Yellow Bathrooms: 14 Stylish Ideas For Small Spaces

Just because we don’t spend a ton of time in the bathroom doesn’t mean it’s a space we should neglect style-wise.

You can be just as adventurous and as creative with your bathroom as you are with the rest of your home’s interiors. One way to do that is to have fun with colors!

Yellow was always known as a happy color and it can make your bathrooms even happier when you use these stylish tips and tricks.

Tiled Walls and Accent Mirror

Yellow-and-white-square design bathroom INSTAGRAM @Willowwolfinteriors

This chic bathroom maintains a balanced contrast with its colors and features. The mirror being the main feature surely ties in with the theme.

A contemporary approach to incorporating color, particularly in the bathroom, is through the use of mustard yellow. The addition of a black toilet cover, black decor elements, and a black-framed mirror lends a touch of sophistication.

I also love how there are two innovative storage units built into the wall to display decorative pieces.

Yellow bathroom with small mediterranean wall tiles INSTAGRAM @Stussiluquedesign

In another lovely yellow-tiled bathroom, the mirror is accentuated with a modern lighting feature. The bathroom also commits to the yellow theme with a pale yellow sink and toilet.

Depending on how much yellow you want in your bathroom, you can incorporate it in more ways than one. Don’t limit it to walls and tiles.

If you’re going to get these pieces customized, go for designs that would complement your bathroom interior as well. Be creative with your choices!

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Two-Toned Bathroom with Minimalist Side Storage

Yellow and white bathroom INSTAGRAM @Style_the_hawthorns

An efficient and stylish minimalistic storage solution by the toilet complements the two-toned yellow walls in this compact bathroom.

The slender shelf conveniently holds your toiletries within reach, allowing you to select containers that match your personal style while ensuring discreet storage for your bathroom essentials.

It’s a handy and space-saving way to keep your bathroom neat with proper storage.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Bathroom with yellow arabesque tiles INSTAGRAM @Vickyhomeplanner

A small but sleek shower area is highlighted in this bright yellow bathroom. The addition of a glass enclosure elegantly and efficiently separates different activities within your bathroom space.

The best thing about glass shower doors is that they elevate the look of your bathroom and keep your floors dry. 

You won’t need numerous carpets or frequent floor mopping after each shower.

Brown and different shades of yellow bathroom INSTAGRAM @Fireclaytile

Another example of having glass doors for your shower, but with an open design, can be seen here.

It doesn’t entirely enclose the shower space, enabling greater freedom of movement. It also promotes increased airflow and a seamless entry and exit experience from the shower.

As one side remains consistently open, I suggest fitting a ledge to contain water within the shower area and prevent it from spreading in your bathroom. Adjusting your drain system could also work.

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Double Sinks and Mirrors

Yellow bathroom with brown cabinets INSTAGRAM @Mcmranchgville

A cozy sight first thing in the morning is the view of clear bathroom countertops. An even better sight is finding your own own personalized and spacious area designed for your morning routine.

This charming bathroom with a beautiful wooden counter contains two separate sink areas with their own mirrors.

It’s perfect for married couples with different routines or even for kids who share a bathroom. 

Bathroom with yellow and terrazzo wall tiles INSTAGRAM

A more luxurious take on having separate sinks is shown here. The elongated mirrors and basin sinks make you feel like you’re staying in a five-star hotel.

The highlight of this interior design is the backlit mirrors, ensuring well-lit conditions every time you prepare yourself.

The minimalist storage compartment below the sink area is also a great way to bring in a different shade of yellow to the bathroom.

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All-Around Wooden Interior

Small wooden retro style bathroom INSTAGRAM @Helloaframe

If a solid yellow color is too much for you, consider the subtle route taken by this bathroom with warm hues coming from the all-around wooden design.

It’s a great way to incorporate the bright warmth that yellows usually bring without overdoing it. 

In my experience, it’s best to make sure that the wood is treated since the bathroom is usually a moist and humid place. It helps prevent any mold build-up and damage.

Unique Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom with yellow cabinets INSTAGRAM @Creative_viva

Here’s a fresh and clean bathroom with an eye-catching cabinet. The yellow storage solution features irregular shapes arranged in a unique manner.

This design prevents your bathroom from appearing plain or typical. It’s a subtle yet distinctive method of infusing fun and stylish chaos into the area!

I love how playful the design is-turning an ordinary feature into something that stands out. The cabinet also remains functional by providing ample storage for bathroom essentials.

Vanity Sink with Storage

Bathroom with yellow fish scales tiles INSTAGRAM @Daiharrizon1

This small, modern, aquatic-themed bathroom maintains an orderly environment with a quirky yellow vanity sink.

For a bathroom that isn’t yellow all around, you can integrate the color in other ways-such as making it the statement piece like this vanity sink.

I really appreciate how the wall tiles resemble scales. They add so much character to the space and establish the motif quite well.

Classic Yellow Wallpaper with a Minimalist Vanity Sink

Small yellow bathroom with yellow rose wall design INSTAGRAM @Wildbloom__studio

Transform your bathroom into a delightful haven by pairing muted yellow walls with a beautiful yellow floral wallpaper. You can enhance the theme further with an enchanting rustic countertop for added charm.

It’s a quick and easy way to make your bathroom appear more delicate. I also recommend adding some indoor plants to liven everything up. 

I love how the golden lighting fixtures are also muted so that they blend in seamlessly with the rest of the soft interiors.

Lined Lights and Floating Fixtures

Yellow and blue color combination bathroom INSTAGRAM @UKbathrooms

We’re getting funky vibes from this futuristic and trendy bathroom. All of its features–from the toilet to the sink to the cabinets are situated above the ground for that floating effect.

To top it all off, strip lights line the ceiling and mirror to create a wonderful glow!

The design gives you an abundant amount of storage space in such a cool way. It’s sure to be a conversation starter for when you have guests over.

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Minimalist Dark Wood Countertop

Cloudy yellow bathroom wall INSTAGRAM @_shallash_

A yellow bathroom doesn’t have to be a loud and vibrant one. Here, we can see a classy approach to the concept with a muted wall and a sleek, dark wooden countertop.

You can maintain a subtle yet accessible arrangement for towels and other bathroom essentials with this design.

I love how the circular mirror rounds everything out and adds softness to balance out the other sharp elements. I suggest getting a few plants just to make it more lively.

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