20 Beautiful Bathroom Mirrors For Small Spaces

Designing for compact bathrooms brings unique challenges in maximizing functionality without compromising style. In these confined spaces, optimizing every inch is crucial.

Join me in discovering a curated selection of chic mirrors perfectly suited to elevate the charm of compact bathroom spaces!

Space-Optimized Bathrooms with Round Sliding Medicine Cabinets

Circular sliding mirror cabinet INSTAGRAM @Homeinheidelberg

First up is a space-optimized bathroom with a sliding medicine cabinet that adds functionality and style to the small space. The round mirror slides to reveal a hidden storage area behind it, where you can keep your toiletries and other essentials.

The wooden vanity below the mirror adds a warm touch to the white bathtub and the geometric tiles on the wall. The fresh flowers and the green plants also bring some life and color to the bathroom!

Here’s another bathroom with the same concept, but has a less luxurious vibe. While both bathrooms are small and beautiful, this one is more modern and minimalist.

The medicine cabinet’s space-saving sliding mechanism eliminates the need for extra clearance, making them an ideal choice for compact bathrooms or those aiming for a minimalist aesthetic.

I think adding soft lighting to this bathroom can accentuate the sleekness and simplicity of the design! 

Mirror with a Storage Shelf

Minimalistic square bathroom mirror INSTAGRAM @Allaboutthesnug

Up next is a tiny but well-organized bathroom with a classic black-and-white style. The wall-mounted sink and mirror definitely save space and create a sleek look!

The mirror has a black frame that matches the black details in the room, such as the shower fixtures and the picture frame. I love how it also has a small shelf attached to it, where you can store some essentials or accessories!

Tiny Bathrooms with Ornate Mirrors

Bathroom mirror and shelves on small space INSTAGRAM @Thespruceofficial

This is a small bathroom with a vintage style and a lot of charm. The ornate mirror is the star of the show, adding elegance and personality to the space.

The wooden shelves are a clever way to store and display your essentials, without taking up too much room.

I personally wouldn’t recommend adding too many colors or patterns to this bathroom, as it might look cluttered and overwhelming.

Stylish mirror in small bathroom

This cozy, elegant bathroom exudes a classic charm, with its ornate mirror and sconce lighting.  The ornate mirror with an intricate design contrasts beautifully against the soft, muted wall.

I love how the sconce lighting casts a gentle glow, enhancing the mirror’s detailing and creating an inviting ambiance! This setup is a gem for small spaces – it’s both functional and decorative.

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Mid-Century Modernist Mirror with a Concave Top

Sink and mirror on small bathroom corner INSTAGRAM @Enchantedberkeley

Here’s a small bathroom with a minimalist mirror and sink in a corner space. Such a clever way to optimize a corner, which is often underutilized or wasted! There are built-in recessed wall shelves to its right, holding various decorations.

The mirror complements the white, square sink and the copper faucet, creating a contrast of shapes and colors. I suggest you combine this mirror with some wall sconce lights to enhance the mood and ambiance.

Small Bathrooms with LED Illuminated Mirrors

Circular hanging lighted mirror INSTAGRAM @Bathroomkitchenplanet

This features an LED-illuminated mirror which adds a touch of elegance and brightness to the space. Having an LED mirror is also very useful when doing make-up or skincare routine, as it provides a clear and bright reflection. It works especially well in a small space, where natural light might be limited!

Lastly, I love how the wooden slats create a contrast between the light walls and the dark vanity. Very pleasing to the eyes!

Here is another LED-illuminated mirror, but in a rectangular shape.  The first one has a cozy, rustic style with light tones and wooden accents, while this has a chic, modern style with dark tones and a sleek design.

I think mirrors have their pros and cons, depending on your preference and the overall look you want to achieve. A circular mirror can add some softness and curves to a small space, while a rectangular mirror can add some sharpness and edges.

Space-Optimized Attic Bathroom with Gold-Framed Circular Mirror

Small bathroom with an oval shaped mirror

This space-optimized attic bathroom has a sleek and modern style, with white subway tiles and gold accents.

The gold-framed circular mirror is a stunning focal point, reflecting the natural light from the skylights. The mirror also complements the gold faucet and the tissue holder, creating a cohesive look!

