Lego Storage Ideas For Kids’ Room: 12 Genius Solutions

I get it, as a parent, managing Lego chaos is no easy feat. Join me in discovering space-saving strategies that turn cluttered corners into creative havens.

Let’s tackle the challenge of organizing while fueling endless playtime possibilities!

Open-Up Lego Storage Table with Built-In Drawers

sliding top lego storage table with drawers INSTAGRAM @accurideus

First on our list is a space-optimized Lego storage table with a built-in play area and drawers. Kids love to have their own dedicated space for their hobbies, and this table provides that!

The table is made of light-colored wood and has multiple compartments for storing Lego pieces of various colors and sizes. The top of the table has a gray baseplate where the kids can build their Lego creations.

I love how the table doubles as a storage and a play area, saving space and keeping the room tidy!

Actually, I feel like this table is not only a great Lego storage and play area, but also a study table when the kids aren’t playing. They can use the spacious top to do their homework, read books, or draw pictures.

This way, they can have everything they need in one place and switch between activities easily.

DIY Multi-purpose Lego Storage Table

lego storage table with foldable side tables INSTAGRAM @anikasdiylife

Now, here’s a really innovative solution for storing Legos. The top of the table is covered in green Lego base plates and it is made of a white metal or wooden frame with transparent organizers.

I think the fold-up sides to the table are an ingenious way of saving space. Kids can fold up the sides when they needs more building space, and close them down when they are finished for the day.

Also, the table is on wheels, making it easy to move around the room. I just wish the height was adjustable for smaller kids!

Nonetheless, I love how the table can be used as a play surface, a display area, or a work desk.

Scandinavian Style Lego Storage Unit with Clear Bins

under the table lego storage using clear bins INSTAGRAM @queenofthebeehive

This Scandinavian-style kids’ room features a clever Lego storage unit with clear bins. The white wooden unit has six cubby holes, each with a transparent bin that makes it easy to see and organize the Lego bricks.

The unit is raised on legs, creating a clean and spacious look. Also, look at how the storage units actually form the legs of this table! Totally makes it more space-saving!

I love how the clear bins allow the kids to find the pieces they need without making a mess. In my experience, this also helps them to sort and store their Lego sets after playing.

Tiny Lego Storage Corner Using Wire Shelves

lego storage boxes and playing table with drawers INSTAGRAM @cubbyathome

Up next is a tiny Lego storage corner using wire shelves. The shelves are mounted on the wall and hold colorful plastic bins of different sizes. The bins are filled with Lego pieces and accessories, making it easy to find and organize them.

Notice how small the corner is? I love how the wire shelves save space and create a neat look! This can actually serve as a workspace for kids, too.

I suggest you combine this Lego storage idea with some wall art or stickers, though, to make the corner more lively.

Also, I think it would be better to stick with one color of bins to create a more uniform and minimalist look for your corner. However, you might also lose some of the fun and vibrancy that different colors can bring.  It really depends on your personal preference and style!

 Lego Storage with Slide-Up Doors and Cubbies

swipe-up lego storage shelves INSTAGRAM

Here’s another wooden storage unit with six cubbies. I love how it has slide-up doors that can open and close to hide or reveal the Legos! It allows the child to easily access and hide their Lego.

The doors also add a touch of mystery and surprise to the room – kids love to open and close doors and discover what’s inside.

Another thing I like about this Lego storage unit is that it has a flat top that can be used as a bookshelf or any other display space. The child can showcase their favorite books, toys, or Lego creations on top of the storage unit. This can also encourage them to read more and be proud of their work.

The top of the storage unit can also be decorated with plants, lamps, or stickers to add some personality and charm to the room. The top of the storage unit is a versatile and useful feature that can make the room more lively and fun.

2-in-1 Lego Storage Drawstring Bag and Play Mat

lego storage using a swoop bag INSTAGRAM @swoopbags

This features a clever Lego storage solution that doubles as a play mat. The gray circular mat is spread out on the floor, with colorful Legos scattered on it.

The mat can be easily pulled up and closed, transforming into a storage bag that can be hung on a hook or stored away. I love how this idea saves space and time, as the Legos can be quickly stored and retrieved without any hassle. 

Space-Optimized Lego Storage with Mason Jars

lego storage using glass jars INSTAGRAM @thediydev

Next on the list is another innovative Lego storage solution using mason jars. The jars are neatly arranged on a white wooden shelf that matches the wall color.

These mason jars are both functional and decorative, as they keep the legos organized and visible. In my experience, this is a great way to encourage creativity and imagination in children.

Most notable for me is that, aside from the Lego, this is a plastic-free storage solution. I love “green” living – but sometimes with small kids, this can be a real challenge.

Lego Storage with Mini Transparent Drawers

lego storage using lots of drawers INSTAGRAM @emilee_builds_it

Here’s a wall-mounted Lego storage with mini transparent drawers. I love how the shelves display the Lego sets and figures in a neat and organized way. The drawers are a great idea to store and sort the Lego bricks by color, making it easy to find and use them.

I suggest you combine this storage solution with some Lego-themed wall art, like the Mickey and Minnie Mouse mosaics in this photo. They add a touch of fun and personality to the room.

I personally wouldn’t recommend using too many colors or patterns in the rest of the room, as they might clash with the Lego display (which is a feature itself!).

Lego Cart with Wheels and Drawers

vertical lego storage rack using plastic drawers INSTAGRAM @letsplayschool

Next is another clever Lego storage solution–a cart with wheels and drawers. The cart has multiple drawers that can be opened and closed. Notice how the Lego bricks are also sorted by color!

I love how the cart can be easily moved around the room or to another room if needed. This definitely allows the kids to keep their Lego collection organized and accessible!

Nordic-Inspired Lego Table with Bins and Baseplate

table with sliding storage bins for lego INSTAGRAM @coffeeandspitup

Here is another Nordic-inspired Lego table with bins and baseplate. I love how the table is designed with a green baseplate on top and white bins below for storage.

It’s simple and minimalistic – making play and creativity the focus rather than the decor.

The mirror on the wall is a nice touch to the bedroom. It reflects the light and makes the room look bigger and brighter. It also allows the kids to see themselves and their creations. I think the mirror is a good way to encourage the kids to express themselves and have fun with Legos.

Lego and Duplo Storage with Tiered Colorful Bins

using drawer type bins for storing legos INSTAGRAM @findthelittlemind

This playroom features a clever Lego and Duplo storage solution with colorful bins. The white shelving unit has bins in yellow, green, and orange, which can store both Lego and Duplo bricks.

I love how this storage idea allows children of different heights and ages to access their favorite toys easily. It is also a great way for kids to play independently or beside their friends.

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Upcycled Shadowbox and Wall-Mounted Storage Bins

lego minifigures storage using wall space and on hang bins INSTAGRAM @designretrobrighton

Last on the list is a wall-mounted Lego display and storage wall. The display unit is made of wood and has several small cubbies for showcasing Lego figures and sets. Below the cubbies, there are three white hanging bins for storing loose Lego pieces.

I love how this Lego storage solution saves space and adds personality to the room. While you could get this display unit custom-made, a more eco-conscious idea would be to upcycle a vintage shadowbox, like this family has.

This shadowbox makes it easy for children to showcase their Lego collection. In my experience, kids love to show off their Lego creations and this display unit is perfect for that!

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