Pedestal Sinks For Small Bathrooms: 15 Beautiful Ideas

When it comes to bathrooms, we want them to be both practical and stylish, right? Well, one area we often overlook is the good ol’ pedestal sink.

But fear not, because we’ve got 15 awesome ideas to jazz up that space and make it work wonders for your small bathroom!

Pedestal Sinks with Storage Cabinets

space-optimized pedestal sink cabinet INSTAGRAM @hammacherschlemmer

One practical way to maximize your pedestal sink is by incorporating storage. For example, this neat bathroom has a space-optimizing cabinet with multiple compartments under the sink.

This design allows you to quickly reach for your toiletries and hygiene products when you’re freshening up. It also provides additional storage to keep your bathroom items sorted.

I love how clever this hack is. It is both visually appealing and functional, making your pedestal sink stand out a bit more.

custom made pedestal sink cabinet INSTAGRAM @otter_work

Another practical design for storage under the sink involves this cabinet which is a built-in feature that wraps around the base of the sink.

It’s built to last and gives your space a polished, put-together look. Plus, it’s sturdy enough to handle all your bathroom essentials.

To keep things neat and tidy, grab some small organizers to corral your stuff on those spacious shelves. It’s the perfect spot for your toiletries, towels, and maybe even a cute plant or two.

Wooden Accents And Lamps

hand towel holder over pedestal sink INSTAGRAM @amycwhyte

If you’re looking to jazz up your pedestal sink area without any heavy lifting, focus on the space around it! Take a cue from this setup, where a bamboo shelf and mirror bring all the charm.

It’s a delightful touch that gives your bathroom a vintage vibe without any major renovations.

That vintage bamboo storage on the toilet spreads that cozy cottage feel all around. To really tie the look together, add more decor with bamboo accents.

tiny white wash room INSTAGRAM @tiffanygcameron

For a more rustic approach, you can opt for different types of wood and natural elements. This powder room keeps a simple white shelf above the sink, while the wooden-framed mirror and wicker ornaments on the wall add a touch of rustic charm and warmth.

A small detail like getting a bronze faucet will also do wonders for the visuals of your sink. Choose a metal finish that suits your bathroom best.

hand soap holder over pedestal sink INSTAGRAM @endless_hacienda

For this eccentric and colorful bathroom, a thicker wooden-framed mirror and retro light fixture complete the sink space.

This time, instead of being accompanied by a shelf, a couple of wall-mounted holders are placed above the sink.

If you’re all about keeping things simple and streamlined, consider mounting specialized containers for your dental and hygiene products. It’s a neat and efficient way to store just the essentials without cluttering up your bathroom space.

Transform your bathroom walls into functional and chic storage spaces with these wall storage ideas.

Extended Beadboard

white bathroom with wall shelf INSTAGRAM @halliegoodman

If you’re looking to spruce up your sink area without diving into major sink renovations, a beadboard is a fantastic choice. It adds a touch of charm and definition to the space without overwhelming the sink itself.

The design provides a ledge where you can place your bathroom items and even a couple of decorative ornaments.

Not only does it enhance your sink area but it also establishes a stylish theme throughout the entirety of your bathroom!

Ceramic Sink With Open Shelves

pedestal sink with glass shelf INSTAGRAM @wilsonstudiola

If you’re all about that minimalist vibe but still want your sink area to look sleek and stylish, this design might be for you. With its clean lines and modern look, the glass shelf and stainless steel structure not only offer storage but also add a contemporary touch to your bathroom.

You can easily recreate this design and even switch out some of the materials to whatever is accessible to you – making it another practical way to improve your sink.

pedestal sink with shelf

Here, there are shelves both above and below the sink. The setup keeps things minimalist with its simple design and uniformity in material.

The large frameless mirror makes this area appear bigger and reflects light nicely. Everything about this design is so seamless!

I love how even the handwash container matches the overall motif of this bathroom. Do consider getting containers and organizers that complement your space.

Metallic Pedestal Sinks

glossy pedestal sink

In a dark and elegant bathroom like this one, a rose gold pedestal sink can really amp up the warmth and add a dash of glamor to the space.

These types of sinks may look expensive but they won’t break the bank since they’re usually made of stainless steel, just with different coloring and finishes. 

Since it’s such a striking design, it’s best to keep it simple and let it speak for itself as the statement piece of your bathroom.

silver pedestal sink

Consider a silver metallic finish if you want to make your bathroom cool and stylish. It won’t stand out as much as the other metallic finishes, so it’s a toned-down approach that pulls off the same luxurious aesthetic.

The reflective quality of the metallic sink beautifully complements the mirror, creating a sense of cohesion and uniformity in the bathroom space.

Remember to have some fun and explore all your options for a metallic finish.

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Tree Stump Pedestal Sink

pedestal sink wooden stand

This inventive tree stump sink design brings a touch of the great outdoors right into your bathroom. It’s like having a piece of nature right at your fingertips!

Leaving the pipes exposed adds to the raw and rustic charm of the design. Plus, surrounding the sink with lush house plants enhances the natural ambiance even more.

And that towel rack placement? Pure genius! It maximizes the space while keeping your towels within easy reach and dry when not in use.

pedestal sink wooden stand with shelf

In another version of the design,  a small area of the tree stump protrudes to make a small shelf for your soap and other small bathroom items.

It’s more functional than the previous sink with the addition of the shelf. You can modify the design to accommodate more storage if you’d like.

Putting a carpet around the bottom of the sink would define this space quite nicely. It’ll also keep your floors dry.

sink wrap in clothing fabric

For a more subtle approach, opt for a simple wooden base and a textured wash basin. This rustic layout is low-key but still chic.

A sink like this works better with a rustic or cottage-style bathroom. The different textures and wooden material add much charm and character to the space.

Adding wooden containers below or beside the sink is a fantastic way to sneak in some extra storage and functionality. Plus, it adds a charming rustic vibe to the space!

All Glass Pedestal Sink

clear glass pedestal sink

If you’re adventurous and want a unique but streamlined design, check out this all-glass pedestal sink.

It’s a modern and elegant design that is sure to turn heads. Another great thing about it is that you can easily tell when it gets dirty so it’ll be easier to maintain.

Be careful with the type of glass you use and be sure to keep sharp objects away from this area to avoid scratches on the glass!

White Minimalist Bathroom

baskets under pedestal sink INSTAGRAM @nestrs

Sometimes, you just want a quick and easy design for your bathroom. A no-fuss and low-maintenance sink is a good go-to option.

Despite its simplicity, this design is equipped with neat features such as a little toilet paper holder on one side, a bright mounted lamp, and a sleek circular mirror.

It’s a safe no-fail design that will work in any bathroom! You just have to be creative with how you decorate this area.

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