I think circular mirrors are particularly great for small spaces, as they create an illusion of more space.

Small Bathroom with Dual-Sectioned Mirrors

Two round side mirror in the bathroom INSTAGRAM @Artipieces

The most striking feature of this small bathroom is the dual-sectioned mirrors of different sizes. They have a circular shape with a cut-out section, creating a geometric contrast with the deep blue wall.

They also complement the gold faucet, which adds a touch of elegance and warmth to the space!

I think this type of mirror works well for small bathrooms, as it creates an illusion of depth and light. It also adds some personality to the bathroom!

Tiny Bathrooms Mirrors Between Wall Lighting

Minimalistic bathroom mirror and wall lamp

This bathroom features a minimalist arched mirror that harmonizes with the lively patterned walls. It also has a subtle frame that matches the color of the wall lamps, creating a harmonious look.

I think this mirror is a great example of how a simple and functional item can also be beautiful and stylish.

The lamps are classic and simple, providing enough illumination for the small bathroom. I love how the patterned walls add some contrast and texture to the space!

An octa-mirror on bathroom wall

This is a small, modern bathroom that showcases a beautiful octa mirror between pendant lights. In a small bathroom, where decor choices may be limited, an octagonal mirror can serve as a stylish focal point.

Also, the black frame of the mirror adds a striking contrast to the white wall and countertop. On the other hand, the pendant light complements the mirror and provides a warm and cozy glow.

If you’re looking for other ways to illuminate your bathroom, I have an article on beautiful lighting solutions for small bathrooms.

Minimalist Bathroom with a Frameless Arch Mirror

Round top bathroom mirror INSTAGRAM @Threebirdsrenovations

This is a modern and stylish bathroom with a simple and sleek design. The white tiles and sink give a bright and fresh look, while the gold fixtures give some flair and color.

The frameless arch mirror is a stunning and smart feature, as it balances the look and vibe of the bathroom. It beautifully contrasts with the tiled wall and just ties the whole bathroom together!

Space-Optimized Bathroom with Rounded Rectangular Mirror

Minimalistic mirror with dark frame

This is a space-optimized bathroom with a rounded rectangular mirror that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the room.

The mirror has a thin black frame that contrasts nicely with the white wall and vanity. It reflects the natural light from the window, making the bathroom look brighter and bigger!

I also love how it complements the matte black faucet and cross handles, creating a harmonious and modern design.

Small Bathroom with Dual Gold-Framed Mirrors

mirror above each sink

In this bathroom, I adore how the mirrors match the gold faucets and cabinet handles, creating a harmonious look. In my experience, gold accents can add a touch of luxury to any bathroom, especially when paired with white marble.

However, while dual mirrors can create a beautiful and symmetrical look, they are not highly recommended for a small bathroom. This is because they take up too much wall space that could be used for other purposes.

Modern Bathroom with a Transparent Medicine Cabinet

INSTAGRAM @Our_winster_home

This is a modern bathroom with a transparent medicine cabinet that has clear shelves to store your beauty and bath products, saving you some space.

However, I personally wouldn’t recommend this type of mirror for small spaces, because it can be very fragile and prone to breaking. It’s better to go for a more sturdy and durable mirror that can withstand some bumps and scratches.

Tiny Bathroom with Mirror Leaning on Wall

Bathroom mirror leaning on wall

This bathroom features a tall, slim mirror that leans against a wooden wall. Although the mirror matches the sink beautifully, I wouldn’t recommend leaning a mirror on a wall because it is not so convenient and it is unstable.

You might have to adjust the mirror every time you use it, or it might fall and break. I suggest you combine this with some wall hooks or brackets to secure the mirror.

Arch-Shaped Mirror with Integrated Storage

Tall "D" shaped mirror in the bathroom INSTAGRAM @Lsdesigntilesandbathrooms

Last is a small but elegant bathroom with a modern style. The arch-shaped mirror is positioned on a marble countertop, where you can store handy essentials. Also, it has lights at the back, which accentuate its shape and creates a soft glow around it!

The vanity below has integrated storage, which is perfect for keeping towels and toiletries organized. I love how the marble countertop and the shower walls add a touch of luxury to the bathroom!

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