Vanities With Sink: 23 Great Ideas For Small Bathrooms

In smaller bathrooms, a vanity with a sink becomes a crucial space-saving solution!

They also come in various materials, colors, and designs to match your bathroom’s overall theme.

Let’s explore a collection of creative and space-efficient vanity units perfect for compact bathroom layouts.

Floating Vanity Sink Units with Ambient Lighting

vanity sink with lower shelf

The focal point of this vanity unit is its floating design, making your space look and feel more expansive. The open shelf below the sink is both chic and practical – you can show off stylish essentials and keep daily items within easy reach.

The backlit mirror also adds a touch of elegance and practicality, providing soft, ambient lighting.

Go for a contemporary faucet to amp up the style! A waterfall or single-handle faucet adds that extra touch of modern sophistication.

vanity sink with shelf on corner

Fancy a modern vanity unit with a rustic design? This vanity features a live-edge wooden countertop with a unique open design, creating a visually striking and organic feel.

The combination of natural wood and porcelain adds warmth and texture to the space, creating a balance between modern and rustic elements.

The pendant light on the right side adds a touch of ambient lighting. It enhances the overall atmosphere and provides a practical lighting solution for daily grooming tasks.

Floating Vanity Sink Units with Matching Framed Mirrors

cube vanity sink on a narrow bathroom

Crafted with clean lines and a cube-shaped silhouette, this floating vanity exudes modern elegance. The accompanying mirror, framed in the same wood design as the vanity, creates a cohesive and visually pleasing ensemble.

The vanity’s open cubby enhances functionality, providing a stylish storage solution for your towels, decorative items, or daily essentials.

I think it’s clever how the mirror doesn’t take up the entire space of the frame. It adds visual interest to the bathroom.

minimalist vanity sink and mirror with shelves

If you’re going for a more traditional look for your floating vanity, this unit is a timeless and versatile addition to any bathroom.

The wood chosen for both the vanity and the shelf unit is a classic choice, displaying beautiful grains and textures that bring warmth to the bathroom.

I love the unusual color of the sink, it contrasts well with the traditional design of the vanity. I also suggest going for matte-finish hardware for a modern touch.

minimalist mirror with built-in shelves

Now, here’s a modern and minimalist take on wooden floating vanities. It features handle-less drawers and a black faucet attached to the wall, adding a bold contrast to the warm wooden tones.

The wall-mounted faucet not only saves countertop space but also serves as a focal point, introducing a touch of industrial elegance.

However, I personally am not a fan of the placement of the mirror. I would swap its position with the shelves so the space looks more cohesive.

Black and White Vanities with Sinks

compact bathroom with over the toilet shelves

This vanity features two open shelves under the sink, providing ample storage and a display area for towels or decorative items.

The wicker bins on the lower tier of the shelves add a distinctive touch, introducing a rustic element that complements the industrial vibe. The contrasting textures of metal, wicker, and the smooth white sink contribute to the vanity’s visual appeal.

I suggest softening the industrial accents with potted plants or succulents, bringing a touch of nature to the space.

tiny bathroom with floating shelves on corner

Here’s another vanity that features sleek lines, though the sink’s drain is hidden instead of exposed.

The black and white color scheme, coupled with the small exposed bulb pendant light, creates a harmonious blend of minimalism and industrial chic.

The compact design of this vanity also makes it versatile for various bathroom sizes, offering both style and functionality.

Keep accessories, such as soap dispensers and toothbrush holders, in a monochromatic palette to maintain the sleek look.

tiny bathroom with wall mounted towel holder INSTAGRAM @custombathroomsglasgow

I personally understand the appeal of black vanities and this two-drawer unit is one I’d love to put in my own bathroom! I like how the the matte black faucet serves as a contemporary accent against the crisp white basin.

Notice also how frameless backlit mirror adds a touch of elegance to the space.

If you want to recreate the look of this bathroom, lay down textured rugs or mats in neutral tones to soften the floor space and add warmth.

Floating Vanity Sinks with Toilet Paper Holders

compact bathroom with other the toilet floating shelf

We’ve had our fair share of minimalist floating vanity units but this one is special – it features a toilet paper holder!

Thoughtfully attached to the vanity, the holder enhances the functionality of the vanity. It eliminates the need for additional fixtures, contributing to the overall simplicity of the bathroom’s design.

While I do like how the silver faucet glints in the lighting, you can also choose matte finish hardware to maintain a modern and understated aesthetic.

vanity sink with built-in receptacle bin INSTAGRAM @ronnieisenberg

Here’s another example of a minimalist vanity with a toilet paper holder, this time crafted from light wood. Also, it includes a pull-out trash bin within the vanity!

Like in the photo, it’s best to embrace a neutral color palette for accessories, towels, and bathmats to maintain the serene and minimalist aesthetic.

You can introduce subtle decor elements, such as towels or a shower curtain with geometric patterns to add visual interest while adhering to the minimalist theme.

Vanity Sinks with Wooden Countertops and Drop-In Porcelain Sinks

vanity sink with a wooden countertop

This farmhouse-style vanity sink combines classic elements with modern accents.

The standout feature for me is the gold faucet. It brings an elegant and luxurious touch to the unit. The cohesive design is completed with gold cabinet handles that perfectly complement the faucet, tying together the overall look with a touch of sophistication.

I think a distressed or vintage-style mirror with a wooden or weathered frame will add character to the space. The mirror doesn’t really match for me!

sink with cabinet and shelves

Here’s another wooden vanity with a drop-in porcelain sink, this time in a rich dark wood.

The deep, dark wood tones of the vanity evoke a sense of luxury and provide a striking contrast to the traditional sink. I like the combination! Looks simple but sophisticated and it will fit nicely in any traditional bathroom.

