19 Genius Wall Shelves Anyone Can Build

Are you looking for more quick and easy ways to store or display your items? Vacant wall space and easy-to-build shelves can be the solution to that problem!

Adding structures to your space doesn’t have to be a difficult task that requires renovating or tons of construction.

We’ve got you covered with these simple, creative, and easy-to-build wall shelves!

Geometric Wooden Shelves

circular shelf on hung

This bright living area is livened up with an exquisite piece: a charming circular wood structure with a built-in shelf.

The shelf perfectly frames the house decor pieces on display and is an eye-catching addition to the home. As long as you have a barrel, wood, and nails-you can easily recreate this masterpiece!

Just make sure everything is secure before you use the shelf. There should be no loose nails and if you’re going to hang it, the mount must be able to withhold the weight.

diamond shaped wooden shelves frameINSTAGRAM @forestdwellerfurniture

If you want something sharper on the eyes, consider building a shelf shaped like this. This design is more striking and adventurous.

It uses wooden panels held and framed by metal pieces in a diamond orientation.

I love how cool this design is. It looks complex but is actually easy to execute. You can play around with other shapes and materials to make this match your home’s aesthetic more!

However, the metal frames are held up by a nail, which might not be reliable if you’re going to put heavy items on the shelves. So, be wary of how you’re going to secure the overall structure on your wall.

an irregular shaped floating shelf

You don’t have to limit yourself to forming shelves in standard shapes – you can also form your own shapes with panels of different sizes like the design here!

The formation of the shelf gives you the option to store your things both inside and outside the shape, giving you more creative freedom when it comes to arranging decor pieces. 

There is no limit as to what shape you can form, you can even make one up. What’s important is that the end result is both functional and visually appealing.

Minimalist Grid Shelves

cubbies on wall for plantsINSTAGRAM @designmilk

This fresh, shabby chic home is revitalized with a minimalist grid-like shelf that is home to potted plants, books, and lovely ornaments.

The design is best for designing a simple, bright, and cozy living room. However, you can customize this to fit any room or wall space in your home. 

You can have as many or as few compartments as you’d like. Whatever you choose to keep on display will greatly complement the simplicity of the design. I also suggest leaving some of the compartments bare for some visual interest.

criss cross shelves design on wallINSTAGRAM @nedalux

If you like the idea of having a grid shelf but want to put a twist to it, this custom design might just do the trick. Instead of installing the shelf in an upright position, try setting it up diagonally to mimic this crisscross pattern.

It’s the same concept but this one stands out more aesthetically. However, the things you can store become a bit more limited. 

So, keep in mind the main purpose of your wall shelf. While a crisscross shelf is cute, it works best for displaying items and serving as a focal point on the wall.

If you want to store larger, bulkier, and heavier items, I suggest considering the first grid-like design.

Shelves Hanging on Ropes

hanging shelves on wall

An easy way to DIY an aesthetic wall shelf is by going the classic route with sturdy rope and wooden panels. The connected boards are then mounted on or hung on the wall.

This design uses painted wooden panels that match the wall for an understated and subtle look. These layers are also secured to the wall to hold the weight of the books and plants.

You can get creative with the ropes and try twisting or braiding them to form a pattern. This will make this simple idea a lot more interesting!

storing plants on hanging shelvesINSTAGRAM @khush_its_amazing__official

This variation uses darker wood panels and is hung on hooks instead of installed into the wall. Of course, the shelf style you go for will depend on your preference, purpose, and home aesthetic.

This design adds more natural elements and an organic touch. The dark color of the wood also makes it pop out of the wall.

I recommend that you play into the nature aspect of this more. Try to incorporate some vines and other wrap-around nature ornaments on the ropes.

Simple Tiered Wooden Shelves

two tiered bookshelves with single wooden bracket

The lovely interior takes basic wooden shelves up a notch by connecting them with another wooden panel mounted on the wall. It’s a small addition that makes a big visual difference.

The design leaves the structure less bare and much more interesting to look at. The minor detail of adding a wooden foundation in the middle makes the overall storage more appealing and secure. 

I love how simple and easy it is to build this kind of shelf. I am sure a potted plant that drapes over the shelves would elevate the aesthetic immensely!

three tiered wall mounted wooden shelvesINSTAGRAM @amazon_world_0506

Instead of having shelves of uniform lengths, this wooden shelf has tiers descending in size as it goes up .

It makes it more interesting to look at but also limits storage space because the layers decrease in size.

So, this shelf would be best for displaying items. The different sizes could also represent the ranking of the things you would put on display.

I suggest placing prized figurines, awards, or collectibles on a shelf like this. Keep them evenly spaced out and don’t overcrowd the shelves to maintain the simple and clean look.

