11 Bathroom Wall Storage Ideas You Can Steal

Unlock the potential of your bathroom’s walls with these storage ideas, tailored to suit various layouts and preferences.

It’s easy to transform your bathroom walls into functional and chic storage spaces that promise both utility and decor!

Space-Maximizing Bathroom with Shelf Above the Toilet

tiny bathroom with over the door storage

This is a compact bathroom that optimizes every inch of space with a shelf above the toilet and a sliding door.

The shelf serves as an efficient storage unit, providing a convenient spot for folded towels, toiletries, and decorative elements. I like the shelf’s simple, straightforward design because it fully maximizes the vertical space while adding a bit of elegance to the room.

Aside from the shelf, the towel racks and sliding door are great ideas to conserve floor space. I would suggest going for a frosted glass door or sleek panels to add a contemporary touch while offering privacy.

Medicine Cabinet with Adjoined Shelves

mirror with side shelves minimalistic

This bathroom has a sleek and savvy medicine cabinet perfect for daily routines and ensuring a clutter-free space. Its adjoined shelves extend its storage capacity, providing additional space for skincare products, scented candles, and decorative pieces.

This cabinet pairs well with the sink in the photo but it can easily fit into any traditional or modern bathroom. It has a classic design that delivers both functional storage and a timeless statement.

If you think the design is a bit plain, you can easily choose a medicine cabinet with adjoined shelves in brighter colors. For instance, I would choose one in shades of dark blue or yellow for a pop of color against white-tiled bathrooms.

Above-Door Storage Shelves

This idea is so basic, but also very clever.

I love how simple and basic it is and yet it can add a LOT more storage to even the smallest bathrooms.

Just great.

Here’s another take on the same idea:

Above door bathroom storage shelf

Note how you don’t need a high ceiling to pull this off.

I’ve personally seen this implemented in even the tiniest bathroom spaces and it works everywhere!

Minimalist Bathroom with Nook Shelves and Towel Hooks

bathroom nook shelves on the corner INSTAGRAM @bathroomplace

This bathroom is the epitome of clean lines and minimalist elegance due to its nook shelves. The shelves are neatly integrated into the wall’s recesses, maximizing space while creating a visually appealing atmosphere.

Complementing the shelves are strategically placed towel hooks that offer convenience without compromising on style. The hooks optimize the bathroom’s utility without overwhelming the space.

I really love how this bathroom’s wall storage solutions champion simplicity and purpose. Just make sure to not place so many toiletries in the nooks to maintain an uncluttered ambiance.

Tiled Bathroom with a Rustic Wooden Shelf and Bench

ladder type shelving unit inside the bathroom INSTAGRAM @betterhomesandgardens

I’ve always liked the fusion of rustic charm and modern functionality, and this bathroom does it so well. The rustic wooden shelf, rug, and bench seamlessly merge the warmth of natural elements with the practicality of tiled surfaces.

The shelf offers both storage functionality and visual interest. You’ll see how decorative items such as potted plants, vases, and candles sit on the levels along with towels and other bathroom essentials.

If you’re concerned about floor space, you can customize the shelf to go over the toilet by removing the bottom shelves.

Meanwhile, the wooden bench adds a touch of comfort and character, and it can also be used as a space to keep extra bottles of shampoo and body wash.

The towel hook above the bench is also a nice touch, especially if you’re looking to improve accessibility in your bathroom.

Compact Bathroom with Pegboards and Hanging Organizers

pegboard with shelves for bathroom supplies INSTAGRAM @idlivesimply

This bathroom’s walls are furnished with pegboards that can hold various organizers for toiletries, hand towels, and other shower essentials. It’s even a neat place for small potted plants and decorative pieces.

These pegboards and organizers are versatile storage units that efficiently compartmentalize items for a neat and orderly bathroom setting. I really recommend this solution for its compact nature in small bathrooms.

Just like in the photo, you can also utilize the space on top of the toilet for storage. A plastic organizer or a wicker basket would be good for keeping hand towels and toilet paper.

If you’ve got a really small bathroom and are struggling for ideas, take a look at our article which offers 19 storage, design, and layout ideas for very small bathrooms.

Minimalist Bathroom With Floating Shelves And Wall Hooks

floating shelves for storing bathroom essentials INSTAGRAM @bathrooms_of_insta

This minimalist bathroom embraces simplicity and offers a clean aesthetic with its floating shelves and discreet wall hooks.

The floating shelves provide an efficient storage solution for toiletries, folded towels, and decorative accents while blending with the decor. Their floating nature not only creates an illusion of spaciousness but also makes the room appear more airy.

See how the towels at the right look like they’re floating too? That’s all thanks to the clever design of the wall hooks. They’re great for people who want to embrace minimalist design.

Hanging Towel Rack and Statement Hooks

towel holder on the bathroom cornor INSTAGRAM @colaevans

This bathroom has a dedicated corner for a towel rack and hooks that combine practicality with elegant simplicity.

The rack provides a designated space for neatly folded towels, granting you easy access whenever you need one to dry off. Meanwhile, the hooks are a convenient spot for hand robes, loofahs, and other bathroom essentials. You can also hang a potted plant or one with vines that drape for a dash of greenery to the space.

I would suggest going for racks and hooks in dark colors. They will fit right into any bathroom style, be it modern or traditional. They also add subtle yet functional accents to the overall decor.

Bespoke Bathroom Shelves to Showcase Art and Toiletries

bathroom storage shelves with a center window INSTAGRAM @dabito

This bathroom’s custom shelves have been meticulously designed to display art and decor pieces, transforming the utilitarian space into a gallery of personal expression.

You can see that the shelves have been crafted to add depth and character to the room, as each cubby allows for flexibility in size, shape, and arrangement. That’s why the wall still looks harmonious despite the difference in visual elements — even the towels and toiletries look like decor pieces.

You can DIY a shelf like this if you want! Just make sure you know what to put on each tier so the measurements will be perfect once you start building it.

Minimalist Bathroom with Built-In Shelves

toilet cabinet and a bottom shelves INSTAGRAM @ik4id

This minimalist bathroom is adorned by sleek, built-in shelves that create an uncluttered and spacious atmosphere.

The cabinets’ clean lines and practicality blend well with the serene vibes of the room. They not only save precious floor space but also establish visual continuity, enhancing the room’s sense of openness and serenity.

I love how the shelves also have their own organizers and you have more storage space at the top for decorative pieces, a small lamp, and a speaker. You can also place extra rolls of hand towels and toilet paper on top of the shelves.

Space-Optimizing Bathroom with Multi-Functional Mirror

bathroom storage shelf below the mirror INSTAGRAM @mycleandecor

This modern bathroom stands out to me because the shelf below the mirror acts as both a shelf and a frame for the mirror. Very clever use of space in a tiny bathroom!

You can get ready in the morning or freshen up at night with all your skincare or beauty products within easy reach.

I also like how the vanity has two cabinets for storage, making it easy to keep extra towels, bathrobes, and toiletries. The organizer right beside the sink is also a nice touch.

This small bathroom looks simple but it’s obvious that it has been thoughtfully designed. The plush rugs and wicker baskets provide warmth to the space and blend well with all the other elements, including the plumbing fixtures.

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