Tiny House B&B | Unique design for work / living (inside tour)

Welcome to the world of tiny house living in Europe – more precisely: The Netherlands! A lovely space that doubles as a bed-and-breakfast.

Maria Shows You Around This Tiny House on Wheels

The dining room serves as a cozy space for people to relax and enjoy. With a chess table, passed down from the owner’s grandfather, the room has a touch of history and charm. Though there’s no couch available, visitors can make use of comfortable seats that can accommodate multiple guests when needed.

The custom-made furniture in the tiny house is crafted from plywood designed for concrete, giving a unique touch to the house.

Guests will also find that the setup is perfect for short stays, offering just enough room to hang a few items of clothing during their visit.

Custom-Made Features

The dining area consists of a one-of-a-kind chess table handcrafted by the owner’s grandfather, adding a touch of sentimental value and personal history to the compact dwelling.

The tiny house is also equipped with a functional bathroom, complete with a standard shower and a connection to the sewer system. While such an amenity may seem trivial in larger residences, it’s a welcome feature in the world of tiny living.

Lastly, the house has an uncommon addition to Dutch architecture – a porch.

This feature not only enhances the home’s atmosphere but also keeps it mobile, as the entire unit can easily be detached from its trailer base.

Restful Space

The sleeping quarters in this tiny house are simple and functional.

The bed is custom-made from plywood, specifically designed for use in concrete construction. Although there isn’t much storage space available, a convenient spot to hang clothing is provided. This allows guests to comfortably stay for one or two nights without feeling cramped.

When the bed is not in use, it can be folded up to create more floor space.

The bathroom is compact but well-equipped, featuring a standard 80 centimeter-square shower. The tiny house is connected to water, sewer, and electricity, providing all the necessary amenities for guests.

The tiny house is situated on a trailer and secured with bolts, allowing for easy transportation. This feature is especially beneficial for those who wish to move their dwelling as needed.

Embracing the Tiny House Lifestyle in the Future

As the tiny house movement continues to gain traction in places like the Netherlands, more people are finding creative ways to make the most of their compact living spaces.

The Tiny House Movement in the Netherlands has been gaining traction because of the increasing desire for people to have more freedom with their living situations. Many have grown tired of the highly regulated living arrangements in the country and are looking for alternatives.

They want to build their own houses and experiment with new styles and designs.

As a result of these benefits, many Dutch citizens are exploring tiny house living and considering the idea of creating tiny house villages. By promoting a more simplistic, eco-friendly lifestyle, the Tiny House Movement in the Netherlands is swiftly garnering more interest and expanding across the country.

Finally, the growing interest in tiny homes has led to proposals for the development of tiny house villages.

However, convincing municipalities to approve such projects and create spaces for tiny house communities can be quite a challenge. Enthusiasts of the tiny house movement in places like the Netherlands are hoping to break free from conventional living constraints and explore more flexible and sustainable living options.

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