10 TV Placements For Small Bedrooms You’ll Love

Our chosen modes of entertainment are really what liven up our homes. They can range from a game room, a play area, or a fun sound system.

But one thing’s for sure, in this day and age, as avid consumers of media, a screen has become essential in any place.

That’s why you can never go wrong with having a TV at home! Even if you have small bedrooms, there are several creative placements to position your TV and we’ve gathered ten of them here.

TV Lift Cabinet

Lift-up TV on bed footboard INSTAGRAM @Shannonmurrayinteriors

This elegant and contemporary bedroom creates a cozy and relaxing space with a TV lift cabinet by the foot of the bed.

For those embracing high-tech home automation, the TV can be concealed or revealed effortlessly with a button press.

Otherwise, you can simply mount it on a sturdy structure at the end of your bed for the same effect.

Inside An Ottoman

Bedroom seat with built-in TV INSTAGRAM @Definition_automation

This TV positioned at the foot of the bed takes a different approach. The screen is innovatively set into an ottoman that you can open and close as you please.

This setup keeps the TV conveniently accessible, enabling comfortable viewing of your favorite shows while lounging on the bed.

Just ensure caution by refraining from placing excessive weight on the ottoman or optimizing the furniture to withstand pressure, preventing any potential damage to the TV.

Wall-Mounted TV in a Wooden Frame

TV fitted in a wooden frame INSTAGRAM @M.e.g.a.av

For a more streamlined appearance, consider framing your TV within a snug wooden frame similar to this design. It’s a simple do-it-yourself project or readily available in nearby hardware outlets.

Think of it as a picture frame for your TV—whatever is on the screen becomes the image!

You can also transform it into an art piece by setting your preferred artwork or pictures as the wallpaper. This way, the TV serves dual purposes, enhancing both aesthetics and entertainment.

Hidden Behind Sliding Wall-Mounted Pieces

Hidden TV behind the mirror INSTAGRAM @Jenniferdecorates

On an ordinary day, this elegant vanity area displays large mirrors. But on days you want to unwind and watch a good movie, the mirrors slide to reveal a cleverly hidden TV.

This setup perfectly preserves your room’s aesthetic while discreetly housing the TV.

The seamless integration and alignment with the mirror’s shape are impressive; even when the mirrors slide out the overall look remains visually appealing.

TV behind the picture frame INSTAGRAM @Livingwithlady

If you don’t want your TV in your vanity, you can smartly hide it behind a couple of your beloved art pieces.

Here, your TV is still above the dresser but it doesn’t take away any more space or interfere with the visuals.

It’s a quick and easy way to store your TV. Simply install the sliding mechanisms and secure your artwork accordingly. Make sure you get the sizes right!

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Mirror TV

Hidden TV inside a mirror INSTAGRAM @Inspireav_smarthome

This luxurious bedroom doesn’t just have a modern way of storing its TV but also features an innovative appliance—a mirror TV—adding versatility and ease to your bedroom decor.

This mirrored surface hides a concealed TV and will seamlessly hang above the vanity table! This setup makes the preparation process both entertaining (and distracting)!

This arrangement serves as an excellent design element, especially if you prefer to keep technology inconspicuous in the room or if space is limited.

TV With a Floor Stand

TV stand on the corner INSTAGRAM @Pedestal

This open and spacious wooden apartment makes its TV a statement piece by putting it up on an easel-like floor stand.

If you have a bit of floor space to spare, this design is ideal for you! It offers a refreshing alternative to TV placement, avoiding mounting or positioning at a high level.

For a rustic or artistic touch, consider opting for a wooden stand. Customize it according to your preferences by painting or decorating to suit your style.

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Inside Cabinets

TV inside a cabinet INSTAGRAM @Home.small.home

This light blue cabinet by the window would’ve fooled anyone until you opened its doors. Rather than serving as conventional storage with shelves, it cleverly conceals a hidden TV.

What makes this TV special is its adjustable mechanism, allowing you to modify the angle and position for optimal viewing.

The ability to discreetly integrate this appliance into any wall space is a feature I particularly appreciate.

TV on a tiny corner INSTAGRAM @Ournotsogreyhouse

In this version, we can find the TV positioned in a larger closet. The sliding cabinet doors reveal a wall-mounted TV above the small drawers and bins.

If your bed is facing a closet, then you can maximize the area by installing your TV inside. You can also remove the hanging rack if that’s going to get in the way. 

Even the sliding doors are a space-efficient feature because they are tucked away nicely, not occupying additional room space!

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