Small Bathrooms With Wallpaper: 30 Beautiful Ideas

Want to unlock the design potential of your small bathroom? It’s in the wallpaper you choose!

Discover how the right wallpaper can visually expand your compact bathroom, add depth, or create a focal point that draws the eye.

Let’s explore wallpaper ideas for tiny spaces!

Combed Chevron Birch Wallpaper

minimalist brown bathroom wallpaper

The wallpaper features a chevron pattern that mimics the natural texture of birch wood, creating a cozy atmosphere. The combed finish adds depth, enhancing the overall tactile appeal.

This wallpaper choice not only elevates the aesthetic but also strategically utilizes the vertical lines of the chevron pattern to visually expand the space. It makes it feel more open and airy.

You can introduce wooden accents like shelves or decorative items to echo the birch wood theme and add warmth to the space.

Black and White Geometric Wallpaper

Narrow bathroom with black and white wallpaper

This wallpaper, boasting a striking interplay of crisp black and white lines, is also dynamic and visually captivating.

The geometric patterns and contrasting hues not only infuse a sense of drama but also establish a sleek and polished backdrop for the rest of the bathroom’s decor.

I love how the geometric shapes play with light and shadow, adding depth and dimension to the space.

Like in the photo, you can hang bold and abstract wall art that complements the geometric patterns.

Landscape Mural Wallpaper

white lily bathroom wallpaper

Want to step into tranquility? This wallpaper is a visual feast, depicting the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms.

Soft hues and intricate details create a calming ambiance, making it feel like a breath of fresh air within the confines of the bathroom. The mural also opens up the space, making it feel more inviting.

I suggest adding nature-inspired decor, such as bamboo or wooden elements, to harmonize with the botanical theme.

pink rose bathroom wallpaper

Here’s another bathroom with an artistic masterpiece that transforms the limited space into a visual haven.

The pastel peony mural becomes the focal point of the space, offering a captivating backdrop that feels both enchanting and restful.

Soft pastel hues, ranging from blush pinks to muted greens, create a harmonious palette that radiates tranquility.

It’s best to install soft and diffused lighting fixtures to create a gentle ambiance that complements the serene mood of the mural.

3D bathroom wallpaper

Looking for wallpaper that mimics the serene beauty of a mountainside? This mural serves as a stunning focal point, depicting towering peaks, lush forests, and meandering rivers.

The earthy tones and intricate details transport you to a natural haven, making the bathroom an escape into the grandeur of the outdoors.

Paired with natural stone flooring, the space exudes an organic and grounding feel. You can enhance your connection to nature despite being in an indoor space.

Half-Paneled Walls with Floral Wallpaper

charcoal leaf bathroom wallpaper

The black and white floral wallpaper introduces a timeless charm to the bathroom, offering a perfect balance between sophistication and natural beauty.

Below, white wooden paneling gracefully wraps around the bottom half. The panels add a touch of elegance and enhance the visual appeal of the space.

I love how the monochromatic palette allows the floral pattern to take center stage. The geometric patterns of the flooring also add visual contrast!

tiny bathroom with flowery wallpaper

This bathroom is also a feast for the eyes with its half-paneled walls, this time with wallpaper in a vibrant botanical pattern and white tile paneling.

The deep, moody green tones create a cozy and intimate ambiance, while the pops of orange add a touch of energy and warmth.

Paired with the pristine white tile paneling, the design achieves a perfect balance between quirky and crisp modernity.

Introduce subtle pops of orange in accessories to echo the wallpaper’s flowers.

black and white bathroom wallpaper

Here’s an option if you prefer using black wallpaper for your bathroom. The upper half of the walls bursts to life with white dancing leaves and flowers.

Beneath, white tile paneling adorns the bottom half, introducing a clean and crisp contrast that accentuates the beauty of the monochromatic design.

The contrast between the deep, dramatic black background and the playful white foliage is lovely! The dancing leaves also create a sense of movement and vitality within the limited space.

Nautical Wallpaper

horizontal stripes bathroom wallpaper

Looking to transform your bathroom into a coastal retreat? Nautical-themed walls will do just the trick!

This bathroom features classic blue and white stripes on one wall, while the opposite wall boasts crisp white wooden panels.

The wallpaper brings a touch of seaside elegance, reminiscent of crisp sailcloth on a sunny day. Meanwhile, the white wooden panels add texture and warmth.

Don’t forget to add decorative elements like rope or nautical knots as wall decor, towel hooks, or accessories!

blue whale bathroom wallpaper INSTAGRAM @popofprettystyle

Here’s another wallpaper that’s just coastal perfection! The wallpaper’s playful whale design breathes life into the space, creating a light-hearted and charming atmosphere that captures the essence of the open sea.

I really love how the cute illustrations of whales in various poses add a touch of joy and character to the bathroom. It’s an inviting space for both adults and children alike!

