Tiles For Small Bathrooms: 14 Beautiful Solutions

As tiles are such a pivotal part of the bathroom, there should be a ton of thought and consideration going into their design.

However, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to to come up with creative and stylish tile designs for smaller bathrooms.

Fortunately, we’ve collected 14 beautiful tile solutions for tiny and compact bathrooms for you to check out right here.

Scale-Style Tile

Fish scale bathroom tiles INSTAGRAM @Westonebathrooms

This compact bathroom with a floating toilet showcases a unique dark blue tile design that beautifully contrasts with the white interiors.

The tiles come in shapes that replicate the look of fish scales, which is fitting for such a room. They’re also placed only in the shower and toilet area to define the spaces. 

I love how the design pops out and becomes the focus of the room.

Geometric Shower And Toilet Area Tiles

Blue hexagon tiles on tiny bathroom INSTAGRAM @Danibarroso_arq

In this bathroom with a lighter blue hue, you can find hexagonal tiles that distinguish the shower area and the outside of it as well.

Instead of having the styled tiles behind the toilet in this one, you can see them on the wall in front of it.

It’s a fresher take that suits bathrooms with lighter and simpler themes. Feel free to choose different shapes and colors that go better with your bathroom.

Mosaic Tile Wall

Heart shape shower tiles INSTAGRAM @Danibarroso_arq

An elegant and subdued green shower area sets itself apart from the rest of the bathroom by being the only space with ornately patterned tiles.

To save up on tiles, allocate the design to a specific area of your bathroom. It minimizes the work without compromising on the outcome.

It’ll have a similar effect to having an accent wall but done in a more subtle manner.

You can check out this article for more ideas to style your shower area, especially your shower nice.

Bathroom with blue circle tiles INSTAGRAM @Kamurphyinteriors

This bathroom exudes a fresh oriental vibe with white and blue patterned tiles that form an intricate circular design.

This specific mosaic design does a great job of creating a calm atmosphere. With the perfect patterns, it can turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat!

I love the touch of nature the wooden stool and plant brings! They definitely h1elp complete the aesthetic.

Bathroom tiles with leafy design INSTAGRAM @Thenileco

In this version, we can see that instead of playing solely with geometric shapes, this tile design uses other elements. The natural themes can be seen in the leaf and vine structures.

It’s one way of incorporating natural elements into your bathroom without using actual live ornaments. It saves space and enhances the aesthetic!

For a more dainty feel, you could choose smaller floral patterns with pastel and muted colors.

Dripping Gold Tile Design

White and gold hexagon tiles INSTAGRAM @Jessicadavisdesign

For a luxurious and extravagant bathroom, you can opt for a more glamorous design. Here, the plain white interior is embellished with gold accents and a tiled wall that looks like it’s dripping gold in hexagonal shapes.

If you’re looking for ways to amp up a plain and simple bathroom, this is it! It’s quick and easy but the results look expensive.

You can recreate this design with the colors of your preferred metal finish – be it silver, rose gold, or bronze.

Plain Tiles with Colored Grout

White square tiles with gold lines INSTAGRAM @Ascend.design

This chic and sleek washroom is highlighted by bright gold accents and eye-catching gold grout framing each tile.

If you’re looking to upgrade the look of your tiles but don’t want to change them or get new designs altogether, one of the easiest alternatives is to simply refresh or alter the grout color. 

I suggest you pick a color that follows the color palette of your bathroom for a cohesive and visually appealing motif.

You can also read my article on stylish ideas for yellow bathrooms for more creative solutions.

Honeycomb tiles on bathroom wall INSTAGRAM @Nardia_interior_athome

This small bathroom uses the same concept of colored grout but with hexagonal tiles that are outlined. It’s a more complex design with smaller tiles but it makes for a more intricate outcome.

I love how the design is focused on one area. It’s a subtle way of establishing an accent wall. 

You can tell that this layout was thought through. The gold hardware blends in seamlessly with the other accents.

Alternating Colored Tiles

Tiny bathroom with stripes tiles INSTAGRAM @Quiettownhome

This adorably bright kid’s bathroom uses fun colors to make the space aesthetically pleasing. No need for complicated designs, just the use of alternating colors is enough to liven up this area.

Sometimes, you don’t have to pick fancy tiles or come up with complicated patterns. You can already create colorful lines with different tiles and have an excellent end result. 

The checkered floors also bring a fun and quirky element, giving this bathroom a lot of character!

Black and White Aztec Tiles

Tiny bathroom with diamond zigzag pattern INSTAGRAM @Risaboyerarchitecture

This compact toilet area uses an intriguing black-and-white Aztec tile design to cover half of the wall and the whole floor area.

It’s an excellent way to add some excitement to bathrooms that are mostly in shades of black and white, without going overboard on colors or patterns.

I recommend adding pops of color with small decorations spread out the bathroom just to break any monotony.

Bathroom tiles forming an X pattern INSTAGRAM @Windsortiles.ph

Here, we have similar black-and-white tiles but this design occupies the height of the wall and the length of the floor. The extended coverage elongates the room and makes it appear more spacious.

The design accommodates floating fixtures quite well, adding to the illusion that the toilet is above ground. 

The best thing about Aztec designs is that they can be as simple as this or brighter, louder, and more colorful. You can always go for more vibrant patterns!

Ceramic Deco Tiles

Arrow head tile patterns INSTAGRAM @Urban_atx

This uniquely designed bright blue bathroom features a shower wall adorned with ceramic deco tiles, showcasing distinctive triangular patterns throughout

They’re one of the most popular tile solutions that can transform your space effortlessly.

What’s great about ceramic deco tiles is that there is such a wide variety of designs with beautiful glazes to choose from. So, let your imagination run wild and have some fun with this material!

Arrow head bathroom tile design INSTAGRAM @Laterem_design_center

An elevated and luxurious ceramic deco tile design can be seen in this small toilet and wash area. The colored sections come in a metallic finish and you see different depths and textures on the other tiles.

The design creatively divides the toilet and sink by having different wall styles. It’s a minor change that can make a big difference, especially in a small bathroom. 

I love how the ceramic deco tile accents complement the hardware of the sink! It’s such a thoughtful detail.

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Arabesque Tiles

Curvy diamond bathroom tiles INSTAGRAM @Katieridderinc

This small but fancy bathroom with a majestic chandelier uses arabesque tile designs to complete the luxurious theme.

With this design, you hit two birds with one stone. You establish a specific theme and utilize a unique tile pattern. 

I find that getting designs in more muted hues and varied patterns can have more of an impact versus using arabesque tiles all in one color.

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