$15K Tiny House on Wheels With EVERYTHING You Need 🎥

This tiny house from “Free Range Tiny Houses” is so affordable. At $15K you can get this beautiful tiny home on wheels.

We got to film it in Florida, and we’re stoked to share it with you!

Here’s Our Home Tour of the Free Range Tiny House

This 125-square-foot structure not only functions as a backyard office, but also as an additional sleeping space, providing a perfect balance between work and rest.

The cozy workspace comes fully equipped with built-in desks, storage solutions, sleeping loft, and essential climate control features such as wood fireplaces and air conditioning systems.

If used as a guest house, it could also provide an additional income stream through platforms like AirBnB. Overall, this tiny office model is an ideal investment for those seeking a versatile and stylish space solution.

Key Takeaways

  • The tiny office model serves as both a workspace and additional sleeping area.
  • Versatile design allows for various uses, from remote workspaces to potential guest houses.
  • The tiny office model’s adaptability and style can boost functionality and provide additional income opportunities.

Tiny Office Overview

Maria sitting on the sleeping loft

To maximize space usage, storage areas have been created under the daybed. The office is kept comfortable with a wood fireplace for heating purposes and an air conditioning system.

The interior sports an open layout with exposed beams and lighting, providing a comfortable and inviting work environment.

To access the sleeping loft, there’s a removable ladder which leads to a space complete with a window for ventilation, a headboard area and an outlet for charging electronic devices. The tiny office also showcases a mix of different woods in the custom-built countertops and shiplap for a rustic cottage appearance.

The tiny office has a starting price of $15,000, complete with a full interior build-out.

It weighs only 5,200 pounds, making it easily towable and perfect for placement in various locations such as a garden or even on Airbnb as an additional income source. Although small, this cleverly designed office space could be adapted to fit a small kitchen nook or a compost toilet if needed.

Interior Features

Inside, you’ll find a built-in desk, creating a full workspace for those who need a place to focus away from the main house. Additionally, there is a sleeping loft accessible by a removable ladder, and a daybed that doubles as a twin-sized bed.

dining area inside the house

Storage is available underneath the daybed, making efficient use of space. For temperature control, the interior is equipped with a wood fireplace for heating and an air conditioning system. The design incorporates open exposed lighting and exposed beams, giving it a rustic appeal.

Various types of wood and custom-built countertops add to the charm of the space.

The exterior features shiplap, evoking a cottage-style appearance.

The entire structure only weighs 5,200 pounds, making it easy to transport and set up in any desired location.

It could work as an ideal remote office or guest house, offering a cozy escape for relaxation or focusing on work. With the possibility of adding a small kitchenette or compost toilet, this tiny house could even be adapted for full-time living for a single individual.

Sleeping Loft Features

The sleeping loft in this tiny office model provides a comfortable and cozy space for relaxation or even living. To access the loft, simply use the removable ladder, which allows easy climbing to the elevated area.

Once up there, enjoy a pleasant view from the window, which also offers ventilation.

The loft comes complete with a headboard area that features an outlet, making it convenient to charge your phone or use a laptop. This compact space can easily accommodate a daybed or twin-size bed, with additional storage available underneath.

tiny house form outside view

The primary materials used in the construction of this tiny office are different types of wood, giving the space a warm and rustic feel.

Attention to detail in the finishes can be noticed throughout the space, with custom-built countertops and shiplap milled specifically for the project. The exposed beams and open lighting add character to the tiny office as well.

Heating and cooling are well accounted for in the design, as it features a wood fireplace and an air conditioning system. The sleeping loft is accessible via a removable ladder and includes a window for ventilation and a headboard area with an outlet for charging electronic devices.

Potential Applications

This 125-square-foot tiny office model by Free Range Tiny Homes offers a range of potential uses and benefits that make it an attractive option for various purposes.

Some of these applications include:

  • Home Office: With a built-in desk, comfortable seating, and a cozy ambiance, this tiny space can be the perfect haven for individuals working from home but in need of a separate area to focus on their tasks.
  • Guest House or AirBnB Rental: Equipped with a sleeping loft, daybed, and storage space, these tiny structures can be a great solution for people looking to make extra income by offering short-term rentals or providing a private area for their guests.
  • Man Cave or Personal Retreat: The space’s rustic appeal—accentuated by features like a wood fireplace and custom-built countertops—makes it ideal for individuals wanting a personal hideaway to unwind, pursue hobbies, or even create a recreational room.
  • Minimalist Living Space: For minimalists or those looking to downsize, the tiny office can be transformed into a small yet functional residence. With some creative adjustments, it could accommodate basic necessities such as a compact kitchen or a compost toilet.

This compact and versatile tiny office model can be easily towed and placed anywhere like a garden, making it a convenient and charming solution to address various space requirements.

Responding to Viewer Feedback and Suggestions

Some viewers have mentioned the possibility of augmenting the space by installing a small kitchenette or even a compost toilet.

While the current design focuses primarily on offering a comfortable workspace equipped with a sleeping loft, daybed, and storage space, it could certainly be adaptable to accommodate such additions if needed.

With its unique rustic cottage styling, the mix of various woods for countertops and shiplap walls adds a charming, personalized touch to this tiny office. Designed to be easily towed at 5200 pounds, it can be conveniently relocated to a garden or any preferred setting.

While it is intended for office space, this tiny home can be easily transformed into a minimalist living space or a guesthouse for additional income in platforms like AirBnB. With little effort, one could potentially incorporate a mini kitchen or compost toilet for added functionality.

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