Hang fishnet or netted decor and a porthole mirror on the walls to evoke a seaside ambiance.

Tropical Wallpaper

leaves wallpaper with black background

This chic bathroom features striking black wallpaper adorned by the graceful and flowy silhouette of tropical palm leaves. The stunning wallpaper design turns the bathroom into a sophisticated haven inspired by the lush tropics.

The contrast between the deep black backdrop and the green foliage creates a captivating visual impact. It makes the bathroom feel like a luxurious retreat.

Like in the photo, it’s best to choose a mirror with a sleek black frame to match the wallpaper.

leafy bathroom wallpaper design

Here’s another bathroom with a verdant backdrop that instills a sense of connection with nature.

This one features hibiscus and tuberose flowers in vibrant colors that captivate the eye. I really like how the flowers infuse the limited space with a burst of energy and tropical flair.

While I appreciate the dark wood interiors of the bathroom, you can also complement the wallpaper with bamboo accents, rattan, or light-toned wood.

Cozy bathroom with trees wallpaper INSTAGRAM @thornhillshann

Here’s a wallpaper that’ll turn your bathroom into a whimsical tropical escape! It features a playful array of elements including palm and fruit trees and fluttering butterflies.

The design captures the essence of a tropical haven, turning your bathroom into a unique and lively retreat.

Feel free to install statement lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights or colorful sconces, to enhance the overall design. You can also bring in real or faux potted plants to amplify the tropical ambiance!

artistic palm leaf bathroom wallpaper

Those looking for a more luxurious tropical-themed wallpaper will love this one! It looks so elegant and stylish with the delicate palm leaves in shimmering gold.

You can clearly see how the rich contrast between the deep black background and the golden foliage creates an atmosphere of timeless elegance.

Introduce gold or brass fixtures, such as faucets and drawer pulls, to harmonize with the luxurious golden accents of the wallpaper. Marble surfaces for countertops will also look lovely!

palm tree leaves wallpaper INSTAGRAM @mwconstruction

This elegant wallpaper also brings the rejuvenating beauty of nature indoors! However, this one features vibrant green ferns against a white canvas.

The design is a lot more refreshing and modern compared to the previous wallpaper but it also matches the luxurious gold accents of the bathroom.

For this bathroom, I suggest using woven baskets for storage or as decorative elements to add texture and a touch of natural warmth.

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Dotted Wallpaper

uneven dots bathroom wallpaper

This bathroom’s upper half of the wall is adorned with a mesmerizing black and white dotted wallpaper. Below, dark green wainscoting adds a touch of earthy elegance.

The wallpaper transforms the bathroom into a space where contemporary chic meets timeless charm.

I think wooden elements, such as a vanity or shelving, will add warmth and complement the earthy tones of the wainscoting. Choose crisp white towels and bathmats to create a fresh and clean contrast against the bold wall design.

polkadot bathroom wallpaper

If you want wallpaper that has a more playful charm, this colorful polka-dotted wallpaper is perfect!

The lively wallpaper extends to the flooring, amplifying the visual impact and creating a cohesive burst of color that defines the character of the room.

That framed wall art also contributes to the lively symphony of hues!

Choose clear or acrylic accessories for items like soap dispensers or toothbrush holders to maintain a sense of lightness and let the wallpaper remain the focal point.

Vintage-Style Wallpaper

blue fan design bathroom wallpaper INSTAGRAM @clementbrowne

This bathroom is so small but one with so many gorgeous details!

Extending the wallpaper across all the walls creates an immersive and delightful space. The wallpaper’s intricate details also enrich the room with a beautiful depth without making it feel or look too busy.

The choice of sky blue paneling is also lovely, introducing a solid color element that effectively anchors the room. It contrasts beautifully with the toilet seat’s dark wood design and the charming brass detailing.

fosses bathroom wallpaper INSTAGRAM @sarahbrowninteriors

This vintage-style bathroom also marries sophistication and nostalgia.

Compared to the previous photo, this one features a distinctive half-paneled wall design with the upper half adorned with illustrated tulips. Below, butter yellow wainscoting adds a touch of warmth.

I love how the delicate illustrations evoke the romance of yesteryears! The moss green shades, linen curtains, and wall lights are also unique touches that make this bathroom such a fabulous space!

vertical stripes bathroom wallpaper INSTAGRAM @heanlyharris

We also have another bathroom showcasing a distinctive half-paneled wall design. This one’s upper half features vintage fern stripe wallpaper and below, white brick tile paneling adds a touch of rustic sophistication.

The design achieves a harmonious balance between vintage elegance and a rustic ambiance. I also love that dainty pendant light by the mirror!

Don’t forget to add natural elements, such as potted plants or fresh flowers for a touch of organic beauty and freshness.

Wallpaper Featuring Birds

jungle design bathroom wallpaper INSTAGRAM @carasavenwalldesign

Want to step into tropical paradise each time you enter your bathroom? Use this design as inspiration!