Industrial Iron and Wood Shelves

wall-mounted metal rod with shelves

The modern living area has an industrial touch to it with wooden shelves connected by wall-mounted iron rods

It’s a sturdy and visually appealing way of incorporating wall storage into your home. You can keep heavy items on these shelves since they are more heavy-duty.

As the industrial aesthetic can be a bit harsh, you can soften up the interiors with dainty and delicate decor.

For example, you can add more flowered plants or colorful and circular ornaments to balance out the space.

Wall-Mounted Crates

pallet boxes as shelves for plants

This refreshing corner repurposes wooden crates of different sizes to create a spacious and charming wall feature that effectively stores and displays plants and decor.

The wooden crates make the space cozier and they go well with the plants on the display. They are also quite spacious and capable of storing several more items such as books, candles, and figurines.

You can do this with all sorts of containers and arrange them on your wall according to your liking. Have fun with the concept and play with colors, orientations, and patterns!

Compact Corner Shelf

bookshelves on corner minimalist

This compact corner shelf with curved layers keeps the visual point in one area of the room and leaves the rest of the walls free for other modifications or bare to keep up with minimalist aesthetics.

If you don’t want to take up a ton of wall space, this shelf is for you. Its compact design still lets you incorporate a shelf on your wall in an aesthetically pleasing and efficient way. 

To really maximize the space and keep more things in a small area, consider occupying the whole height of the wall. You can also customize the size of the shelves to accommodate your items better.

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Wall Display Shelves

album collection stored on floating shelvesINSTAGRAM @yourmomisattarget

This room becomes a funky storage area with the use of long, narrow shelves to display various vinyl records.

It’s the best way for music or film lovers to showcase their beloved CDs, DVDs, and records. Or, if you’re more into photography and painting – to display your photos and artwork!

The great thing about the design is that it’s not a bulky addition yet it makes a significant impact on the aesthetic and personality of a room.

I recommend stringing along fairy lights to make it more charming once it gets dark.

maximising wall behind the door using floating shelvesINSTAGRAM @spankystokes

This lovely bedroom showcases the owner’s personality by displaying their collectibles on wall shelves that are tightly spaced in one corner.

You can keep the items you’re proud of collecting on these neat and compact shelves. The narrow space makes them perfect for displaying small collectibles because each tiny piece has a designated spot.

You won’t have to worry about the toys or figurines not being seen because they’re stored at the back. With a design like this, each item can shine.

floating shelf for lego minifigureINSTAGRAM @newgiftsontheblock

This design takes regular wall display shelves and customizes them to fit a specific display goal. Here, it is used to store a line of Lego characters and the ledge itself has a wooden finish with a painted label on it.

You can use this idea to incorporate your personality onto your wall without taking up too much space. You can also store little trinkets and souvenirs!

However, remember to choose only small, non-fragile items to display. The design doesn’t have a ledge so things can easily fall if they’re not snug in the limited space available.

Minimalist Recessed Wall Shelves

using wall recess as shelvesINSTAGRAM @velolaakso

Shelves don’t always have to protrude outwards, they can also go in! Like this minimalist home that makes use of the inner wall space for storage and display.

This design is perfect for those with thick walls and those who don’t want to add any bulky structures on your bare wall. The recessed shelves keep the design of the corner simple and lowkey.

You can spice this design up even more by making the inner compartments a different neutral color. It won’t affect the aesthetic of the surrounding walls but it will accentuate the storage space and liven the area up.

Mounted Book Shelves

double layered metal shelves for booksINSTAGRAM @excusemyreading

This adorable corner maintains a homey and productive vibe with compact bookshelves mounted on the wall.

Just like in the picture, you can use this hack to sort books and other stationery according to color, size, design, etc., You can even rearrange the placement of the mini bookshelves into a pattern or even just scattered along your room.

Even though this is mainly for storing books, I love how you can place decor and little figurines on top of the books to add to the overall aesthetic of the storage solution.

Wooden Shelves With Pegs

shelf with pegs on wall near the windowINSTAGRAM @akkad_bakkad_

This bright and open home uses wooden shelves with pegs to hang keys, bags, scarves, and other items.

This piece would work great near entryways, study rooms, playrooms, and bedrooms.

It may be tricky to find wooden shelves with pegs but you can easily build this on your own with some wood boards (pre-cut to your desired shelf size), wooden pegs, and wood glue.

You can also incorporate wooden pegs into the shelves you already have. Feel free to attach keyholders too!

Rustic Shutter Shelf

upcycled wooden shelves on wall

The charming light blue shelf is a great DIY project. You can repurpose old window shutters and use them as the base to attach panels to when creating an alluring and charismatic wall shelf.

Add as much personality as you want to this DIY shelf! Use your favorite colors to paint the structure, add accents, and put your favorite items on display. 

I love how creative and resourceful this repurposed shelf is. It’s also a great highlight to any room!

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