under the tub like this next example.

Minimalist Bathtub With Pullout Storage

hightub with drawers underneath minimalistic

The organic-styled bathroom perfectly showcases a clever way to have a bathtub in a tiny space: have drawers underneath to save room!

As a bonus, the wooden piece attached to the end would be a great place to keep your drink while you enjoy your bath.

The design is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. I love how it all fits into the wooden theme to create a zen ambiance.

The best part is that you can do this with different designs and you’ll always have a great and efficient outcome.

I would personally add a quirky handle on the drawers to get a bit more stylish with it.

Space-saving Bathtub With Wheels

tiny bathroom with a bathtub on wheels

This tiny tub won’t take up all of the corners of your bathroom with its neat bowl-like shape.

One of its unique features is its wheels, which allow you to move the tub around to a space where it could fit best.

You can also store small to medium items in cute containers in the negative spaces of the tub, like in the picture. I suggest adding a plant or two around the tub to keep the bath lively.

It’s a fun way to enjoy a bath from anywhere in your home!

 Minimalist Mini Bathtub

bathtub with a side storage shelf

The all-white tub with one wooden accent with shelves really makes an impact, while blending in seamlessly with the wall and floor.

The simple design can help you relax without too many distractions.

Once you’re in the bath, you won’t have to look at your toiletries on display because they’ll be hidden in plain sight.

You could also easily add pops of color and decor that are more your style. Might I recommend a few paintings or wall art, even a couple of candles to liven up the space!

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Bathtub With Wooden Side Shelves

Bathtub with bookshelves built-in.

This bathtub has bookshelves built into the frame.

It’s a great way to store all your favorite novels if you enjoy reading in the tub.

We love how this is fitted perfectly for the frame of the tub.

Just beautiful!

Here’s another take on the same idea.

bathtub with book shelvesINSTAGRAM @canopyandstars

An oval tub with wooden shelves outlining it is definitely one for the books in a space-saving interior.

The stone accent compliments the wood and green wall so well, utilizing a lot of natural elements.  It’s like you’re in a cozy cabin far from the city.

I love how everything is so relaxing and nature-oriented. I would add a couple more plants to keep with the theme and some scented candles to mimic a fireplace.

You could read a book and enjoy a glass of wine while feeling like you’re in a resthouse in the forest.

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 Tiny Bathtub With Foldout Compartments

bathtub with pull-down storage design for storing shampoosINSTAGRAM @powerpillarltd

The all-white bathroom smartly incorporates storage pace without being too flashy with these foldout compartments around the bathtub’s frame.

Once you get what you need, simply close the extended storage and the bathtub will go back to looking normal.

I love how you don’t even have to get out of the bath if you need to retrieve an item, just reach for the sides and close the compartment after.

The design is perfect for minimalists who want everything to be accessible while still hidden away. 

Have the most solemn quiet time in a space like this. I also recommend playing relaxing music if you want a bit of sound.

Compact Corner Bathtub

bathtub on the corner of a tiny bathroomINSTAGRAM @houseonthe_avenue

The corner tub utilizes the space of this modern bathroom by fitting perfectly by the window, beside the shower.

It’s a cute little nook that makes use of a space that might not have been used for anything else.

The small frosted window lets you have some privacy and I would really make the most out of this.

The cozy pot is perfect to enjoy a luxurious bath in. Drop in a bath bomb and a few rose petals and enjoy!

Narrow Bathtub

bathtub fitted into a narrow shower room below the windowINSTAGRAM @carbuchonbathforms

This earthy and urban bathroom makes use of its limited space by joining the bathtub and shower in one area on the narrow end of the area.

Placing your tub in this position will save you so much floor space. Plus, putting it beside a window is ideal for you to unwind and enjoy the view.

I love how space-optimizing this design is and I would definitely enjoy a bath while listening to good music here.

The blue accents and potted plants add to the earth tone of the brown tiles for a more natural ambiance too!

Bathtub With Built-in Wall Storage

bathtub with storagein a tiny bathroom cozy minimalistic

This Japanese-inspired bathroom has a sturdy wooden shelf right at the head of the tub for space-saving and organization.

I love how the angle of the window is just perfect and anything you need is just within reach.

The wooden frame of the tub also goes really well with the storage, making for a visually appealing feature.

The shelves are built into the wall, so it doesn’t take up any additional space!

You could really enjoy the mornings here with this lighting, by reading a good book or having a warm cup of coffee.

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