The focal point of the bathroom is the peacock in the center amidst a backdrop of lush foliage and vibrant blossoms.

The rich palette of greens, blues, and tropical hues evokes the spirit of a tropical paradise. This design will make your bathroom feel larger and more immersive!

Choose white or neutral-colored fixtures to prevent overwhelming the space with too many colors.

bathroom with floating shelves and a birds design wallpaper INSTAGRAM @miltonandking

If you’re a fan of high-quality paste to wall wallpaper, this wallpaper has warm tones for a serene ambiance. The delicate yet vibrant pattern depicts bamboo shoots intertwining with elegant birds, creating a tranquil atmosphere inspired by nature.

The muted colors and graceful lines of the bamboo and birds create a soothing backdrop, making the bathroom feel more spacious and inviting.

Wooden accents, like a wooden mirror frame or wooden shelves, will complement the bamboo theme.

compact green athroom in roof space INSTAGRAM

This bathroom’s layout is quite difficult to work but the slanted architectural design also lends an intimate and cozy atmosphere! Plus, who wouldn’t love the soothing green wallpaper with delicate jaybirds?

The window beside the bathtub also amplifies the connection to the outdoors, allowing natural light to flood the room.

Consider open shelving to showcase decor items or folded towels. It will also help you optimize vertical space in a limited area!

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narrow wash room with a bird framed wallpaper INSTAGRAM @leolantzconstruction

Here’s one for my fellow art lovers! The wallpaper mimics a gallery wall of framed paintings, showcasing a diverse array of birds, leaves, flowers, and butterflies.

The curated collection of images creates a visual tapestry, turning the space into an intimate gallery of nature’s wonders.

Choose subtle and diffused lighting fixtures to create an ambient atmosphere and highlight the framed images without overpowering them.

You can also bring in wooden elements, such as a wooden vanity or shelves, for warmth.

Wallpaper with Soft White and Blue Hues

blue bathroom with slender leaves wallpaper INSTAGRAM @mcguirekitchenbath

This powder room has a playful take on Scandi-Mod design, with wallpaper that features a pattern of blue poppies.

The soft hues and delicate floral motif embody the simplicity and sophistication inherent in Scandinavian and modern design. I love the minimalist elegance with a touch of nature-inspired charm!

I also adore the simple headboard installed halfway up the wall. The burst of vibrant cornflower blue looks lovely and brightens up the small space.

Cozy blue bathroom wallpaper INSTAGRAM @bathrooms_of_insta

If you prefer a more elegant wallpaper design, the walls in this bathroom become a canvas where intricate blue florals bloom. I love how dainty it looks!

Complementing the flowers is a ceiling adorned with blue geometric cubes that introduce a contemporary twist.

The gold accents, such as the faucets, drawer pulls, and lighting fixtures, are great design choices, complementing the classic floral theme.

You can further dress the bathroom with white linens, such as shower curtains and window treatments.

minimalist wallpaper on a compact bathroom INSTAGRAM @oodlesofwallpaper

Here’s another blue-themed bathroom that radiates charm, with walls featuring a graceful pattern of dainty flowerettes.

The flowers are perfectly suited for the limited space and match so well with the statement mirror and the vanity.

I think glass accessories, such as soap dispensers or jars, will add a subtle sparkle and enhance the overall elegance.

Soft textiles, such as a plush bath mat will also enhance the inviting atmosphere of your tiny bathroom.

green and blue leaves wallpaper INSTAGRAM @blakelyinteriordesign

Notice how the baby blue and light green leaves of this wallpaper create a serene ambiance?

You can also easily accentuate it with either gold or silver accents. Both will work well with this color combination.

However, I would suggest sticking to white or cream-colored bathroom fixtures to balance the vibrant tones in the wallpaper.

Light-toned tiles or hardwood flooring will also complement the overall color scheme.

Marbled Wallpaper

ceramic tiles design bathroom wallpaper

Adorned with striking black and white marbled wallpaper, this bathroom looks every bit the epitome of modern elegance.

The monochromatic palette creates a sense of contrast, adding depth and visual interest to the compact setting.

For this bathroom, it’s best to integrate chrome or silver accents, such as drawer pulls or lighting fixtures, to enhance the modern vibe.

You can also consider open shelving in matte black or white to display minimalist decor items and maintain an airy feel in the confined space.

Moroccan Tile Wallpaper

fish scale design bathroom wallpaper

This bathroom is a mosaic of artistry, with wallpaper that mirrors the enchanting allure of traditional Moroccan patterns.

The aquamarine tiles adorned with gold lining create a mesmerizing backdrop that looks luxurious.

I love the gold bathroom fixtures, such as the faucets shower, that echo the gold detailing in the wallpaper. Meanwhile, white bathroom fixtures, including the sink and toilet, create a clean and neutral canvas that allows the vibrant wallpaper to shine.

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