13 Bathroom Countertop Storage Ideas You Can Steal

The bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in our home. However, we do need to keep a handful of things in there, especially on our counters.

With the right hacks, you can maximize the space in your bathroom to store all you need. Here are 12 bathroom countertop storage ideas you can steal to help you do just that.

Mirror Storage

INSTAGRAM @zusterfurniture

The organic, Japanese-inspired bathroom keeps its zen by having storage compartments behind the mirrors above and beside the countertop.

The design is a clever way to keep the simplicity of the room while maintaining function. By having a place to keep your items aesthetically, you can have a mess-free and visually appealing room.

I love how there are a couple of drawers that pull out on the countertop for the more frequently used things. So, you won’t have to open up the larger storage area to reach for what you need.

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Built-in Wall Ledge

INSTAGRAM @77m2_aleksandra_kaminska

This tropical-inspired space smartly utilizes the area behind the sink to make for additional countertop storage.

It’s a great interior design move to use the same tiles from the wall for the countertop ledge to make it blend seamlessly.

The slightly elevated countertop ledge lets you store your essentials right below the mirror and above the sink–putting everything within reach while keeping the overall aesthetic. 

You can maximize this storage idea by adding a wooden container or two to sort your stuff.

Tiny Minimalist Stacked Organizer

The clean, white countertop makes use of small organizing drawers to store small bathroom items smartly.

The drawers are quite small, so you may need to remove one so that you can store your bottles more easily. 

Because the organizer is tiny, you can fit in another one if you need more space. Depending on your countertop, either have them side by side or on top of each other.

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Mini Modern Rack

This classy and luxurious bathroom that looks like it could belong in a hotel keeps its neatly folded towels and toiletries in a sleek, modern rack on the countertop.

The rack is a great way to incorporate storage on your bathroom countertop. You can move it around and keep your hygiene products in one place. 

The style of the rack complements the space and makes it look more modern. If your items can fit on one layer, try using the other one for decor and some scented candles.

Glass Sink

glass sink on white wall

This glass sink will turn heads.

It’s really beautifully crafted so you can see the double layer of glass!

Wooden Shelf And Drawers

The elegant space with a countertop by the window has rich, dark wood drawers under the sink and a strong shelf on the side.

The countertop remains clutter-free because there is plenty of storage surrounding it. For the items you want to keep well hidden, put them in the drawers, and for the ones you want to keep on display you can put them on the shelf.

I love how the countertop is by the window to let natural light in. And, because it is mostly bare, you can still afford to add candles or plants by the window without consuming too much space.

Wall-Mounted Minimalist Shelves

This immaculate, white bathroom with limited countertop space stores towels and hygiene products on mounted shelves instead.

The geometric design of the rail is a classy way to keep your things from falling off without looking too bulky. It’s also a great use of wall space. 

You can install as many or as few as you want and place them wherever you think is best.

I recommend that you try wrapping around vines or other decor along the panel to add natural elements to the bathroom.

Tiny Glass Organizer

INSTAGRAM @discountdelightz_

This glamorous countertop with gold accents features a tiny glass organizer to keep makeup and skincare products.

The glass organizer lets you luxuriously store your smaller items. We often get ready in the privacy of our bathrooms, so it’s best to keep our items right on our countertop in their own compartment.

I love how the storage has compartments that vary in size to keep things sorted and arranged. A few more glass pieces, like a room diffuser, would complement this greatly.

Compact Acrylic Compartment

INSTAGRAM @simplyseasideorganizing

The white countertop utilizes a clear acrylic organizer with divided layers and a box compartment to keep hygiene products.

Acrylic containers are an affordable and trendy way to store your things. Depending on your needs, you can choose from tons of designs and sizes to make the most of your countertop space.

Because the containers are clear, adding colorful and vibrant decor around your countertop won’t overwhelm the place. A few flowers could also make your bathroom pop more.

Small Wooden Storage

INSTAGRAM @idlivesimply

This contemporary bathroom uses a small, narrow container to keep toiletries by the sink.

Most of the space of this countertop is occupied by two sinks. Therefore, to make do with the area, on the left is a charming box to keep perfume and cotton balls.

The design also keeps the bottoms of your items from getting wet if you ever splash water on your countertop. 

Because the container is space-efficient, you can even place it in between the sinks for shared items.

Space-Saving Sidewall Shelves

INSTAGRAM @renonation

This sleek bathroom has barely anything on its countertop because of the efficient built-in shelves on the side.

The lightwood structure can store your bathroom necessities an arm’s length away. It also extends to the ceiling, so there is even more space to keep your things. 

The compartments below the sink of the same material are also ideal for storing larger items that you want to remain concealed such as towels, cleaning agents, and the like.

I suggest putting incense by the flowers to add to the aesthetic and freshness of the bathroom.

Wooden Display Shelf With Hooks

INSTAGRAM @sne_supplies_

This cozy countertop has its stock on display on a rustic wooden shelf. To maximize the structure, a few hooks have been hung on the sides for extra storage for brushes.

I love how creative this hack is and it still keeps your items neatly arranged. By keeping your brushes, scrubs, or loofahs hanging, you can dry them easily and store them properly.

Space-Efficient Divider

INSTAGRAM @glassware_by_summer

The white-tiled countertop hosts a nice wooden mini cabinet with a clear glass door. The items are kept tidy and sorted with a stylish, metal divider.

The wood case has a transparent door, so you have a clear view of your bathroom necessities. The sturdy, black divider also utilizes the space efficiently by creating an additional layer to organize your things. 

What I love about this divider is that you can put this on your bathroom countertop regardless of whether you have a cabinet or not. The divider can stand on its own and still fulfill its purpose.

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