You can place a decorative tray on the countertop to organize perfumes, lotions, or other small items, enhancing both style and functionality.

Vanity Units with Natural Stone Sinks

tiny vanity sink in tiny bathroom INSTAGRAM @toiletenbadkamerinspiratie

The floating design of this vanity creates an illusion of space, making it an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms.

The matte black elements, including the faucet and sleek towel holder, add a contemporary edge. Meanwhile, the natural stone ceramic sink introduces an organic touch to the modern design. I also love the round mirror framed with LED lighting – looks futuristic!

Go for a neutral color palette for towels, accessories, and decor to complement the natural stone and matte black elements.

wooden vanity sink with under shelf INSTAGRAM @aarman.decor

Now, here’s a vanity with a basin sink that simply took my breath away!

Its countertop, crafted from natural stone, creates an earthy and grounding presence in the bathroom. The centerpiece is a natural stone basin that seamlessly integrates with the counter.

Meanwhile, the matte black sink adds a touch of modernity and sophistication to the boho design.

The round backlit mirror is also a stylish focal point that adds an ethereal quality to the space.

Vanity Sinks with Extended Porcelain Countertops

tiny bathroom with cozy lighting INSTAGRAM @thadecorando_

The extended countertop of this vanity unit not only offers additional space but also provides a refined surface for displaying decorative items or daily essentials.

Under-cabinet ambient lighting enhances the overall aesthetic, providing a soft glow.

The recessed shelf on the left side of the vanity also offers a discreet solution for neatly storing toilet paper rolls. Very clever!

Feel free to decorate the vanity with scented candles, potted plants, or ceramic accessories for some visual interest!

Cozy bathroom with over the toilet shelves INSTAGRAM @thadecorando_

Here’s another example of a vanity unit with an extended countertop. This one is in an all-white finish and also has the faucet positioned at the left side of the sink.

As the faucet deviates from the traditional center placement, it adds a subtle touch of asymmetry to the streamlined design.

The extended countertop not only offers ample space for daily essentials but also provides an opportunity to curate a display of succulents and soap dispensers.

Slender Vanity Sink Units

stylish floating shelves on tiny bathroom INSTAGRAM @genevavanderzeil

Crafted from slender wooden panels, this vanity exudes simplicity and elegance. The minimalist approach is further emphasized by a frameless mirror that seamlessly integrates with the unit.

The wooden shelves behind the unit add both storage and a decorative element. They’re a cohesive and efficient storage solution if you want to optimize vertical space in your bathroom.

The black wall-mounted faucet is also a good choice! It matches the interiors better than, say, a silver or gold-colored one.

minimalist vanity sink INSTAGRAM @thelittlehouseinlondon

Here, we have a custom-built wooden wooden vanity unit with a super-slimline sink. Crafted to fit the dimensions of the tiny bathroom, its slender profile allows for efficient use of space.

I love how the matte black round handles serve as both functional elements and stylish accents. They contribute to the vanity’s contemporary aesthetic while matching the sleek faucet.

I suggest laying down a textured rug in front of the vanity to add warmth and comfort to the bathroom floor.

Spa-Like Console Vanity Sink

wooden plank vanity with sink INSTAGRAM @odiesoil

Crafted from wood with a natural grain finish, the console vanity is reminiscent of a luxury spa retreat.

The juxtaposition of the black faucet against the warm wood tones creates a harmonious balance of modernity and natural beauty.

The spa-like atmosphere is further heightened by the geometric pendant light, adding a sculptural element that enhances the overall design.

I suggest displaying skincare products or decorative items on a stone or marble tray for an added touch of luxury.

Vanity Sinks with Marbled Countertops

vanity sink with electrical outlets INSTAGRAM @_finchstudio_

Now, here’s a vanity unit that’s a captivating blend of nostalgia and forward-thinking design!

The marbled countertop and sink not only provide a luxurious feel but also contribute to the retro-futuristic charm with their timeless yet avant-garde appearance.

The under-cabinet lighting enhances the overall functionality of the vanity, offering a well-lit space for grooming and other daily routines.

It’s best to choose accessories with high-gloss or reflective finishes to amplify the futuristic aesthetic of the vanity.

concrete vanity sink with niche for toilet paper roll INSTAGRAM @jkinteriorliving

If you’re looking for a more elegant version of a marbled vanity, this one showcases intricate patterns and exquisite veining.

The unit is complemented by gold brass faucets that evoke a sense of timeless glamour. The small recessed shelf that discreetly stores toilet paper rolls also fits well with the lavish design.

You can elevate the vanity with fresh flowers in a gold or crystal vase. You can also store cotton balls or Q-tips in a crystal or gold-accented jar.

compact bathroom with wooden cabinet INSTAGRAM @tekra_builders

For those who want a more traditional vanity with a marbled countertop, this one exudes timeless charm.

The marbled countertop and sink introduce a touch of luxury, with veins and patterns adding visual interest to the surface.

Completing the classic look is a faucet with cross handles that enhances the vanity’s nostalgic appeal. It’s a graceful nod to traditional design!

I recommend hanging an ornate or vintage-style mirror above the vanity and adding some ceramic soap dispensers and toothbrush holders.

Upcycled Retro Vanity with Sink

vintage look bathroom INSTAGRAM @vintagebathroomlove

With vintage and retro designs making a comeback, this pink sink, tub, and toilet ensemble is a great source of inspiration!

This bathroom is actually an upcycled project and it’s a good reminder that restoration and DIY is the way to go for truly unique bathroom design.

I love so many elements of this bathroom, from the quirky cabinet handles and mosaic tiles to that gorgeous pendant light.

You can lay down a colorful, patterned rug to complete the look!

If you enjoyed this article, I suggest reading my post on pedestal sinks for small bathrooms for more ideas.

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